How To Chinese Staircase Braid Ponytail

Hey guys. I have a really cool tutorial for you today, and it is this surprisingly easy Chinese staircase braided ponytail. I just loved how unique and different this hairstyle is yet wearable it is just a great way to switch out your everyday ponytail for something that’s a little more chic and fierce you can only imagine if somebody walked out to this hairstyle. I would definitely do a double-take. I love it you guys and a big THANK YOU to Remington for sponsoring today’s post and as always all views and opinions are my own I have worked with Remington in the past. I just love their products because you get salon quality for a very affordable price and none of this would have been possible without you guys. So thank you for your continuous support.

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So in saying that let’s go ahead and get started.. So I just finished blow-drying my hair. So it is a little fluffy and frizzy which typically. I do not mind but for this braid to turn out you do want your hair to be really sleek and straight. So, I’m going to go ahead and quickly straighten it with this Remington Pro one inch hair straightener that they kindly gift to me now this hair straightener has five heat settings and, I’m going to use the lowest of the five but if you have more coarse hair it does go up to 450 degrees. I like to section off my hair just.

So I can get nice and close to the root because that’s where it usually gets the most frizzy and has the most ways and, I’m just going to work my way up my entire head until it is completely straightened and there’s no more wave straighteners have come such a long way since. I started using them girls these days are so lucky my first hair straightener had one heat setting and it basically just burnt your hair straight whereas this one the idea behind it is that everybody’s hair is different right. So the temperature actually adjusts based on the moisture in your hair which is great especially if you are somebody that straightens their hair every single day because just gonna help leave it healthy smooth and basically damage free there is nothing like freshly washed straightened tangle free hair it feels. So good but, I’m going to throw it up into a high ponytail. So we can get started on the braid okay now that your hair is straight and in a ponytail the first step is grab a small piece of hair about an inch in size from the outside of the right side of your ponytail now hold this piece near at the base of it keeping it on the right side and bring the rest of that piece underneath your ponytail see that hole on the right.

So bring your section over your ponytail and then pull it through that hole you want to make sure that you pull it nice and tight and that it is sitting right at the base of your ponytail now keep that piece out and grab another 1 inch size section from the outside of the right side of your ponytail. So now you should have two equal sized sections and again hold these sections up at the base combining these two sections together keeping them on at the right side and then bring the rest of your section underneath your ponytail then bring your section over top and through that hole we have just created. I remember pull it nice and tight and it should sit just below our previous loop and again grab about a one-inch size section from the outside of your ponytail and once you have two sections hold them at their base combining them together and then bring that section underneath your ponytail then bring them over and you can see, I’m using my index finger and thumb just to reach you the hole and pull up my section room just remember to pull it nice and tight. So it sits below your previous loop and as you can see the braid is starting to take shape you can see the braid forming on the right side here’s what. I keep repeating this pattern as far down your ponytail as you like and as, I’m looking at this footage. I can’t help but notice how cool this would look if you only did the top third of your ponytail. I decided to go ahead and braid my entire ponytail and do not be fooled.

I definitely snuck in a lot of breaks while. I was braiding this hairstyle definitely doubles as an arm workout once you reach the bottom all you want to do is secure it off with a hair elastic and you are done there we have you guys that’s how to recreate this Chinese staircase braided ponytail, I’m really into these unique ponytails you guys. So I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you do end up recreating this hairstyle do not forget to tag me on Instagram Twitter or Facebook. I love seeing your recreations I will link all the products down below for you guys and for a limited time only you can receive 20% off your very own a Remington Pro straightener if you purchased it from and how cool is this swivel cord you guys the little things in life and if you liked today’s post do not think to give it a thumbs up and thank you guys again for all of your continuous support and allowing me to work with great brands like Remington. I just really hope you guys know how much. I appreciate every single one of you.

So thank you again for reading and I will talk to you guys in my next post bye.

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