So by now you all know the love that. I have for the chunky folder great. So. If I share with you what may be my new favorite variation of it the pullthru crown. I think this hairstyle would be beautiful for weddings for bridesmaids and just summer in general just to get the hair up off your neck on those hot days and, I think when paired with a off the shoulder top it just looks really flattering you are gonna need three different things to complete this hairstyle the first being a handful of these clear elastics.


I personally use about 20 of them for this hairstyle you are also going to need a few bobby pins on hand and, I clip strong enough to clip sections out of the way, I’m going to be grabbing squared sections about two inches in size. I find it easier to clip the hair up out of the way when working with these small elastics to help prevent tangles but what, I’m going to do is just leave out these baby hairs and you want this section kind of right above behind your ear my next section will be this same size, and it is going to sit right at my temples and then my third section is just going to sit a little to the left of the center of my head now that. I have my three sections completed on this side of my head, I’m going to repeat the same thing on the other side stopping on my ear. So once you have your top and side sections looking something similar to this we can begin the back ones and we are going to combine all the hair on the back of our head, I’m going to start on the right side and kind of work my way around in the shape of a clock. So, I’m drawing a line down from the top of my head to the nape of my neck and, I’m going to create my first ponytail by tying it off right behind my ear the next section will be all the hair that is just to the right of the center of my head and, I’m going to tie it just above where my neck is, I’m going to be doing one more section and this one is going to be all the hair in the middle and you just want to tie it off right at the nape of your neck and then, I’m going to repeat it two more times on the left side giving me 11 sections in total. I know it looks like a lot but honestly some more sections the better it will turn out. So now that we are done at the tough part.

I promised we are going to go ahead and start our pull through right. So, I’m going to begin with the one that’s right behind my ear and you just want to divide that into two equal sections and we are going to wrap it around the ponytail that’s just below it and then you just want to clip that lower ponytail up and F excellent now that your two sections are going around that one we are going to bring it down and tie it into our lower ponytail now unclip that ponytail and divide it into two wrap it around the lower ponytail and then clip that one out of the way now secure them into the next ponytail every two Poulter’s you will want to use your index and thumb to pull on the sides to add volume personally. I think the bigger and Messier the better once you are happy continue the pull to braid all the way around your head oh and a quick tip to make things easier keep all your ponytails in front by your face that way they do not get incorporated into the wrong pull through remembering to pancakes afraid everyone to to pulsar’s if you wait till the end it will be a mess learn from my mistakes trust me as we are continuing the braid of the sides it is a little trickier because we are going upwards. So just take your time with it now we are back where we started but with nowhere to go. So it is just continues pull too great down this section easiest way to do this place an elastic about two inches down on our top section divide the little bubble we made into two and pull through our bottom section continue this pattern to the end and do not forget to laughs at the braids. So that they blend right in you will want to secure it down. So it looks like one continuous braid like a halo by wrapping around the back of your head and then tucking the ends in underneath the existing braid use bobby pins to secure it in place and pin down any stubborn layers to your head while braiding.

I left some hair out just to frame my face. So, I’m going to go in with my nume 25 millimeter wand and, I’m just going to be curling these pieces away from my face. So there you have you guys. I absolutely love this hairstyle it is just a beautiful way to style your hair all being practical and keeping the hair off your neck during those warmer summer months we really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial if you did do not forget to give it a thumbs up let me know what your go-to summer hair style is and do not forget to share your recreations with me on Instagram thanks again. So much for reading and I will talk to you guys in the next post bye some pretty similar hairstyle it is a half-up half-down chunky pull through pretty speakers that baseball cap you will just look kind of put together.

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