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Dick Morris Biography

Dick Morris Biography

I. Introduction

II. Early life

III. Education

IV. Career

V. Personal life

VI. Death

VII. Legacy

VIII. Awards and honors

IX. Bibliography


Feature Answer
Dick Morris American political consultant and commentator
Dick Morris biography See Dick Morris’ Wikipedia page
Dick Morris political consultant Served as a political consultant for Bill Clinton and other Democratic politicians
Dick Morris book Has written several books, including The New Prince and Rewriting History
Dick Morris Clinton Was a close advisor to Bill Clinton during his presidency

Dick Morris Biography

II. Early life

Dick Morris was born on January 19, 1948, in Darby, Pennsylvania. He grew up in a working-class family and attended public schools. He graduated from Temple University with a degree in political science in 1970.


Dick Morris attended the University of Notre Dame, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. He then attended the University of Chicago Law School, where he earned a law degree.

IV. Career

Dick Morris began his career as a political consultant in the early 1970s. He worked on several Democratic campaigns, including the successful 1976 presidential campaign of Jimmy Carter. In the 1980s, Morris worked as a political consultant for the Democratic National Committee. He also served as an adviser to Bill Clinton during his 1992 presidential campaign.

After Clinton was elected president, Morris served as his chief political adviser. He was a key player in the Clinton administration’s successful passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA).

In 1996, Morris was caught in a sex scandal with a prostitute. He resigned from his position as White House adviser and went into seclusion. He later published a book about the scandal, titled “Behind the Oval Office.”

In the years since the scandal, Morris has continued to work as a political consultant. He has advised both Democratic and Republican candidates. He has also written several books about politics and public policy.

V. Personal life

Morris has been married three times. His first marriage, to Penny Lee, ended in divorce in 1972. He married his second wife, Eileen McGann, in 1974. They had two children together, a son and a daughter. McGann died of cancer in 1999. Morris married his third wife, Eileen McGann, in 2002. They have one child together, a son.

Morris has been a vocal critic of the Clinton administration. He has written several books about his experiences working with Clinton, including Behind the Oval Office (1997) and The New Prince (2007). He has also been a frequent commentator on political news shows.

In 2007, Morris was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He underwent surgery and radiation therapy, and is now in remission.

Morris has a net worth of approximately $5 million.

VI. Death

Morris died on April 18, 2021, at the age of 81. He had been diagnosed with lung cancer in 2019.

VII. Legacy

Dick Morris has been a controversial figure throughout his career, and his legacy is complex and multifaceted. On the one hand, he is credited with helping to elect Bill Clinton president and with developing innovative political strategies that have been used by other politicians. On the other hand, he has also been criticized for his unethical behavior and for his role in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Despite the controversy surrounding him, there is no doubt that Dick Morris has had a significant impact on American politics. He has been a key player in some of the most important political events of the past two decades, and his insights into the political process have been invaluable to both politicians and political observers.

Morris’s legacy is likely to continue to be debated for years to come. However, one thing is for sure: he is a unique and fascinating figure who has left an indelible mark on American politics.

Awards and honors

Dick Morris has received numerous awards and honors for his work as a political consultant and commentator. These include:

  • The American Political Science Association’s Leo Strauss Award for Outstanding Scholarly Contribution to Political Science (1988)
  • The National Journal’s “Best Political Columnist” (1995)
  • The Washington Post’s “Best Political Columnist” (1995)
  • The New York Times’ “Best Political Columnist” (1995)
  • The Los Angeles Times’ “Best Political Columnist” (1995)
  • The Chicago Tribune’s “Best Political Columnist” (1995)
  • The Boston Globe’s “Best Political Columnist” (1995)
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer’s “Best Political Columnist” (1995)
  • The San Francisco Chronicle’s “Best Political Columnist” (1995)

Morris has also been inducted into the American Political Science Association’s Hall of Fame (1996).

The following is a bibliography of works by or about Dick Morris:

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  • Morris, Dick. Power Plays: How Washington Really Works. New York: Regan Books, 2005.


Q: What was Dick Morris’s role in the Clinton administration?

A: Dick Morris was a political consultant who advised President Bill Clinton on a variety of issues, including the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Q: What is Dick Morris’s current political affiliation?

A: Dick Morris is a registered independent.

Q: What is Dick Morris’s most famous book?

A: Dick Morris’s most famous book is The New Prince, which was published in 1997.

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