The Heart Bun Valentines Day Hairstyle

Hi where am i I’m just posting in the office today, I thought, I would change things up a little bit and make it a bit more fun and have a different setting in the background. So, I will be creating a really fun sort of Valentine inspired hairstyle today it is a half doom with a heart shape in the back as an element of surprise, I found an inspiration for this hair tutorial on Pinterest that I’m gonna link it down below if you want to check it out it is just in pictures and, I thought it would be really cool to actually create it in post. So if you want to see how to create this heart shape hairdo then keep on reading now the first thing I’m gonna do is curl my hair and today I’m going to be using one of those clipless barrels that starts a bit thicker and becomes more narrow, I really like the waves that come out of the sparrow it is a bit more effortless and the first thing I’m gonna do is always quickly give my hair brush I’m wearing my lucky here extensions today and what.

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I’ve done today, I actually clipped them in a lot lower than, I normally would and I’m not wearing the full set I’m wearing almost every single web fix up for the three clip weft that goes at the top and if you have them one clip what’s that go on the side and the reason, I did that is because what I’m gonna be creating the heart in the back, I need the space at the top of my head for the what’s not to show therefore, I kind of moved everything a lot lower and you might be thinking that my hair looks a bit longer today as well well that’s the reason. So the first thing I’m gonna do is quickly brush my hair I’m gonna move this one away for now and I’m just gonna start with my left section and I’m literally just gonna work with really big sections I’m gonna just grab first one just clip the rest away actually before, I clip it away I’m gonna just reverse one step and I’m gonna unclip it and I’m gonna spray this whole section with heat protectant and today I’m just using organic giovani heat protectant spray. So I’m just gonna spray mostly the ends of my hair or the extensions really and allow a few seconds for the heat protectant to dry and then I’m just gonna quickly brush through it again and then, I can clip it away now I’m gonna be working with quite big sections and what I’m gonna be doing is just holding the Barrow and curling the hair away from my face.

So I’m just wrapping it around the barrel and away from my face just gonna hold it for a few seconds and then I’m just gonna release it into my palm, I usually do this and then, I allow for a few seconds for it to cool right in my palm just like that and then, I release it and just kind of do not touch it it naturally will loosen up no I’m just gonna continue doing the same thing I’m gonna be today doing all of the left section towards the left that way from my face and with the right I’m gonna do the other way around I will show you when, I get there and I’m just gonna speed this whole process away. So this tutorial is not 20 minutes. So just watch me do this really really fast all right.

So now that. I have curled the hair I’m gonna hairspray everything to make sure it stays curly. So I’m just gonna grab my organic hairspray and quickly spray it all over make sure not to get in my face I’m just gonna let it all sit for a moment and once it is all set I’m just gonna go into my hair and quickly around my fingers through my hair to loosen the waves.

So usually what, I do I’m just gonna probably go on my side to show you, I bring all the hair back and then, I just start kind of putting my hand in the hair and like a fork sort of moving it from top to down. So you do not need to do it perfect just kind of like put your hand in the hair run it down and this kind of does the trick of releasing the waves and making them look more effortless good and now we are gonna turn around and show you how to create the heart in the back now the first thing I’m gonna do is split the hair right in the middle in the back and create two ponytails right next to each other I’m just gonna grab my hair elastic and secure that ponytail and then create one more if you wear clip-in hair extensions like myself you just want to make sure that no wefts are showing okay. So once you have done that you just want to create one more ponytail on the left side and then secure the new ponytail as well very very pretty hairstyle the next step is we are gonna start creating the heart and we are gonna do that by creating two halves.

So I’m gonna start with my right side and the first thing I’m gonna do is just start with things that ponytail and as, I twist it I’m gonna fold the twist and I’m gonna grab a bobby pin right away I’m gonna hold whatever, I twisted with my left hand and grab a bobby pin with my right hand and first I’m gonna bobby pin that section at the base. So it is really important to bobby pin while you create your heart because if you wait too long then it is gonna the section is going to move then it is gonna be messy okay. So now I’m gonna continue twisting the hair and as I’m twisting the hair I’m sort of creating that half parts shape I’m gonna grab another bobby pin just to secure that section in place more and then I’m gonna keep twisting it and pin it at the bottom all right.

So we have got half of the part ready now I’m gonna create the other half now I’m gonna be doing the exact same thing here on the left side I’m gonna start with twisting the ponytail and as, I twist the ponytail I’m gonna hold it in and as, I fold it in to the heart shape I’m gonna grab a bobby pin and pin it in place right at the base right at the top right now you can see the two halves are kind of far apart but I’m still gonna be fixing it once I’m done with my left side I’m gonna fix it and bring the two halves together. So yeah I’m gonna continue doing the same thing on the left side I’m gonna pin it in the middle and at the bottom and then I’m gonna cross the left side over the right side. So that we can see the bobby pin now the real fun part begins when, I bring the two halves of the heart together and pin them in place and then sort of readjust the heart to make sure that it looks like a heart and maybe sometimes we will need to remove some of the bobby pins add more and just kind of adjust the heart to look like a heart all right as you can see.

I’ve done quite a lot of adjustments and finally my heart looks like a heart and at this point, I think I’m gonna stop touching it and that is it now keep in mind McCready and Hart in the back of your head while you can’t see anything is quite complicated. So if you have a friend a sister mom or maybe even your boyfriend ask them to help you out kind of guide you in terms of creating the shape because for me it was very hard that has to keep looking in the mirror and then ask at who is following me to give me feedback in terms of creating the right shape of the heart otherwise it might not even look like a heart. So yeah it is gonna take some practice or help of other people to create this beautiful heart but, I think it is definitely worth it it is like from the front it just looks that you have waves and then once you turn around it is like a bang nice surprise you got the heart going on.

So definitely give it a shot I’d love to see recreation. So make sure to post it on Instagram I’m Alexi here hashtags happy Valentine’s to you guys, I love you very much and I will see you next week.

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