5 Waterfall Hairstyle Tutorials

Hey all, Welcome back you guys. So glad you could join me for another post and today, I bring you another short hair tutorial it is going to be a good one it is going to revolve around a waterfall headband and I’m going to accomplish at least like three to four different ways that you can wear it what by maybe five let’s try it do what, I would say maybe probably not, I do not know we will see since there’s gonna be some braiding and involved in this hairstyle I’m going to add a little bit of dry texturizing spray right here in the front where the headband is going to be just to have a little bit more control over my hair next I’m just brushing at my hair. So, I do not have any crazy nuts for a headband obviously you want to start either on a very deep part like right above your ear or you can start a little bit higher like, I’m going to with this one it is going to start right there. So now I’m going to grab a section of hair to determine the size of my headband alright. So grab a nice section and the thinner section you get that’s how thin your waterfall braid is going to be you will know what, I mean when we start braiding all right. So divide into three sections like a regular braid. So taking that first sections closer to my face we are going to take it over the middle without adding any hair I’m going to go into the other outer add it over the middle make sure you clean it up then we are going to go to the front hold the three sections we are going to grab a section of hair to add to the outer section drop the outer section clean it up, I always recommend this clean it up take the section again and cross it over the middle like.

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So now this is where you are going to start dropping the section I’m always dropping the sections going towards the back. So this outer section is going towards the back of my head I’m going to drop it and then I’m going to grab a section right in front of it that’s going to be the new section of hair. So you get a new outer section you take the section and clean it up first and make sure you do not add the other one take the section and cross it over the middle hold this section grab a new one drop it get them together clean it up and bring it over in the middle and before we do anything we are going to take this and drop it and this is starting to create that waterfall effect we are going to grab a new section that’s right in front of it then we are going to add it over the middle and continue hold grab a new section drop clean up over the middle like though get a new section right in front of it once, I drop the outer section I’m going to grab a new section of here a little bit towards the back of my head that way it will force the braid to go a little bit like sideways instead of going straight down all right. So to make sure the braid is nice and tight to my head I’m going to grab a little bit of hair from underneath and just tie it together alright. So went back up and, I kind of maneuvered the actual waterfall strands to kind of fall a little bit sideways kind of like a waterfall you know just flow in different ways. So you can maneuver, I think it is the fun part of the waterfall headband you can maneuver it whichever way you want it to lay another Duggar what is the number you are ready my head is an utter Wow okay, I do not know what all right all right let’s get back to the actual hairstyle. So you see this thing right here, I know it is not that pretty the little the clear elastic I’m gonna take my beautiful little thing here this bejeweled beautiful clip, I found at Nordstrom’s on their website it is under wedding.

But I do not care it is really pretty I’m gonna take this and just shove it right on top of it into the braid to hide it I’m gonna shove it yeah just like I’m doing now shoving it in there just like that then the cool part about this thing is you can actually maneuver the little beads in the jewels. Because metal and it moves just like that how cute is that. So simple. But it is so pretty all right. So after you are finished maneuvering your waterfall braid and you bejeweled it you can wear it down like this it is very pretty on its own. But let’s say you are going to work and you can’t have your hair down, I have another option for you alright you guys for the second look with this hairstyle we are gonna get really creative a low ponytail, I know. So genius mulana genius guys it is so hard watch closely just gather your hair in the back behind the ears behind the ears I’m just making fun of me just kind of running my hands down the side.

So there is no crazy bumps or anything like that what. If we get even more creative like we are in the front. But it is like how must they get a clear elastic and I’m going to tie it off in the back alright. So you can see my ponytail is a little bit crazy all over the place it’s. Because my hair is textured and it has layers. But I actually really like the way it looks. Because it looks a little bit more chic and edgy, I think and, I think it looks very polished with this hairstyle adds a little bit of something special to your hair especially.

If you are going to work and you want to switch it up and you have to wear your hair up and this is a great alternative. So cute right you are cute you are cute are you guys. So since the second rendition hairstyle was extremely difficult and my hands are getting tired I’m gonna lighten the load just a little bit and make it easier. So rendition numero tres is going to be a low messy donut or a messy bun whatever you want to call it we are going to keep the existing little ponytail in the back that, I have already and I’m going to take my hand and I’m just going to spread the ponytail around the actual clear elastic. So once it is spread out I’m going to take another clear elastic and I’m going to put it right on top of the hair and these other existing clear elastic to create a donut. So once you have created that initial mini donut you are going to go back in and. If you have short hair do it very gently and slowly.

So you do not take all the hair apart and then just take bobby pins and secure it create it to the shape and size that you want once you are done paying away your very miniature donut I’m gonna take some hairspray and I’m going to spray just a very light layer all over my hair just to kind of set it in place super easy super cute you can wear on more formal events work date night gym. If you want to feel fancy make sure you wear something bejeweled to the gym why not what you guys think of this one by the way you guys. If you didn’t know or didn’t watch the last post Andra and, I actually have a post blog I will have it linked up right here in the card section or you can have the link in the description box below and we will have post footage or posts from our Europe trip that we just came back from feel free to subscribe. So if you are a half up kind of gal, I got you covered as well that actually kind of rhymed alrighty let’s do the two half up tutorials, I love these ones. Because they’re. So effortless. But it looks like you did something to your hair I’m literally going right above the ears grabbing a section of hair from each side and meeting my fingers in the back alright.

So once, I grab the two sections on each side I’m going to go back up to the waterfall braid and I’m going to go up to the strands and make them straighter like going towards the back and just kind of separating them to give it a more of an impact and dimension to the waterfall taking some of these front pieces out. Because it is short and, I do not like to smooth it all the way down. Because you already have texture on the top. So, I want to have texture on the sides just a little bit to get clear elastic and I’m going to tie it off in the back to give this look a little bit more polish and elegance I’m actually going to cover the clear elastic with my hair in the ponytail. So I’m just going to pick up the ponytail and just grab some hair from underneath and I’m gonna wrap it around the clear elastic around the ponytail and there you have it the half updo ponytail that’s slightly more polished and elegant are you guys. So made it to number five rendition and, I think you guys are get into a pattern of what I’m doing here it is extremely simple let’s see it nevermind not no too small there it is see how easy that was snap of a finger you guys might have guessed it, I followed the exact same guidelines as the first mini donut that, I did and, I showed you guys step by step repeat those steps for this mini donut and it’ll be super cute and super easy. So there you have it, I hope you guys liked my waterfall headband five different ways I’m just here to inspire you guys and show you different things you can do with your short hair even.

If you have short hair you are not limited to just one hairstyle there’s. So many countless hairstyles and I’m here to show them to you guys and we actually want to post a Q&A for you guys myself and my husband Andre next week. So submit your questions down below in the comment section or. If you follow any of my other social medias Instagram Facebook Twitter or snapchat you can send your questions there as well. I’m so excited and that concludes this post for today thank you guys so much for reading this post spending some time with us always supporting and loving us thank you so much we love each and every one of you do not forget to hit the thumbs up button. If you enjoyed this post subscribe. If you have not already.

But for now, I will see my goodbyes and I will see you in the next one.

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