Hi, everyone! Welcome back to my blog. And in today’s post, I will be sharing with you this makeup look right here. I dyed my hair. And instead of that nude, peachy look, I have been going for a little darker, like rose, burgundy color right now. So, I thought I would share how I do this makeup look, because I have been getting some questions on it.


So, if you guys are curious, I will be using a lot of the Mood Recipe colors because I’m just really into the quality and pigment of the makeup products. So, let’s get started. Primer Recently, I have been using this primer that I received as a gift from my friend Moma. And I love how it preps my skin and provides UV protection. I squeeze a good amount on a cushion puff or a wedge puff, and I apply it all over. I often avoided using a primer because layering it underneath or on top of sunscreen can sometimes feel a bit heavy on the skin. But I love how this is lightweight, and it does not leave a white cast. For base, Erborian’s BB Creme has been my go-to because it does not feel too cakey and the coverage is not too bad. I like to apply a little bit of base makeup in the morning because I do like to touch up throughout the day using a cushion foundation. I immediately follow up with a translucent powder. This one is from SON & PARK, and the mirror fell out. And I actually use a brush instead of the puff it originally came with. I like to set and mattify so my BB cream won’t move around when I apply my concealer. And The SAEM has super affordable concealers with great coverage. And the applicator is nice and thin, so it is easy to cover small blemishes. And to blend everything together, I prefer a sponge instead of a makeup brush.

For the first time in, I do not know how many makeup tutorials I have done, I’m using a different product to contour and shape my face. This is the Innisfree My Palette. And I like to mix the shades because it matches my skin tone. I’m not saying that Hoola does not match my skin tone. It’s just that I felt like I should use a different product this time. Using the same palette, I use the lighter shade to contour my nose. For eye makeup, I have been reaching for 3CE’s Multi Eye Color Palette in #Overtake. I apply the shimmery, peachy pink color all over my lids. And then, I have been using this burgundy color to give a soft eyeliner effect. For lashes, I use my Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. And I follow-up with a Japanese fixer mascara. And I really like this because the fibers cling on to my natural lashes. And it makes them appear a lot longer than they actually are. And for bottom lashes, I have been using the NEOGEN Metal Mascara. I like this combo because it gives volume and lengthens my lashes. For brows, I have been ditching a browcara because my hair color is pretty much the same as my brows right now.

So, I simply fill in my natural brows using this brow pencil. This one is from SHE DE ELL. And I love how thin the tip is because it is super easy to control. For this makeup look, the title was inspired by this face blush, which is #Rose Beige. I do like to use the same brushes, but do not worry I do use a brush cleaner each time. But yes, this blush blends so beautifully because of its soft formula. To add more dimension, I have this beautiful palette from Smashbox. This was a gift from Amy. So, thank you, if you are reading. And finally, for my lips, I have been going for a gradient look these days. So, first, I apply 3CE’s Matte Lipstick in #218, which is Mirrorlike, all over my lips. And then follow-up with #909, which is Smoked Rose. That’s it! If you are interested in the products I used, check the info box. Please give this post a thumbs-up if you enjoyed it. And I will see you in my next one. Bye! Thanks for reading!

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