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Hey guys how you doing its Layla here and today’s look is perfect for Valentine’s Day it is a girly feminine look. So, I hope you guys like it and if you want to know how to do it stay tuned and I will show you exactly what you need to do okay. So to create this look will need some basic styling tools we will need a regular paddle brush will need a teasing comb this is denim d3 we are going to need an elastic band I’m also going to incorporate a pretty ribbon into the look and this is the ribbon it is a pale pink color and i got it at michaels but you can also find them a dollar store as well and i’m also going to curl the ends of my hair using a Hot Tools one-inch curling iron and to create a bit more drama for the look I’m also wearing my laksa hair extensions, I’m only wearing the four largest wives that go in the back of the head or the first thing like always is to brush their hair to make sure there is no tangles next I’m going to create a parting going from right to left I’m going to use my finger to do.

So you can also use a rat tail comb as well. So next you want to tease the crown of your head and i were to separate the hair in the back you want to make sure that if you are wearing extensions that you do not use your extensions. So I’m going to start separating the hair into sections and just teasing them using my denim d3 brush.

So now that you have it all teased up you want to grab the brush again and just smooth everything out for a more wearable look. So once you have smooth down the teased up portion you want to gather all the hair to one side I’m going to do it on my left side you want to grab an elastic band and just secure everything on to one side. So next you want to go of your curling iron and curl the rest of the pointing it ponytail and you are going to pick up 1 inch sections and start curling the ends of the hair.

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So now that the ponytail is ready we are gonna do the next step which is the ribbon. And I have already measured out enough to go around my head. So what I’m going to do is make sure that it is even on both sides and bring it to about where my bank area ends all you want to do is just tie this at the nape of your neck.

So next you want to bring the ends of the ribbon and just tie them around the base of the ponytail once you have tied the base of the ponytail you are going to grab your scissors and just cut off very carefully um making sure you do not catch your hair just cut off the ends there. So now that we are done with a headband portion I’m going to pick up a different piece of ribbon and create a bow around the base of the ponytail. So what I’m doing is just bringing the ribbon around the base of the ponytail we are going to just tightly attached it to the base.

So once you have tied the ribbon around once you are going to just create a pretty ribbon and you can make it as big or as small as you want I’m going to sort of do a medium-sized one and you are pretty much finished if you want it to cut off the ends you could just maybe do it at an angle. So it is really pretty. So once you are finished tying the ribbon the look has done and i’ll just quickly turn around and show you guys what it looks like from all sides.

So i hope you guys enjoyed this look and give it a try see you in the next post bye.

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