Hey guys today, I’m sharing with you four simple hairstyles that look great with minimal effort and, I promise you this time these are truly quick and easy. So let’s get started.

So I did keep it real with you guys. I didn’t do my hair today this is leftover from yesterday but what. I always do is. I like to freshen up with some dry shampoo. So today, I’m going to be zinc Lorraine’s oh it is all in French here we go dry shampoo with nettle. I love this one and if you aren’t currently using any dry shampoos I will link my favorites down below but, I’m just going to generously spray this throughout the crown of my head and this is just gonna help add instant volume and freshen up my hair then just work it in with your fingers and guys look at that instant volume amazing hairstyles.


So, I’m just going to turn around and let the start on the first hair step this first hairstyle is great to help get your hair out of your face. So gather all the hair that’s above your temples. I like to leave down hair to cover my ears to give it a more effortless appearance once sectioned off just secure with a hair elastic and on the last loop instead of pulling your hair all the way through make a bun and feel free to make yours smaller than mine now take your ends and begin loosely wrapping them around your hair elastic and then tuck the ends of your hair into the elastic to hold them into place and if your ends are still poking out you can use some bobby pins to attack them away then. I love to loosen up the hairstyle by pulling on small sections to give it a more it lived in appearance and that’s it a simple knotted half a hairstyle that is perfect for spring next up is one of my go-to buns because. I always see top models wearing their hair like this. So just gather all of your hair into a sleek tight low ponytail now divide your ponytail down the middle into two equal sections grab your left section and begin tightly twisting it clockwise and as you are twisting it begin wrapping it clockwise around your ponytail and continue until you reach the ends of your hair and then just secure it in place with some bobby pins now taking your right section twist this one counterclockwise and as you are twisting it begin wrapping it counterclockwise around the previous twist until reach your Aten and then same things secure it into place with some bobby pins and then put some small sections to frame your face and you are done the perfect model off-duty fun perfect to get your hair up off your neck during this warmer month this next hairstyle. I always seem to get complimented on and, I think it is because it is nail & hair style.

So simple. So grab your side sections as large or small as you like and loosely twist them away from your face and then tie them together just like the first step of tying a shoe once tied together insert two bobby pins to secure the knot to your head and again loosen it up for a more effortless appearance and that’s it a simple yet cute way to pull your hair up out of your face during those warmer months you guys aren’t going to believe how simple yet beautiful this ponytail is so first section off all of the hair in front of your ears on both sides of your head and place them out of the way once they are sectioned off gather the rest of your hair into a tight ponytail as low or as high as you like and one of my favorite ways to add volume to a hairstyle without having to tease it is just to pull in small sections of hair around the crown of your head next grab your right section of hair and loosely twist it away from your face and then bring it up and across the back of your head over your ponytail and just pin it underneath it for now then. I repeat the same steps on the left side twisting it away from your face and then bringing it over your ponytail and Bobby pinning it into place underneath and if you want this to be extra secure go ahead and remove those bobby pins and secure those two sections together with a hair elastic underneath your ponytail and that’s it. I love this ponytail you think. It’s so beautiful, and it is perfect for any occasion this spring you guys. I’m loving this ponytail it is giving me a major spring vibes. I would love if you comment it down below and let me know which look was your favorite and if you liked today’s post and want to see more easy hair tutorials do not forget to give it a thumbs up and comment if you are not commentd already.

So you do not miss any other hair tutorials but thank you guys. So much for reading. I will talk to you soon bye.

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