25 Outfit Challenge 5 Trendy Looks

Hi everyone! Today I have a really fun styling post for you because a lot of you guys were requesting a more affordable outfits post. So, I thought I would do a really fun challenge and create outfits that are around $25. And, if I’m gonna be honest, this was a little bit tricky. But after scouring through all the online sales, applying every promo code, discount, and also digging through a ton of flea markets, outlet stores and thrift stores, I was able to create five trendy outfits that won’t break the bank. So, I want to just dive into it right now, so let’s get started. So this is look number one. I wanted to begin with something very casual. This is a look that I would rock if I were heading to class or running out the door to run some errands. The statement piece in this look is definitely the flannel. I got this for one dollar at the Goodwill Outlet Store, and I love how thick and oversized it is. It really makes for the perfect layering piece. Underneath, I’m rocking this babydoll basketball tee.

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I also got this for a buck at the outlet store. You might remember these from my $1 try on haul, I will leave that post in the cards in case you have not seen that. But I thought that these two items worked perfectly together. My shorts are from the Rose Bowl Flea Market and I got these for $10 in one of those huge denim short piles. They’re a great fit and I love the distressed elements on the edge. Now for shoes, I purchased a brand new pair at Forever 21 for $12.45. I got these as a BOGO deal, so I bought one pair at full price and so these ones came half off. So my grand total for this outfit comes out to a whomping $24.45. So we came super under budget. I’m very pleased with myself. I love this casual everyday outfit and no one would know that this was under 25 bucks. All right, so let’s move onto look number two. A super easy way to create a budget friendly outfit is to find an affordable dress. I found this adorable pink seersucker dress at Forever 21 on sale for $10.

I love that the sleeves hug the arms and I love how the dress flares out at the bottom. It’s so summery, breezy, and perfect for warm weather. To accessorize I added some pearl hoop earrings from H&M. These were $7.99, so it ate a little bit of my budget, but I thought they were super cute and I knew that they tied the look together. For shoes, I wore these white kitten heels from Payless. These were on sale for $12.99. I also utilized the BOGO deal on there. So my total for this outfit comes out to $30.98. And, I know, I’m over budget on this one, like by $5. But I think if I just switched out the earrings to something else, it would have been under. But, I do not know, please just let this one slide because this is the only outfit that’s over budget. I thought this was super cute. Something you could wear to a brunch or even church.

So it is time for outfit number three. I’m definitely bloging Sandy from Grease with this outfit. I think it looks super cute. I have always loved over the shoulder tops. And when I saw this bodysuit on sale at Forever 21 for $8, I knew I had to build an outfit around it. For my jeans, I’m wearing these American Apparel skinnies that I got for $1 at the Goodwill Outlet. These definitely have some wear and tear in them, but they are super comfy and helped with this particular challenge. For my shoes, I’m wearing these crushed velvet mules that were $8.49. I was so happy they had my size left because I’m such a sucker for shoes like this. Then for earrings I wore these gold hoops from H&M to complete the look. These were only $2.99. My grand total for this outfit comes out to $20.48. So I’m very under budget for this look and it makes me really proud.

I know this outfit is a little bit more on the basic side, but it still packs a punch. All right, so outfit number four is perfect for all those backyard barbecues or picnics you may be going to. I’m wearing this striped jumpsuit from Forever 21 for $10. I love that it is strapless so I will be avoiding tan lines and I will just be keeping an even complexion all around. I do not lose my figure in this outfit because it has an elastic band that cinches the waist. And it is in this comfy, breezy fabric so I can eat all I want and relax. I’m wearing the same shoes that I wore in the previous outfit. And I accessorized with this straw at that I thrifted at Goodwill. This was $3.99 and I think it is just a complete staple for the summer. Lastly, for jewelry I’m wearing these chain link earrings from Forever 21, which I got for $2.95. This entire look was $25.45. So I’m just like a few cents over budget. But hey, I think this outfit looks great.

This is a look that is super chic and timeless. So this is my last outfit. And this one goes out to all my California girls out there. I think this just screams summer. I love red. It is my favorite bold color to rock. I got this cute boxy jacket from the Goodwill Outlet Store for $1. I love that this is a structured piece that adds a huge punch of color. To coordinate, I added this cute California tank from Forever 21, this was $8.90, and I’m obsessed with the70s cut. For my pants, I’m wearing the same dollar ones from my previous outfit. They just streamline the look and the light wash works perfectly with the vibrant colors. Then, I finished off the look with those white kitten heels from Payless. I would have loved to have found a pair of white sneakers, but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything online. So I will just have to scour more sales. But, regardless, the grand total for this outfit comes out to $23.

89. So we made it under budget again. Whoo! All right guys, that is a wrap on this post. I hope you guys enjoyed this challenge and I hope this inspired you to really dig through all your online sales, your local flea markets, thrift stores, you can really find a lot of amazing gems. It does not have to be like a designer. You can find something for a dollar and make it look like a million bucks. And if you guys would like to try this challenge out for yourself, please show me your $25 outfit on social media. You can tag me at imjennim on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, it is all the same. And I would love to see what your looks look like. If you guys have any other requests for styling posts, please leave something in the comments down below. I want to thank you guys so much for reading and I will see you guys in the next one. Bye!

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