HOW TO Easy Bubble Ponytail MEDIUM LONG HAIR

I just love this hairstyle, and it is really easy to achieve. I think it is especially great for a second or third day hair. I love the fact that it is kind of messy and undone it gives it a really casual vibe which is exactly my kind of style. So let’s see it. I can tell, I’m starting off with loosely curled hair. I just used the largest barrel in my nume titan-3 set and, I just curled all the hair away from my face to give it that messy kind of look you will also need a handful of these clear elastics. I just bought myself in me pack the last pack.

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I had from when. I started my blog almost three years ago and, I finally depleted it anyway also want to have some bobby pins on hand just if you want to hide the elastics but 15 but. I like this hair style to be kind of loose and effortless. So for my first section, I’m not paying too much attention to it, I’m just loosely grabbing all the hair that’s above my ear on both sides and, I’m going to tie it off at the crown once secure if you want to hide your hair elastic just grab a tiny piece of hair from the underside and wrap it around the ponytail to secure it just leave about four inches out at the end and then you just want to weave it through a bobby pin and then pin it on the underside of your ponytail and then this will hide the hair elastic for my next section, I’m just grabbing all the hair from behind my ears and on the middle of my head making sure to leave a nice sized section of hair at the bottom once you have your section tie it off with a hair elastic now we can begin the bubble grab each side with your index fingers push upwards on the under side with your thumbs while pulling it outwards to create that bubble effect and then go in pulling a little extra just to even it up. I love the way this looks but. I wanted to make my bubble look more lived-in..

So I just use a brush and gently tease the top just to create a mess your effect once you are satisfied with your bubble remember to grab the small piece of hair and wrap it around the hair elastic to hide it the next section is easy to grab all the remaining hair and tie it off right at the nape of your neck repeat the same steps to create that bubble effect pulling outwards with your index fingers while pushing upwards with your thumbs and if all else fails you can simply just pull on the hair to create a similar effect cover the elastic with a small piece of hair and it should look similar to this depending on the length of your hair this may be the end or you can keep going, I’m going to place one more hair elastic about two inches below my last one now you do not want to space them too far apart because as you bubble the sections the hair elastics are going to slide down your hair and if they are too spaced the bubbling of the braid won’t turn out and for me that’s going to be my last section. I can never decide. If I should do one more or not but when my hair is curled like this. I kind of like how it is all sticking on the bottom. I think it looks really cool. So, I’m just going to hide my elastic and we are down there we have you guys. I absolutely love this hairstyle there’s just something about it like it is kind of edgy yet feminine it is just really different and.

So perfect for summer. I used to wear my hair kind of similar to this in elementary school my mom would section it into three sections but this is definitely like the grown-up cool version of it. I just absolutely love it. If you liked this tutorial do not forget to give it a thumbs up let me know in the comments down below what you thought about it and do not get to share your recreations with me on Instagram you guys know it is my absolute favorite to see what you guys come up with. So yeah thank you guys. So much for reading and I will talk to you guys in my next post you.

HOW TO Easy Bubble Ponytail MEDIUM LONG HAIR

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