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Hey all, Welcome back you guys today’s post is going to be dedicated to my special friend his name is curls, I will show you some of my top favorite curls with a curling wand you guys always asked how, I curl my hair with a wand. So today’s post is dedicated all for that before we get into the curls you guys always ask the same questions first one is what exactly is my haircut what is it called or what can you tell your hairstylist. If you want the same America, I have and then the second question is what color is my hair. So to answer the first question, I have a very blunt cut from the front to the back that is PC and textured which means, I have slight layers throughout my entire hair my hair my hat or hair and as you can see the layers aren’t that short, I like to keep them as long as possible just. Because, I feel like it does not make my hair too crazy poofy it just looks good textured, I guess that’s what, I have and the second answer is my hair is blonde, I do not know how else to answer that what she does is she just does really heavy highlights with foil and then she just tones it and how, I maintain it throughout colors, I actually use purple shampoo that is a secret that is the answer purple shampoo, I love them, I can’t live without it and, I have talked about my favorite ones, I will have the post linked right here in the cards or, I will have a link down in the section the description box below and yeah purple shampoo is the answer it is great for maintaining blonde hair. So the very first one, I will show you guys it is probably one of my favorite ones that, I do, I like 80% of the time it is very easy, I use the the clipless barrel by t3 and this is this is the only tapered barrel.

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So it starts with a 1.25 inch and it goes all the way down to 0.75. So you can use any want a barrel for this. So the thinnest, I would go is probably 0.75, I do not like the too thin and I’m going to turn it on to the second heat setting that is at 300 degrees Celsius Wow it is Fahrenheit Celsius oh my gosh that would be insane. So I’m just divided into two sections just lock fold and just clip this top section away grab some heat protectant I’m using my BB Bumble and Bumble styling lotion.

So what, I like to do this one, I always have to keep the smallest or the pointy barrel towards the bottom and these sections, I like to alternate them and also, I like to grab small big small sections. So they are not all the same size the first one is always going away from my face. So wrap it around and you see how it is going flat and then, I give it a little twist and then kind of leave like an inch or. So inch to half inch free see how kind of it is not really a wave. But it is a wave it is like what are you what are those. So next section we are going to do the opposite we are gonna bring it towards you see the barrel is always going down the first portion is flat and the second part is a little bit twisted that’s kind of the trick and then, I go to the other side and, I just switch hands. So my left side on my right side right side left side confusing, I know you are welcome let’s move on to the next one grab my Mohawk right here what is it with me Mohawks think that’s the question, I always want answered this is one of my favorites you guys always ask how, I curl my hair this is pretty much 80% of a time like, I said this is all, I do and it pretty much takes me like five minutes not even let the waves cool and set down and once they are set just take your hands just give it a quick tussle you can add some hairspray tax your spray texture paste whatever you like.

But yeah there we have it for the tousled textured look the second style we are actually going to use the same wand and the same barrel the tapered barrel. But we are going to focus the hair on this lowest portion right here the point seven five inch. So the waves are going to be a little bit tighter and curlier and I’m going to do the same thing alternate the curls. So this one takes a little bit more time just. Because, I like to take smaller sections the smaller section get the longer is going to take. But the results are. So pretty.

So you see that. So pretty, I think we all like part a and for this one you want to use like a point seven-five maybe even half an inch barrel just to get those tight curls. So for this one with the very tap actually, I do have section my hair off already where I’m going to have it parted and then, I just curl it from layer and just like the first one I’m going to start from the back make them away towards the front that’s just like a little trick that, I do all the time when, I curl my hair or even straighten it just to make sure, I grab all the hair from the back. Because we are just having short hair and curling from the back to struggle we all know when the curls set I’m actually going to take my paddle brush this is by nano thermic Olivia Garden, I love this brush it is so good finding our altar and I’m just gonna take it and I’m actually going to brush the curls you obviously do not have to brush it out it is just today, I felt like brushing it out, I love this one you have a lot of texture you have a lot of definition, and it is a little bit more wavy and curly. So the next set of curls, I will be changing my barrel to the 1.5 clipless barrel and this is pretty big one just place it back in there and I’m going to turn it on to the number two as well to 300 degrees Fahrenheit the sections are going to be slightly bigger at least two inches to three you can take and then this one is a heated it is sort of heated. So we are just going to take them we are going to wrap it downwards and they are all going to be going the same way.

So these curls they are not really curls are going to be really really pretty waves it always looks like, I was smelling my pitch when, I have my hand like this I’m not gonna do three sections I’m just going to do two sections for this I’m just are taking it from the back and bring it to the top like, I said I’m taking bigger sections for this bigger barrel. So, I had it in the middle and then, I brought it to a different part and it gives me instant volume this is what you have with the 1.5 inch barrel you do not really get a curl per se you do get a wave it is very light. But you do get volume with this wave just. Because it is a thicker barrel, I love this one. So for this one, I like to call it the bob curl it is basically it is kind of like a curl. But it is not it looks like you got a blowout at the salon, I love doing it like this.

Because it adds so much volume to my thin hair for this one I will be using the clip barrel in sighs 1.25 inches. So take a section of hair two to three inches wide and we are like, I said we are using the clip barrel and what we are going to do it make sure your clip is on the top always put your hair through do not clip it yet and then just clip it down and we are going to roll it up let go and you get like this curl that’s inwards. So I’m going to continue doing this all the way around the same direction going inside and making sure my clip is always at the top grab a nice section from each side bring it to the back and then clip these sections away the same actions apply with these top sections of hair. So take your wand and make sure your barrel is facing the top or your clip clip it down and then just roll it and, I like to roll it roll these sections all the way up as close as possible to my scalp as, I can and then just let go and this is what will create that volume and that blowout effect on the very top sections of your hair I’m just going to continue doing this until, I have no more hair left, I know this curl seems very simple and it is which is the best part. But the results and what it does is spectacular especially for thin flat hair like myself it just gives it body it gives it volume and it just it is exactly what I’m looking for on that day where, I want something fresh to my hair, I hope that makes sense it always makes me feel very glamorous, I love it, I love this one for this look, I will just clip it into two sections and we are taking the barrel and we are going to keep it going upwards like always the handles will be towards the bottom and the barrel is me going up. So make sure you have the clip always on the top put your hair in make sure you do not burn yourself put it in.

But keep like two to one inch out like that and then we are just going to kind of curl it away once or twice depending on how thick your barrel is for this look, I like to do is also a bigger barrel. But this is like as big as, I will go 1.25 and see it kind of gives it that like very effortless wave and, I like to alternate the curls here not everyone. But a lot of them, I like to alternate them going one way and then the other way when the curls are set and cooled off, I just like to take my hands and just run it through I’m gonna take my hair and bring some to the other side and that just gives instant volume to my roots and yeah here you go my effortless very loose waves, I love it especially when they kind of settle down even more it kind of gives it even longer ways, I just love this look for my short hair, and it is just very modern twist on a wave and a curl last. But not least I’m doing the vintage curls and I’m going to use the one-inch clipless a barrel and the same heat setting number to get 300 degrees Fahrenheit I’m just taking two sections top and bottom and let’s do the vintage calls take a section of hair. But we are going to curl the hair all of them going towards my face this is what that gives it that vintage vintage wave. So take the barrel and we are gonna take it towards our face just like.

So, I do want to say a little disclaimer. If you are not comfortable with clipless do not know what that is got like a bug flying around here oh no oh no okay that didn’t help, I think it is gonna bite me somebody oh, I got him got him. So a quick disclaimer for like the 10th time. If you are not comfortable with wands use a glove, I literally just burned my pinkie. So please be careful use it your own risk when they are set I’m going to take my hands just kind of separate the curls just a little bit and here’s the modern vintage wave or curl, I love this one. So pretty and, I do not know what else to say except that, I love it maybe some lay lovely it is lovely varied Leslie and there we have it folks these are my top six ways to curl or wove my short hair with the curling wand, I hope you guys liked it leave a big thumbs up comment down below with what’s your favorite way to curl your hair with a wand curling iron straightener heatless whatever it is leave it down below, I hope to see you guys the next post. But for now thank you so much for reading and I will see you by.

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