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Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies today we are starting a brand new series on my blog with your guys’s recommendation braiding 101 and a lot of you wanted to see the more in-depth tutorial of where, I show you step-by-step how to hold your hands how to hold your fingers when you transition between each strand and it kind of makes sense. Because you know way back one when people used to do is crazy hand shakes like the 20 different steps and you were like the outsider and you were just like what the heck is going on. But I want to be involved that’s how, I felt when other people would braid my hair out see they would braid their own hair, I was just like what is happening with my life why do, I feel not privileged enough to know how to braid my own hair started questioning my life got really deep and serious, I do not want you guys, I will show you my tips and tricks that I have learned along the way that helped me braid my own hair. So proud of myself and before we jump into the step-by-step tutorial, I will have a special little announcement at the very end of the post and you know how to braid your hair and you want to skip this first portion, I will have a time stamp for you guys right in the description box click on it and it will take you straight to there.

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So as you can see my hair is very soft it is clean it is fresh and throughout the years I have learned that to learn how to braid or starting out with a new braid that I have never learned before I have noticed that when, I have very clean hair it is easier to learn how to braid. Because there’s no knots there’s not too much texture, and it is just easy to learn that way let’s start off with the first three strand braid where you do not add any hair I’m gonna do a deep part this is the hottest for tutorial purposes. Because I have short hair, I do not have that much hair to play with. So I’m grabbing a section does not matter how big or how small I’m just showing you the technique of a three strand braid. So we are gonna divide it into three equal strands one two three this is the important part where you do not like off the strands. So automatically you guys can see that I’m holding my strands very strategically. So, I started with my left hand first with the strands that I’m not using first.

So the very left farthest outer strand is being held in between all of the fingers basically in the palm of my hand just like that you see that it is basically holding the pom-pom in my hand the middle strand is right in between the thumb and the pointer finger just like that next the section that we are actually gonna do start with first I’m holding it on its own in my right hand. So now let’s start placing it over the middle. So I’m taking this section just in between my two fingers my pointer and my middle finger and I’m gonna bring it over at the middle. So you see the thumb it is going underneath that middle portion and at the same time I’m placing it over placing it down just like that you see what, I did let’s do this – one more time taking it back between the thumb and the pointer I’m gonna take this front outer section and take it over the top and I’m placing the thumb underneath the middle portion with my pointer finger clamping it down releasing these this left hand and I’m taking the new section to the mill just like that. So now I’m going to the other side and I’m releasing these two sections to my right hand. Because I’m gonna start working on the left section the same thing goes to the other side the outer section is in my palm and the middle section is in between my thumb and my pointer finger. So starting with this outer section exactly the same thing bringing it over.

But this time I’m placing it on top of my pointer finger and my in between my middle finger bringing this over lighting it go cleaning it up and then I’m taking this new outer section just like that the outer section is back in the palm and the new middle section is in between the pointer and the thumb and now we are back to the other first section that we started with. So let’s do this one more time over you see how the thumb is going now it is going underneath again clamping it down my pointer and we are gonna bring it over now with this section just like that back in my palm the outer section getting hold of the new middle section which of the thumb and the pointer and now we are gonna do this again over grab grab it first with the palm and then you let go and you move over to the middle section to the pointer finger and the thumb and just continue doing this. So easy bring it over stop change your fingers and then go over again and that’s it it is. So fast once you get the hang of that it becomes a breeze for actually braiding just like that just take it very slow and, I know it gets a very confusing once you start looking into the mirror. So for the first two tries look in the mirror and kind of tie yourself hold my fingers here place the sections here and tell yourself the steps out loud and then do not look in the mirror and just continue braiding it down. So you see that easy and then. If you want to you can go back in and pancake your braid which means you are just pulling on the outer sections just a little bit to give your braid a lot more volume just like that you can take a little bobby pin you can take a clear elastic tie it off and now let’s move on to the French braid exact same technique except we are gonna add hair to each outer strand.

So same thing grab a section of hair and divide it into three equal strands. So you have one clean it up two and three. So you see same thing the way I’m holding it the first outer section is in my palm the next one is either in between my thumb in my pointer in the next one the other outer section the one that’s farthest the way I’m holding on its own. So now I’m gonna come back. Because I’m gonna start on the front section. So I’m holding this outer section in my palm and then I’m bringing the middle strand over to my thumb and my pointer finger and now this first outer section is on its own. So I’m gonna show you guys one more time again.

Because it never hurts how, I hold my fingers and how, I transition the strands over on top of each other. So a French braid is where these outer portions they cross over the middle. So I’m starting first with a section that’s closest to my face and see how I’m holding it the first section in the back is in my palm the middle section is in between my thumb and my pointer finger and then this one is just I’m holding it. So let’s bring it over. So, I kind of took my pointer fee in between my middle finger the strand and I’m bringing it over the middle. So I’m placing it on top of my pointer and, I bring my thumb all underneath all of this hair grab this section right here with the right hand and then, I take the snow section that’s on top of my pointer finger with my pointer finger and my thumb and that becomes the new middle section right makes sense. So now, I go back, I clean it up.

Because. If you do not you are gonna have a lot of crazy hairs let go again and take it back. So now I’m holding this new outer section with my palm take in this new middle section with my thumb and pointer and now we are gonna start working with the outer section same thing bring it over you see I’m pointing I’m putting it over the pointer finger and my thumb dropping it and I’m taking this new section that becomes the outer section over just like that and now we are gonna start adding here let’s position our hands again back to the palm this middle section is going in between the thumb and the pointer finger and now we are back and then, I just go clean up again and you see how I’m holding this this outer section it is in between my pointer and my middle finger, I let go, and it is back to where it was all right you guys. So let’s start adding hair. So here’s a trick that, I learned to help make my life easier when, I braid my hair. So the section that we are gonna start adding here to I’m gonna place it on top of my pointer finger and and I’m gonna place my middle finger right on top of that section and I’m gonna hold it there and drop and just see how all the strands are in place they are not moving and with the free right hand I’m gonna start adding the new section of hair taking my pointer finger with my nail grab this new section of hair and place it right with the section that was in between my pointer and my middle finger put it together, I clean it up and let go of this bigger section back to the front. So now it becomes one big section and then, I bring it over again see my thumb underneath all of this hair my pointer finger goes on top of my other pointer finger and then, I make a switcher room bring it over the middle and that becomes the new middle section.

So now we are gonna go to the other farther strand and we are gonna play some hair. But first we got to transition our hands and fingers. So same thing with the outer section it goes back into the palm this new middle section under my thumb in between my pointer finger get it in there just fix it in there make sure it is nice and nice and stable. So I’m moving anywhere just like that see it is all the same and this outer section is on its own once again. So now the same thing applies you are gonna take this section that we are gonna add hair to on top of my pointer finger in between my middle finger hold it there and then we are gonna add here from next to it or tour towards the back grab a section of hair and, I sometimes put it right on top and kind of clean it without it being held just be gentle and then, I grab it back again. So that’s the new section that, I just grabbed. So we are gonna let go of our middle finger and a pointer finger pick it up and we are gonna get the section back I’m gonna put it there again just to make sure it is cleaned up let go and this becomes that new big section.

So this is where we are gonna start adding it over the middle. So same thing you are gonna take it over and you are gonna let go of that middle section that becomes a new outer section just like that let go in between the thumb and the pointer finger and there we have it aren’t you guys. So I’m gonna continue this. But I do want to say you will probably not get it the first second third or maybe even the tenth try just keep practicing you gotta learn where those hands and fingers go you literally have to learn that muscle memory it literally is all in your head I’m promising you it yeah, I mean you gotta learn you gotta practice the more you practice the more you play with your hair the better you will become. So let’s do this one more time. But I’m gonna do a little bit faster. So I’m placing the outer section that I’m gonna add the hair to placing it on top of my pointer and locking it with the middle finger.

So now, I grab the new section of hair and, I bring it to this outer section. So, I drop, I unlock seed drops bring it back in between the two fingers the middle and the pointer clean it up drop it again and now we are gonna bring you over. So over the middle thumb goes underneath everything the new and the old section and you see everything the pointer is in between the old and the new section clean it bring it over and you get the new strand and I’m gonna accelerate you guys just keep practicing rewind the studio. If you have to. But everything you just have to keep practicing that’s my biggest thing you guys this is what works for me maybe holding your hands differently your fingers differently will work better with you depending. If you are a lefty or pure righty it all depends on you. But this is kind of what really helped me like the basics to start learning to braid and.

So now you see how, I started braiding incorporating the hair I’m just gonna continue braiding those down without adding here the same way as, I taught you in the beginning and go back up and I’m gonna pancake my braid just a little bit. So, I just tied it off with a clear elastic once I have pulled apart my braid just a little bit just to give it a little bit more emphasis you guys that’s basically the whole gist all right you guys. So there you have it the first in-depth tutorial on braiding 101 French braid version and, I want to go over three main points to remind you guys about braiding the first important point is understanding the braid you are going to try to achieve second main point is learning how to hold your hands and fingers with each strand and how to let go how to clamp and basically how to clean up those are very very important and the third main point is all about that braiding muscle memory it all achieves with practice practice and you guessed it more practice. So now that we have conquered the French braid which braid you guys want to see next and now, I jump in to the most exciting part of this post then give away, I have packaged already and I’m just looks like, I just like open it and just sniff it and just look at it and I’m just. So excited for one of you to get it and yes this giveaway is only for one winner, I know it is so sad. But still. So exciting hopefully one day, I can gift you guys all something special.

Because, I love every one of you and I’m just. So thankful that you guys are with me on this journey and, I just want to give back to you. Because it is the Month appreciating it is Thanksgiving you guys and, I just want to give back to you. Because, I love each and every one of you and you guys are the best the way I will be running this giveaway is through an automated web site called Rafflecopter and, I will have the link down below and you click on that and it will take you straight there it will show you all the rules you do everything step by step it makes easier and you makes it easier myself and at the very end when the winner is chosen it is all fair and square. So there are five rules they are super easy first thing first you have to obviously be subscribed to my youtube blog second and third rule subscribe to both Instagram and Facebook and then the fourth is leave a comment on either in this post or on either my Instagram or Facebook page, I will have a picture of the prizes you can just comment what you are most thankful for this year and last. But at least number five is tag at least two to three friends on Instagram or Facebook. So they also have a chance at winning this prize and of course everything will be in the description box below click it it will expand and everything will be right there along with the link to Rafflecopter.

So now let’s get into what I’m actually going to give you guys it is amazing. I’m so happy my favorite products. So it will come in this box in another box it will be inside of another box. Because, I do not want to get this dirty. But it is just a beautiful box you can reuse for other things and then you open it and you get my favorite top styling hair products basically products, I can’t live without first product is going to be a dry shampoo and I’m giving you both cents the white and the black Elizabeth James Nirvana and dry shampoos next is the orb a dry texturizing spray you guys have heard a lot about this, I love it there’s nothing else to say except for it is awesome next is the pure ology color fanatic it has 21 essential benefits for your hair this product is great they use a lot of great natural ingredients it is vegan it is cruelty free this product is a godsend and next of course, I include my awesome big sexy hair volumizing hairspray this stuff is amazing and last. But not least it is a hair mask, I love this hair mask this is the AG haircare for reconstructing your hair this mask is amazing it smells good it does the job and it is phenomenal, I love this stuff. So there you guys have it the giveaway, I hope you guys like the prizes and like, I did mention there’s going to be only one winner, I know.

I’m so sad, I wish, I could give you all prizes every single day. But for now there’s me one winner and. I’m so excited for all of you to enter and just to partake in this giveaway and let me remind you the giveaway does end November 24th which is Thanksgiving on Thursday next week at 12 p.m. sharp Eastern Atlantic time. But for now thank you so much for reading this post and spending some time with us and I’m gonna go to the bathroom right now and wash my face cuz it is really late, I love you guys all so much and I will see you guys in the next post bye.

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