Oof! What’s happening to your insides reveals itself as dull or puffy skin. A lack of proper nutrients can stymie skin-cell repair, while the bad stuff you do eat can prompt your sebaceous glands to pump out pore-clogging oil. Yes, that means pimples. Regular heavy drinking sprees can also enhance UV-related cellular damage, upping your risk for melanoma by 20 percent.

Your after-party should include lots of vitamin-rich foods, such as green veg, to help temper this effect. A growing tummy doesnt mean your skin has to change. Keep your skin beautifully soft and hydrated and help prevent stretchmarks by using Happy Event right from the beginning of your pregnancy. Formulated using a careful blend of emollients, it has a high concentration of olive oil containing Vitamins A and E that help to regenerate skin and regulate its moisturising process to help prevent stretchmarks. Gently massage it into your tummy, breasts and thighs before you go to bed and you can look forward to the arrival of your baby and the return of your figure.


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