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Hi guys it is the sisters here today and we are here to announce one of our biggest contests and then it is come to z-bar oh my god, I can’t even talk I’m too excited before we announce the giveaway we just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys. So so much for the love and support all these years that we have been together when we started here you know we started with zero commentrs and you guys took us from zero to a hundred to a thousand commentrs and now half a million commentrs, I can’t even comprehend the number an enormous amount of people if you try to picture that in front of you like when we started here blog we never anticipated to be to grow. So big all wanted to do is learn hairstyles and share them with you.

So it is you guys who you know like the posts comment and share them with your friends and favorite the posts that you know helped us grow to what we are today. So you know thank you from the bottom of my heart it is just unbelievable they’re. So grateful journey and experience we couldn’t be, I mean that’s the truth you know if you guys have not been there to watch the posts and like Mimi set and spread it around we wouldn’t be here and it is you guys who made everything possible and we are just.

So grateful and. So thankful and this post is basically to show our appreciation for you guys and it is going to be one of the biggest hugest contests we have seen on Louise her wedding yeah. So let’s get into it let’s get it to the ready I’m ready are you guys ready are you ready.

So as many of you guys know when we started luxy hair extensions we basically wanted to recreate the product for ourselves because we wanted to do want it to be able to do lots of hairstyles that unfortunately you can’t really do unless your hair it is sort of long and thicker yeah and that’s basically why we created the extensions and now it has grown through the blog into this amazing community where thousands of women all over the world really you know use the extensions and use the hairstyles in their daily lives and special occasions and weddings it is such an amazing thing to be able to do that. So you know to go from that to we are now it’s. So incredible and it is such a big honor for us to just be in this position.

So with thousands of you all around the world wearing hair extensions there’s. So many of you also you know interested in hair sets just want to know more. So we want you guys to help the new friends and welcome them to our lexi community and kind of educate them about hair extensions because who better would do that that you guys do not want to wear them style them and have fun with them on everyday basis not the more if you do not already own a set of luxy hair extensions you will still have a chance to win and those details will be coming up later in the post.

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So basically what we are trying to do with this post is create this one post compilation of all of you post submissions and it is basically going to educate the new customers about hair extensions and this post it is such a cool idea is you want to be featured on our Babu’s 10 here on Loxy hair and also on our website. So it is such a cool idea to you know kind of gather all of our thousands of customers from around the world into this one post and help the new customers now on to the prices and you are gonna have and ten chances to win 160 grams sets of what see hair touches of your choice. So there’s ten of color your types of color choice of color.

So there’s ten chances to win and the first prize that you read your eyes it is actually something that, I do not think. I have ever seen that being done on it is going to be solidly sponsored by us not other company or anything like that and it is going to be a trip for two to Dominican Republic our favorite resort and the resort is called dreams La Romana and actually when we were thinking of you know what kind of resort to choose the first natural choice has dreams levar wanna because some of you already might know from a wedding truck-trailer me and Alex actually got married they are a little two years ago it is been a 2010 yeah and we have such amazing memories with that resort unit our family and friends. So we thought you know we wanted to send the two of you or one of you with whoever you want to choose as your friend or family whatever your partner your lover whatever going just go pace and create your new memories.

So it is such a special place for us and and it was like a natural choice like we said it is not sponsored by junior marijuana and survived sponsored by us that’s just our way to show our appreciation to you guys. So now let’s get to the nitty-gritty of Jaime what you need to do to be eligible. So to be eligible to win the grand prize you need to make a public post response and submit it as a post response to this post and basically you also need to email the link to that post to hello at luxy hair calm and do not worry all of these details and more will be in the bottom bar because there’s a lot of different parts to this contest.

So if you can’t you know if you are not paying attention right now do not worry all that will be in the bottom bar in order to make this post submission easier me laila created sort of a guideline that you guys have to follow as you make this post we are gonna say what it is now but if you miss certain part it is the word it is gonna be down below. So for this post response what you need to show us in the first beginning of the post is just introducing yourself wearing your lucky hair extensions hi and welcome to hair my name is Patricia and I’m from Toronto today I’m wearing 160 grams set and dirty blonde next show is how you clip in yo luxy hair extension. So if there’s any specific tricks that you personally use.

So please share them with us. So this is how, I clip in my luxy hair extensions next show us how you take care of your luxy hair extensions and next show is your favorite hair style wearing like the hair extensions now how, I like to wear my hair extensions is with a very loose wave in my hair net show us where do you wear your luxy hair extensions. So do you wear them out to on a date do you wear them to work you wear them to school do you wear them just on a girls night out just show us where you wear your luxy hair extensions and lastly why do you love your like Sierra specials.

So just to recap – again to enter for the grand prize only you must make this post response as a post response posted for a post response to this post and also email it to hello at luxy hair dot-com as a link to your to the post response. So when that email that you are going to email us with the post response link you must also include your first and last name of your country your age and you also must have a valid passport that allows you to travel to Dominican Republic unfortunately in order to travel by yourself or with a letter from a guardian you must be at least 16 years among age and that’s just how it is so yeah.

So those are all the rules that you need to kind of keep in mind and email us with the post response submission the grand prize winner will also win a set of e hair extensions in 160 grams set of their color choice and the criteria by what we are gonna choose the winner is gonna be down below in the info box for the sake of time we are gonna just post it down there and you guys can read a lot of the remaining nine available prizes the seven of those will also go to the post submissions that we just mentioned the remaining two are for those of you that do not have luxy hair extensions and how you can enter this giveaway is by submitting a post and post response also to this post and just the title of the post why luxy hair extensions and in that post you just have to say why you would like to have like secare extensions. So you know, I do not think we mentioned before but all these posts have to be maximum of 5 3 2 max 3 to 5 minutes 3 to maximum 2pi players try to make it as short as possible the better to help us because we can feel irritated but we love doing it. So it is fun for us but just for the sake of time try to keep it not try you must the post must be below five minutes but try to keep it between 3 to 5 minutes yes.

So for the last details the giveaway is open worldwide and it will be from the date we posted it uh-huh it will be open for three weeks again the deadline date for that would be in the bottom bar all of the information will be in the bottom bar and that’s pretty much it won’t say everything that was a lot to cover, I hope we went through everything and, I hope it was clear again if we forgot something or whatever referred to move all the info that gonna be in the bottom where that’s gonna be up to date and everything to be able to participate you must be commentd to Lhasa hair blog like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter the links for all those will be in the bottom bar mitzva you do not need a link Curtis probably commentd if you are reading this. So the post, I mean that the contest is open worldwide and it will be open from the date we posted for three weeks and the deadline date for that will be in the bottom bar as well as long as as well as all the rest of the details thank you. So much for staying with us for.

So long it was a lot to cover but we just wanted to make sure we do not miss anything and there’s a lot can we to to the winners and see who’s gonna win all these amazing prizes. So thank you guys. So much for reading we love you and we will see in the next post bye.

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