How to Perfect Low Bun Hairstyles

Hey guys I’m gonna be recreating a really simple elegant low bun this kind of look is really really in right now I’m seeing it everywhere and, I saw it a few weeks ago on Kelly Ripa a life with Regis and Kelly the talk show and it looked.

So beautiful in her and. So elegant. So, I said, I have to recreate it for you guys even though it is really really simple.

So if you want to know how to recreate it stay tuned and I will show you exactly what you need to do okay. So I’m starting off with my hair being second day hair. So it is not freshly washed today and as such it is kind of lacking a you know a bit of volume and it is kind of nothing special.

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So, I always turn to hair styles like this one on dates that, I want to prolong washing my hair because it is definitely healthy right here not to be washed every day. So I will tell you what we are gonna need we are just gonna need a regular brush and rat tail comb lots of bobby pins an elastic band and also this little donut shaped chignon that, I got from beauty supply store and, I know Sally’s also has them Sally Beauty Supply stores which you can also create by cutting up the toe area of a sock and rolling it up and there’s also another way to do this bun without using this and if you guys want to know how, I do that let me know in the comments below and I will create another tutorial for you guys doing this type of button without using this but for today we are gonna use this this is just faster and easier and let’s begin. So I’m gonna start off like always to just brush my hair once they hear is old brush through I’m gonna create the parting and you can certainly do it with a middle parting which will be a very pretty look as well and again very elegant too but for me I’m gonna do deep side parting for today’s.

So create the parting I’m just gonna bring my hair back and then using the and side of the rat tail comb, I usually go with where my arch of the eyebrow is, I just kind of drag it up from there. So I’m gonna brush the hair really nicely to make sure that it sits like a sleek ponytail to begin with then I’m gonna grab my elastic band and I will turn around in a second see you guys can’t see what I’m doing. So you want to just put your hair into a ponytail all the way at the nape of your neck.

So once we have the hair in the ponytail we are gonna grab this chignon and what you want to do is just bring the ponytail through the hole. So I will show you I’m gonna turn around for this part. So just like this and then we want to do is find out they hear it all around of the shin you want to cover it up.

So you want to just make sure that you are distributing the hair evenly and that none of the they you are not gonna have any parts that are gonna show through. So you just want to kind of find out they hair all the way around and then when you are happy with kind of where the hair is so this is basically how the bond is going to be you want to start to hide the hair underneath of the bun I’m you know if this up the bun that you just created.

So what I’m doing is with my fingers I’m kind of starting to talk in the hair underneath of the bun and again you can fix the parts that might be showing through. So what we are doing is just hiding the hair underneath just like this and as you are going through you want to just fix up the portions that you feel might be showing just like this. So as you can tell I’m just tucking in all of the hair underneath of the chignon.

So then when you have the ends again you are just tucking them under just go hide them underneath. So once we have all the hair tucked in underneath of the bun what we want to do is just secure this in place luck with lots of bobby pins. So I’m gonna show you with one.

So what I’m doing is I’m just opening up the bobby pin like this and then what you do is you kind of just push the button against your head and then you wouldn’t touch they here from the bond onto the hair that’s like on your head. So what I’m doing is I’m just pushing in this bobby pin inwards. So there’s one and then we are gonna do that and just go all the way around the bottom and secure the entire bun to make sure that it is in place and not going anywhere.

So once you set the hairstyle in place with hairspray the look is complete and I will just turn around. So you guys can see what it looks like from all sides. So this is definitely one of my favorite looks to wear because it is elegant it is pretty it can be used for you know an office you can wear it to school anything you want really it is really really easy and simple and, I hope you guys like this look and let me know what the comments below if you want me to recreate this type of bug without using the chignon and I will definitely do that for you guys.

So, I hope you are having a great day. So far and I will see you in the next tutorial bye.

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