10 Best Tips and Tricks For Greasy and Oily Hair

Hey all, Welcome back my love’s today’s post is all about tips and tricks and how to deal with greasy oily or just dirty hair without having to wash it every single day. Because first of all nobody has this time to wash your hair up single day dry it and then style it and second of all it is not healthy for your hair.

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Because you actually dry it out even more when you wash it every day let’s get started the number one quick fix or short-term fix for our greasy hair is obviously dry shampoo, I love it, I use it weekly and daily basis just. Because, I have a very active lifestyle. So my hair gets dirtier a lot faster. So the dry shampoo that, I love are definitely a lot cleaner they are a more plant-based rather than chemical. So my number one, I think would be Lauren and, I really like this new brand, I think it is pronounced playa. I’m so sorry if, I said it wrong. But I think it is playa this is their pure dry shampoo it is incredible also can layer it very well without it weigh my hair down and actually producing extra access oil in my hair, I will list all of my favorite dry shampoos for blonde for colored for darker hair in the description box.

If you guys are interested I will have them down below. So the way, I use dry shampoo to kind of give that longevity to my hair in between washes is before the gym every single day before the gym, I apply it to a completely dry hair and then after the gym, I either if, I have enough time, I will air dry my hair completely or. If I’m in a hurry, I will blow dry my hair very quickly and then I will add the dry shampoo to my roots just where there’s a lot more oil build-up that’s where, I will apply it and then make sure it sits in there for at least 10 to 20 seconds and then massage it into my scalp and brush out my hair very easy very very amazing the next emergency or quick fix free hair is obviously a do-it-yourself dress improves some kind of powder that will absorb moisture for example baby powder corn starch cacao powder for darker hair. But obviously, I wouldn’t recommend using that on a daily basis just. Because it is not really geared towards your hair. So you want to find a dry shampoo that works great with your hair and just stick with that. So the third emergency fix is anything alcohol based.

Because alcohol it draws out that moisture and it just dries everything out. So the main alcohol products that, I like using for example are hand sanitizer obviously it is not this liquidy my niece’s added water to this. Because they wanted more hand sanitizer. So hand sanitizer perfume. Because the main ingredient in perfume is obviously alcohol we all know that and then obviously alcohol wipes. So it is very easy, I like to use very little of any of these products just. Because alcohol it will dry you out.

So you want to be very gentle. So the way that, I like to use these alcohol-based products are in two areas right here in the front of my hair that’s where, I produce a lot of sweat when, I work out. So right here from the top it is to like around my ears and then around your sebaceous glands that’s where, I produce most of your oils in your head. So basically in the back of my head it is kind of massage it in work it in and it just dries everything out the next quick fix is going to be hairstyles for greasy hair these are the hairstyles that you want to have the texture and dimension that kind of are away from your scalp not just sitting on it and just collecting more oil, I actually just did a post for you guys. If you want to check it out there’s three of them and they are simple they are easy and they look amazing for greasy oily or dirty hair and this brings me to my next point. If it is beyond repair this is where headscarves come in bandannas or a hatch we all have those days where we simply just do not have time to wash our hair or do a hairstyle. So headband scarf or hats come and play.

So the next tip is along the lines of different hairstyles. But this is how to keep that volume and how to train your hair to get that volume unsure fine thin hair like mine just. Because it is not sitting directly on my scalp it is cleaner, and it is just a great hat. So what you want to do is you want to change your party line from time to time honestly every single day, I have a different party line just. Because, I like the different look, I like the different style and it gives me so much more volume and my hair looks a lot less dirtier than it actually is. If you guys want more hacks, I did a post on ten different ways how to get more volume and how to train your hair to keep that volume on your head the next tips and tricks are going to be for that long term to keep your hair a little bit less greasy dirty and oily. So the first tip that, I had to do for myself was to retrain my scalp to stop washing it every single day.

Because actually it dries out your hair even more and your sebaceous glands think your hair and your head needs more oil. So they are actually working overtime every single day. So that’s where, I had to use these little fast tips and tricks like dry shampoo alcohol to help retrain my hair and it might take a week or two to go from 1 to 2 to 3 days. But overall just keep at it keep listening to what your hair needs. But try not to wash your hair every single day use that dry shampoo work with your hair and you will get through it to not wash your hair every single day the next tip for me was not using so much conditioner, I would always run out of conditioner first before my shampoo and now it is shampoo versus conditioner. Because, I only conditioned the mids to the ends of my hair sometimes even the ends and that’s it my scalp does not need it, I already have my natural oils working through it. So try not to use cream so much conditioner at one time unless you have like 10 feet long hair.

So you need to condition the midst at the ends the next long-term tip and trick is cut back on those hair styling products in this case less is more unless you have this special occasion and you want your hair to stay in place for a month straight that’s when you go all out. But for those everyday hair days you do not need that much hair product less is more and last. But not least this long-term hack tip and trick is the hardest for me. Because it is all about food, I have to stay away from simple carbohydrates sugars and anything processed, I’m a professional snacker life. So this one, I have to struggle and just. Because it makes me a lot more sweaty and, I produce a lot more extra excess oil that, I do not need. So this for me is is more again, I do not overindulge.

But I’d let myself once in a while stack here and there. But not every single day and there we have it some of my top tips and tricks and how to manage my greasy hair in between washes to keep it as clean as possible let’s put it that way let me know some of your tips and tricks down below. Because all of our hair is different something that might work for me might not work for others thank you for reading, I really appreciate it and I will see you guys in the next one bye.

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