Messy Up-Do Hair Tutorial

Hi everyone how are you doing it’s me here as you can see I’m away because the setting is different of where I’m gonna be doing my hair tutorial today we’re away right now me and my husband wearing nice in French Riviera lately, I haven’t had much time to do my hair.

So I’ve been kind of doing things that are fairly easy that, I can pretty much do in five to ten minutes. So today, I will show you a fairly easy hairstyle that you can do in five to ten minutes it’s again it’s fairly easy and it’s an updo and it’s kind of messy but really really cute.

So what are you gonna need for this hair tutorial is just a hairbrush you’re gonna need a hair spray some bobby pins just in your last thing. So we’re just gonna start off by brushing a little bit here just brush it and as you can see I’m not wearing my lucky hair extensions today and just pull all pull all of the hair in a high ponytail somewhere here. So just pull all of the hair in a nice pointy and you’re gonna have some bumps and you would want to just go with a brush and smooth it out, I always have bumps when, I do it ponytail and just nicely smooth everything out with your fingers until you have it nice and smooth okay and now you can secure it with an elastic just that.

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So now that you have all of the hair in a ponytail you want to split it into few different sections and I’ll show you what we’re gonna do. So you’ll just take one of the sections on top let’s say this section and just split it in two and use this hair and split that further into and then you want to just take this two sections and start wrapping them around each other. So you’re just kind of twisting it around like this and as you get to the bottom of it you’re gonna have less hair and you just grab on one of the tiny strands at the bottom and push all the hair upwards towards the elastic and as you push it up you’re gonna have all this texture here that kind of looks like a flower or something and then you want to just hide the ends grab a bobby pin and just pin the ends onto the rest of the hair.

So so far this is what you have and then you want to take another section from the side and do the same thing. So you just split it in two and start twisting it around each other I’ll just show you the close-up and as you get to the bottom you just push it all the way up it just creates nice texture they want to just pin it down with a bobby pin okay. So do the same exact thing for the rest of the hair grab another section and do the exact same thing and if you see any hair sticking out you can just pin it down with another bobby pin.

So don’t worry about it – like this one she’s gonna pin it down and that’s it. So do the exact same thing to the rest of the hair we’re almost done, I just have two more strands in the back and as you can see it’s shaping up to be a nice cute little messy bun and then you want to just spray everything generously spread and then, I have some hair falling out in the back what I’m gonna do is just like pin everything up I’m gonna spray it and pin it and just pin everything up. So quick and easy perfect for everyday when you don’t have a lot of time and you still want to have something going on that still looks nice and pretty and looks like you put some effort into the hair if you guys enjoyed this hair tutorial it was a bit hard for me to do it because, I don’t have a mirror.

So it’s I’m kind of just going on an instinct and, I was just using my laptop screen today because in this place where we’re staying right now there’s no mirrors there’s only one and it’s really tiny and it’s in the washroom. So, I can’t really take it away with me but, I hope it looks fine and definitely use a mirror when you’re doing it it’s gonna make it way easier and it’s such an awesome look to pull off you know it’s very cute and messy and at the same time it just it just looks really nice, I think I’ll take some pictures. So you guys can look at it thank you.

So much for tuning in, I love you guys thank you for all your support and I’ll see you guys soon bye.

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