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So today’s post is actually gonna be on my favorite hair product. And I have been meaning to do this post for.

So long and every time something came up and you guys are always also requesting us to you know share what products we use and what are our favorites go to products. So finally I’m here to share with you my favorite top 5 products and you know these are the products that work for me, I love them. I have been using all of these products for years.

I’ve purchased all of them myself this is not a sponsored post you know this is all actually my favorite favorite products and they work for me they work from my hair type which is medium kind of fake frizzy a little bit on the dry side. So keep in mind when you are reading this post if you are here is not my hair type these products might not work for you in fact, I do not think they work for all hair types and that’s for sure let’s begin because, I have quite a few things to talk about here. So one of my favorite absolute favorite products of all times is my blow-dryer which is Altium blow-dryer.

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And I have had this blow-dryer even before we started luxy hair blog, I can’t it feel back for this blow-dry because you didn’t never see it and it is it’s kind of my you know behind-the-scene little secret but you know we are never blow-dry the hair actually on a camera. So we will always do that before we actually post a tutorial but this is the reason you know my hair can look fabulous and straight actually ever since, I bought this blow dryer which was like, I think three years ago, I never ever almost ever used a flatiron and before that because my hair is so coarse and frizzy I’d have to blow-dry my hair and then Flatiron it which takes forever and it’s.

So so damaging to a hair. So ever since. I have had this and how, I found out about this blow-dry is my hairstylist uses it on her clients when, I saw her blow-dry my hair and it was just amazing, I told her please tell me where, I can get it you know she told me you can just buy it online as soon as, I found out about the blow-dryer, I bought it and, I absolutely loved it.

I’ve been using it for years it works amazing and you know this is the reason you know, I can have my hair net straight and silky and have no fries at all having said that this is my favorite product this is my favorite poet writer not everyone will need this blow dryer if your hair is naturally straight or it is naturally you know already silky then you do not really need this boat right it is only good for hair that’s like mine which is frizzy and you know a little on the dry side and a little unruly dryer goes for about anywhere from 60 to 100 dollars depending on where you live, I bought it online, I believe, I paid about $100 with tax when, I received it but, I mean that was three years ago the other favorite of my products that I’m gonna talk about is a ceramic ionic brush that, I used to blow dry they here you are gonna use a blow dryer to blow dry your hair you are gonna need a brush and this is the brush of my choice the reason, I love it is because it easily heats up. So whenever you start blow drying your hair the metallic part of it which is the insert inside heats up really fine works like a blower using a blow dryer and an iron at the same time but of course it is not as strong you are cutting out the part of having to flat iron your hair after the blow dryer. So, I love this brush this one is from brush brush love but you know you can buy it anywhere my project thing is about I’m just looking at the prices here, I think it is about 15 dollars but you can find a brush like this at any beauty supply store from five dollars to 20 maybe more and you use this brush to blow-dry it here you know if you want to get a straight or if you want to do some kind of flip up you know waves or something like that this is the brush you would use, I love it, I use it everytime, I have to dry my hair now when it comes to washing my hair, I use all kinds of shampoos and conditioners I’m always trying new products because, I feel like you know there’s always new products coming out and, I want to know what’s going on in the industry but my favorite go-to shampoo and conditioner that, I you really count on our my Rahu a shampoo and conditioner, I think these are pronounced Rara I’m not sure, I I heard they are pronounced rata but, I still pronounce them rawa and these are my favorite favorite shampoo and conditioner why are they my favorite first of all they work, I mean it is pretty amazing what these little things do to my hair you know after, I wash it it is just.

So silky and it is just. So much more manageable now the other bonus is about these products is that they are not tested on animals they are completely organic and natural there’s no sulfates or parabens it is the cleanest actually shampoo. I have been able to find out there now having said that it is quite expensive, I believe this shampoo alone is about $30 and if you buy them together you get some kind of a discount, I know it is really expensive i buy it because personally i do not go to salons because i do my hair and i do not highlight my hair or color.

So i do not really spend any money on my hair because i do, I hear myself except for occasional trims which is really inexpensive, I can justify getting these expensive shampoos especially because we are in the hair industry someone here has to look great these are only great if your hair type is frizzy unruly you know sort of damaged because we use a lot of hot tools my hair gets damaged from the hot sauce. So these really help it you know repair and moisturize if you are here it is fine if you here is straight you will not be needing this do not buy these because they are super expensive only if your hair is frizzy and dry and unruly you would need something like this which my hair is and that’s why, I absolutely love what it does to my hair having said that, I also love their finishing treatment which is really expensive but it really works, I only use a tiny drop but it is really a really great product let’s go to favorite product is argan oil and mine is just from some brand at Whole Foods you can get any kind of argan oil they vary from $8 to $40 but, I think you know it does not really matter which one you get as long as you can get your hands on argan oil it is pure and trying to get an organic if you can. So what argan oil does and how, I use it is at the end of about my blow dryer stops, I blow-dry my hair, I will take a little drop just a tiny teeny drop put on my palms and kind of like rub them against each other and then smooth down my hair which and then the ends.

So what it does is just add some shine and moisture. So it is a really great product and as you can see you know. I have had this bottle for.

So long, I do not know if you can see but this whole bottle will last you a lifetime because you only use a drop and that’s all you need to you otherwise you hear it is gonna start looking greasy and you do not need that. So only use a drop and it is really good for moisturizing the ends and you know making them look just silk here and healthier and last but not least is a product up that. I have already mentioned before which is my hairspray it is almost done.

I’ve had this bottle for, I think a year now and this is the intelligent nutrient perfect hold hairspray this sells for, I think about $30 and some of you already know about this hairspray it is really clean organic hairspray you could drink it if you wanted to not that you should but anyways. So it is really clean product not tested on animals and it is um it worries the reason, I love it is because, I do not want it I’m gonna try to eliminate as many chemicals as, I can. So, I stopped using conventional hair this one still works great for me when, I do my hair, I know lately is not too crazy about it but, I love it and um you know that’s my definitely go to hairspray now that.

I’ve shared my favorite go to hair products please tell me what do you like to use in the comment box below and I’d really like to know because I’m always you know on the search to try new things and just experiment with hair thank you. So much for tuning in, I love you guys and I will see you soon you.

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