Hello my lovelies and, Welcome back to another post today’s post is all about Instagram made me buy it workout leggings, I go on Instagram and, I look at all of these girls working out and, I look at their clothes, I look at their leggings and, I think to myself, I want it, I need those in my life. So that’s where we are I’m gonna talk about Jim shark Paragon fit wear and Lululemon, I reached out to all of the brands and, I asked them. If they would be gracious enough to send me some products to test out and try out some of them actually responded and we’re. So kind to send me a few products and.

Comparing leggings GYMSHARK PARAGON FITWEAR and LULULEMON Photo Gallery

I’m so excited and then the other ones, I just went out and bought myself with my own money. So all of these products, I will have an unbiased opinion, I have no obligations to anyone or any particular brand. Because, I want to see how good these leggings are and how well they perform one to another. So let’s see which ones, I actually like, I think we all can say. If we have looked into workout clothes we have probably heard of Jim shark that’s how, I found them on Instagram pretty much every girl out there is either a gym shark ambassador or she wears Jim shark. So, I had to test them out for myself they are a uk-based brand and this is the leggings that, I got. So these are the seamless energy high waisted leggings in the purple wash and they retail for fifty four US dollars they are made out of sixty-nine percent nylon 17 percent polyester and 14 percent elastane they are stunning aesthetically that’s why, I got them.

Because they’re. So pretty and they’re. So different definitely one of a kind actually no they are not Lululemon has something very similar to this. But way more expensive, I do love the ribbed detailing along the leggings the beautiful eyelet detailing on the thighs and around the ankle, I mean just aesthetically they are. So pleasing to the eye there’s like, I said they are high-waisted the high-waist is compressed really compressed. So if you do have you know my tummy region is my problem area. So, I have to even work on that really hard to keep it nice and toned and.

If you do have a little bit of fluff which sometimes, I do depends on the month it will accentuate it just. Because it is very compressed and then it kind of stops right around the hips. So it might bulge a little bit depending on your body shape. So let’s talk about how they were in the gym, I wore them three times already, I wore them once for back day leg day and then arm day, I really wanted to see how well they fit my body and how will they move my body with different types of workouts what, I noticed right away was how much you can see the sweat it is bad let’s just put it that way, I do not mind the sweat. If you get embarrassed or you just do not like that you can see sweat marks especially, I called the crack sweat you can see it right away the back and then the crack starts sweating very fast. So, I think it is, I think. If you wear black or a darker color you wouldn’t see as much.

But definitely this color right here you can see everything alright. So these leggings they are not 100% squat proof, I would give them around 80% squat proof which is not good. But not horrible just. Because for $54, I’m not totally mad. But I’m mad that they claimed these to be squaw proof which they are not the breathability and these leggings was pretty good just. Because you do have the island detailing that is open pretty much on your thighs and your ankle. So that was really nice it didn’t breathe right here just.

Because it is extremely compressed. So it just kind of holds it all in there and it shows with the sweat the durability on these leggings is also pretty good personally, I did not really like the super-compressed waistband for a leg day or back day just. Because it was uncomfortable for me when, I did pick up weights. But then where it is not compressed it just kind of moved with my legs and my body and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. So the question is would, I get the same leggings and a different color or what, I get something else from Jim shark, I think honestly, I would get the black ones in this and maybe try their ombre seamless leggings. But that’s it all right let’s move on to the next pair which is Paragon sit wear and, I have two colors and, I did wear both of them just to see which ones, I like better. So these are the allure legging 25 inch and, I got the deep sage and then, I forgot what these are called.

But they are great. So these costs 469 US dollars they are 86% nylon and 14% spandex. So on their website honestly they do not really have too many claims all they claim is that these leggings are super comfortable and you will love them pretty much they do not claim to be squaw proof or sweat proof, I didn’t see that anywhere. So in the gym, I did wear these for like days and arm day also, I did find these leggings to be pretty much 90 to 95 percent squaw proof which is incredible in both of the colors, I really appreciate that. But they are not. So a proof, I think just. Because of the colors if, I did get black or even a dark blue, I think you wouldn’t see it as bad.

But they are pretty pretty sweaty, I do not mind, I think Andres a little embarrassed for me which is totally fine, I mean, I if, I sweat that makes me feel good. Because, I really hit it hard at the gym the more, I sweat the better, I feel they are extremely comfortable and durable while you work out, I kind of feel like, I do not have anything on honestly which is great they definitely do not have any compression wear it just sucks and holds everything in. But they do hold everything in place where they should be and, I do think they are very flattering, I like them. So overall, I love the design it is very minimal it does make my legs look really good my butt look really good, I love the pockets which are great, I do love the mesh panels on the lower portion of the leg just. Because for breathability which is also really great and, I do want to get more colors just. Because they did announce that the collaboration with Christina once they sell out they are not coming back. So, I do want to get more colors, I do recommend these unless you do not like to show your sweat exactly truer words have never been spoken and last.

But not least we have Lululemon. So these ones right here are the Wonder under high rise 7/8 tights and they retail for 98 US dollars and these are the full-on luck Stream fabric they are made out of 84 percent nylon and a 16 percent lycra elastane. So these right here are high waisted leggings also with a seamless waistband which means there is no seam at the very top, I want to mention that these leggings are definitely not compressive. So they just kind of sit on your body and move with your body they are super lightweight. But they have incredible coverage just like they claim this fabric this luxury fabric, I’m very impressed with extremely impressed with. So in the gym, I was really impressed with that they definitely are squat proof completely squat proof. But I do want to say that, I think.

Because of the pattern maybe that helps it camouflage even more and, I do love that they are. So lightweight. So they basically just move with my body and just let me do whatever and they also feel like, I have nothing on my legs, I know that, I have leggings on. But they are just. So lightweight it feels. So good and they are definitely very breathable and, I literally could not see any sweat at all and my back was completely drenched and my stomach was completely drenched and, I could see no sweat on these. But I do think these pants have a very good camouflage just.

Because of the pattern and design. But let me just say, I really like the way my legs and butt look in these leggings, I can see why. So many people love these leggings no it accentuates everything they are great, I guess he’d be negative actually, I do have one negative the price $100 leggings 98 plus tax that’s expensive yeah. So overall for a gym cycle, I can use the ones that, I have the energy seamless, I love their design and, I love the way they fit my legs beautiful fit for the Paragon fit where eluard leggings, I love how comfortable and durable they are they are extremely Squa proof and the last. But not least Lululemon pricey. But the fabric the lux trim fabric I’m extremely impressed with the Squa proof there’s sweat proof and they are extremely durable and extremely comfortable let me know some of your favorite leggings and brands and why are they squat proof are they sweat proof do you actually mind seeing the cracks wet, I really don’t, I’m that person in the gym just walking around really sweaty, I do you know take a towel and make sure I’m not like dripping everywhere not that disgusting. But let me know which ones were your favorite thank you for reading and I will see you next time bye.

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