HAIR CARE ROUTINE Tips For Growing Your Hair

Hey everyone I thought I’d build an updated hair care routine hair FAQ post for you guys it is probably been over a year since. I posted my last one and a lot has changed and, I’m very happy with the result and, I get questions on all of my posts all the time about my hair. So since. I have a bunch of new commentrs. I thought why not share my new hair care routine with all of you alright like things.

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I work out my hair might not work on yours. So my hair type. I have very thick hair and, I have a lot of it. If I do not blow-dry my hair it comes out semi wavy it is mostly wavy like right here and then the rest of its kind of straight and it’ll be. So poofy and fluffy, I’m not even joking my hair just kind of it just turns into a fluff ball. If I just let it air dry my natural color it is dirty blonde obviously with the contrast of the blonde here it makes my natural hair color look darker but it is very mousy dirty blonde and I will let you guys in on a little bit of a secret. I have red in my hair too usually just got my hairdresser to bleach it and, I’m like let’s not talk about it but I have definitely grown to love the red in my hair.

So yeah that is my natural hair color quick background of the color of my hair. I love coloring my hair it is a lot of fun it is a good way to express yourself I have definitely made a lot of color mistakes but you do not realize their mistake and tell you make them. So I have learned from them blonde is my favorite back in high school. I used to bleach the life out of my hair I have always got it done professionally but. I wanted that white hair and my hair was broken. I couldn’t see it go when. I look back on pictures.

I just. I just want to put some conditioner in that hair it was. So dry my ends were always broken and split and now my ends are okay they look kind of crazy cuz. I need a trim but. I do not have splints or broken ends at all. So what I have been doing with my hair is obviously working and that’s why. I wanted to share it with you guys as far as maintenance and coloring and all that fun stuff.

I only wash my hair about I will say 1 to 2 times a week and, I think that this has really saved my hair, I’m telling you guys just try it. I know weird and, I love the feeling of freshly washed hair but just try to postpone in between washes it really depends how active. I’m and, I do suffer some from psoriasis on my head. So sometimes. I can feel it flaring up and, I will need to wash my hair. So that. I can treat my psoriasis.

So yeah. I wash my hair about once or twice per week and, I put heat tools on it almost every single day but I have been recently wearing my hair like super messy and kind of undone like this and, I find that this puts the less the least amount of heat on my hair.. So I feel like it is the healthiest for it also when it comes to coloring my hair. I get a full head of highlights it takes about two hours to color it it takes forever. I love my hair adjusted for her patients because she is very precise and does not rush it. So every time.

I get my hair colored. I also get a trim. I just got the ends trimmed sometimes. I trim my bangs but the really quick comfort. I hold on to them, and it is really hard for me to cut them usually by the end of the year they are down to like here. I do not even have bangs anymore. So she just goes in and turns them all off for me but yeah okay.

So now for the fun part the products that. I use. So, I’m going to tell you what products. I use and how I use them.. So I obviously wash my hair because it gets greasy just like everyone else’s and, I use this big bottle of Tresemme it is the new touchable softness for dry brittle hair pretty much.

I read it is that for dry brittle hair and in the summertime my hair is quite dry especially when. I went from brown to blonde it did a lot of damage to my hair obviously. I was expecting that. So yeah. I just got this shampoo to treat my dry ends when. I shouldn’t put my hair. I focused mostly at the crown just focus on your problem areas.

I find that my crown does get greasy first. I focus there the front of my head and then. I just kind of lather all around when, I’m lathering my head. I give it a deep scalp massage this will help your hair grow, and it is just good. I just get right in there and, I just really scratch and massage my scalp as. If I was at the hairdresser’s. I love when they do that to your hair it feels.

So good and then. I do not wash my ends you guys just the roots and then. I rinse it really really really well in warm water as you rinse it the shampoos gonna run down the shaft of your hair and to the ends and that’s enough to clean it you do not need to be washing your ends you will just damage and dry them out. So like. I said earlier you guys. I suffer from psoriasis. I went to the doctors and they told me that that’s what it was it was really itchy on my head it is red, and it is really embarrassing because it causes flakes.

So I went to the clinic and they suggested that. I used. I have a prescription cream that. I use as well as Nizoral. So this just an over-the-counter product that. I got from the drugstore and this is a teeny tiny bottle it is 120 milliliters and this stuff is like $15.

So yeah it is quite expensive but it honestly has fixed the psoriasis. So well for me the only thing is I’d be using this for three years I have never found a product that actually completely cures it but the weirdest thing is when. I was on vacation in Mexico. I didn’t have any flare-ups it wasn’t until. I came back home to Canada that. I had to get back on this. I try and use it every other time that.

I shampoo my hair but sometimes. I do have to use it more often it does not lather very well either that’s why. I like to shampoo my hair first with the Tresemme rinse it out and then apply this. So that there’s still some transformation who left over and it does help it to lather or else I’d be using. So much of it. So yeah. I focus it around the front of my head and the back of my head as well and, I leave it on for five minutes.

So showers get really long when. I have to use this stuff. So the Nizoral dries out my hair a lot last summer. I dried up my hair to the point that it just never ever ever got greasy but. I have to use it. So it kind of sucks but if you guys suffer from psoriasis or anything like that and you have a product that works well for you definitely put in the comments down below because. I would love to try it as far as conditioning my hair.

I use a toning shampoo and you guys this is my favorite smell in the whole wide world. I think John Frieda should come out with a like body spray or something because it smells. So good anyways this one is the purple colored one and it is for blonde hair just to kind of remove any red or orange kind of under because your hair does start to get a little bit brassy and like. I said before when. I used to bleach the life out of my hair. I used a purple shampoo and the purple shampoo really stripped all the life and shine out of my hair and left it very dull and gray and silver if that’s the look you want to go for it definitely get the shampoo but. I find like the conditioner is a lot more subtle and, I just like it it smells good it leaves my hair soft and shiny and this is about ten dollars.

So it is a little bit expensive.. So I use this as soon as k.. So I use the Nizer I will wash it off and then. I apply this right onto my hair and, I focus it on the ends obviously but. I want to get it on all of my hair.

So that it tones all the color and, I definitely have noticed a change because. I do have some red kind of tones in my hair since. I went from brown to blonde and this has definitely helped improve the color of that and then. I mix it with one of my secret weapons. I absolutely love this conditioner you guys and, I guess. I will share my secret with all of you. So this conditioner is from Dove, and it is intensive repair.

I am not exaggerating when. I tell you how much. I love this stuff and how much it has changed my hair before when. I would condition my hair it would be soft initially right after. I washed it and then the next day. I get a little drier by the third day it was. So dry this keeps my hair.

So soft for days and days and, I absolutely love it and again it smells amazing. So use the john frieda purple conditioner and then. I use this because it is more intensive and these purple conditioners are known to dry out your hair.. So I definitely use the both of them. I love conditioner and like I have said. So many times.

I really enjoy like mixing products and coming up with my own little potions. So, I’m in the shower and such a dork but yeah. So these are days for conditioning. So now that we have conditioned our hair. I leave it in for three minutes. So you must believe when. I wash my hair in the shower it takes forever but anyways.

. So I rinse my hair out with cold water it will lock in the shine. I have seen such a difference it is definitely worth it.. So I keep my body out of the water and, I just rinse the hair. I focus mostly on that. I noticed that get greasy first the front of my hair and the crown especially there’s.

So much hair right there. So you just want to get in with your hands and separate it and make sure that it all gets rinsed out properly now that you are out of the shower wrap your hair up in a towel. I do not want anybody to take a towel and go like this with it. I know I have said it before but you are just going to damage and break your hair same thing. I know a lot of girls like to comb their hair when they are in the shower when they get out again you are just breaking your hair it is so easy to damage your hair when it is wet just try to resist the urge if you are in a hurry just finger comb your hair. It’s so easy and if you are conditioning your hair properly and have a good conditioner you shouldn’t have big knots that you need a brush for. So once I have taken my hair out of the towel.

I like to use my AG hair food. I do not have the bottle for it but my because my hair just. So gave it to me but. I absolutely love this step and again it smells. So good. So what. I do is.

I take like a big dollop of it in my hand and, I focus it wear my hair usually gets naughty which is right where my wavy parts are for some reason which would be like right here here and then obviously you want to focus it on the ends of your hair as well this works as a leave-in conditioner as well as hair food but it allows obviously when you are combing through with your fingers it allows it to go through smoothly and helps detangle your hair which is awesome once I have applied the hair food to all of those areas focusing again where there’s a lot of hair work can get tangled in on the ends. I use my all-time go-to product my Moroccan oil this one is the light wine. I got this one from my hairdresser for my birthday but you guys know I have been using this stuff forever and, I just put a dime sized amount in my hand maybe a quarter sized amount in my hand. I rub it through my palms and heat up the product and then. I just focus it on my ends and then any leftover product. I bring up. I do not go to my roots but.

I come up into my hair and then the rest. I just moisturize my hands with this stuff is amazing and it has like a really mature smell. I love it but yeah. So that’s what. I use next and then. I apply my Tresemme heat protectant sometimes. I just apply this – my hairbrush other times I will spray into my hands and just focus it on to the ends of my hair because.

I find that the spray of it is that good for as long as. I do just spray it but. I find it just comes out in like a jet stream and it does not really get all over my hair but. I love this product and, I use it just to kind of give me a peace of mind like, I’m sure it works because like. I said my ends are no longer dead and broken like they used to be but how are you really supposed to tell.. So I do love this Tresemme heat product I have used it for.

So many years probably. I can’t even tell you how many years I have used this product and, I love it.. So I do this right before. I blow dry my hair. If I ever dry my hair. I will still apply this into my hair even if, I’m not applying heat to it.

So then. I wait for my hair to dry it till about 90% and then usually. I do blow-dry like. I said. If I let it air dry it is very poofy fluffy and wavy and all the wrong places.. So I just round brush my bangs and then just kind of normal flow dry with a paddle brush and then when it is all done.

I apply a Josie eight this is what it sounds like. So many products guys but I’m. So used to it just does not seem like it but. I apply this josie maran argan oil hair serum this was a present. I got for Christmas and, I love this stuff it smells like lemon. So it is most super clean and, I love putting it on my hair it does to put on to like towel dry hair but it helps kind of reduce frizz sometimes like my ends can look kind of frizzy obviously and, I love to apply this product and it just adds extra shine to your hair. I just love it it is my favorite thing to use on my hair has just been blow-dried also what.

I do for my hair too is. I use a hair mask usually once every two weeks. I try to do it once a week but sometimes. I forget the easiest way is when your hair is just really greasy and you need to wash it. I like to throw it up in a ponytail and, I just take my good old trusty coconut oil yeah coconut oil and, I apply it just to the hair that’s outside of the ponytail. So it is not to the roots and, I will just wrap it up into a bun and, I just put a shower cap or my hot head on it just to kind of heat it up and I will leave it in for a couple of hours until. I have to shower and get ready for my day and stuff but yeah.

I love using coconut oil as a quick hair treatment adds an A you are add some avocado everyone. I do get creative and throw it up in your hair this is my favorite for at-home hair treatments and. It’s so good for your skin. It’s so good for everything I have said this. So many times if you do not own coconut oil go get yourself some of them go get yourself some okay last but not least you guys my secret weapon I have been using this product all throughout high school and it was a girlfriend that actually introduced it to me and this was before dry shampoo or it was before dry shampoo got popular but. I still use this technique today because. I love to.

I shampoo but. I use it way too quickly. So it is good old baby powder. I know. So this is what you want to use when your hair starts to get greasy. I just turn it. So it is a little bit open like not all the way it is like literally just a quarter of my way open and, I just sprinkle it on my hair like it is salt and I will put it where my hair it is greasy.

So usually like right at my roots right here up through my bangs I will show you just like the teeniest amount of product, and it is just going to suck up all of that grease you let sit for a little bit and it smells powder fresh she had brown hair and she’s in her hair and you could never even tell oh yeah and it also lightens up your roots if you are a blonde too. So it is my all time secret weapon besides coconut oil. I love this step.. So I think that’s it for my haircare post. I feel like. I talked.

So much.. I’m so sorry but. I really hope that it answered all of your questions and that some of these products can really help you out with your hair because. I have learned a lot from my hair and, I really want to be able to pass these tips and tricks on to you guys but at the same time definitely comment down below products that you use that have changed your hair lately because. I would love to try new products as much as. I love makeup and you can tell by my blog like hair is my favorite thing.

So please comment down below products that you loved to use on your hair and, I tried out this new look here you guys like. I’m lately I have been wearing my hair like really messy and kind of effortless kind of beachy even though summer is over but if you guys want to know how to get this hair tutorial definitely comment down below and, I will post it for you guys it is super easy and yeah. I think that’s it. So thanks guys. So much for reading and, I will see you in my next post bye.

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