10 Easy Updo Tutorials For Short Hair

Let’s say you have like 10 parties to go to. Because we all know this time of the year is the busiest time of the year and for some reason you do not want to wear the same hairstyle in one day or you are scared that you might see somebody from the other party from before this one girl, I got you covered I’m bringing to you today 10 super-easy updos for short hair that are elegant pretty they are very romantic they are glam. But the best part is they are easy and did, I say easy. Because they are easy. So obviously, I do not have natural curly hair. So what, I did was, I used my half inch Conair curling iron wrapped my hair around in the same direction going away from my face let go cooled it off and then ran my fingers through my hair to give more volume and texture for the curls curls before girls you know before you go see your girls at the party, I do not know.

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So the first hairstyle is going to be an updo with a double hairband and this one is really great this is by the brand Scoon see you can find them any drugstore Target alt, I believe Amazon, I will have a link down below, and it is great. Because it is double already for you it has a little part right here you can always just use two separate hair bands. But this one is inexpensive and it works really great. So, I added some texture spray to my hair just to give it a little bit of texture and hold before, I do anything to it and I’m just placing all my hair going towards the back. So next we want to do is just put the hair band on your head I’m gonna bring it on my neck first then I’m just going to bring the headband up make sure to rip my earrings out I have been way too many times. So that I’m gonna spread this out the second part I’m gonna start taking these hairs that towards the front and this is why, I like having curls for my short hair. Because it is super easy to work with after you have a curl.

But you can create different like updos and it is own look messy it does not look crazy it looks really really pretty and elegant. So what I’m do first I’m going to grab a section right here kind of look in half up to is I’m going to just take them and like a little knot like this twist it around take little bobby pins and just secure it you want to just take one or two. So next we are going to actually coorporate the spin pins. If you watch my latest post you would see I’m using these pin pins. But I used the long ones and, I found the mini ones they are super easy to work with and they are very handy and they last all day long. So next what I’m going to do is I’m going to divide this bottom section into three sections. So what are you gonna do first is start with the middle section I’m going to pick up the section towards the top and kind of do like a little twist take a little screw pin and just screw it in yeah it is fun and now we are going to continue doing these sections right here.

So doing the same thing kind of following the way you are curled your hair I’m just going to pick it up towards the top and that’s it screw it in it make sure you screw it in with a section that’s on the top that we did first and there you have it for the first double headband updo like, I said it is super pretty it is very easy and the curls they kind of do the job for you for these updo the special. If you have short hair. Because it kind of helps you disguise the little messiness here and there. If you have some hair falling out it looks very pretty romantic and glam and this takes probably not even five minutes to do. If you already have curly hair it is super easy and the overall result is gorgeous second hairstyle is going to be a double braided updo and this one’s inspired by the beautiful girl Lucy Hale, I love her she’s. So beautiful and she’s an amazing actress and pretty little liars anybody washed it out there, I know you know all right. So to begin this braid we are starting on the section that has most of the hair.

So we are grabbing a section right here in the front and we are going to divide it into three equal sections to begin our French braid and, I actually love braiding my hair when it has a little bit of a wave to it just. Because, I think it looks very pretty in a very textured and Mary Anne tick, I do not know it is one of my faves alright. So French braid is two taking sections over the middle add the hair. If you guys want to see a one on one post, I actually did one not that long ago, I have it linked up above. So I’m just following my hair line and I’m going to bring it kind of towards the back at an angle. So it is gonna be kind of like a crown guys no, I love those I’m not going to grab any more hair right here at the bottom. Because we are going to leave this and we are going to pin it up to make a really pretty updo.

So I’m going to grab one more section of hair from the top for the braid just to finish it off alright. So now we have the first one let’s go off and do the second one exactly the same way next part let’s put this hairstyle together alright. So basically what, I did, I just crisscross a little ponytails in the back could screw them in together using my little screw pins and then, I have these little sections left down here same thing as the first hairstyle I’m going to take these little sections of hair we are going to twist them we are going to bring them towards the brain use a screw pin and just screw it in. So now that your hair is screwed in place we are going to go back up and we are going to pull apart the braid just to give it more texture and volume and overall a better look and here is the double french braided updo it is super easy it is super fast as well. If you know how to braid like, I said these are. So gorgeous you can make a messy you can make it a little bit more polished and there you have it your very pretty up to third hairstyle is going to be basically a very low up do with the pompadour I’m actually going to incorporate the pompadour comb that, I use in my previous post and instead the pompadour being on top right here we are going to have it down below me very very pretty and you do want to have curly hair for this it looks prettier in my opinion. So I’m going to start at the very top of my crown with a very slight off-centered part going towards my left side.

So we are going to take this hair on the crown bring it towards the back and just pin it away just. So we do not touch that with bobby pins on each side. So next we are going to grab our pompadour this is we are going to start creating this little updo right here I’m using the Conair pompadour comb you can get this anywhere like, I said with any other hairstyle take your pompadour and make sure this little section right here this comb is going to be going towards your scalp. So the pompadour actual poop is going to be towards like the opposite side I’m going to place it right below or right underneath the bobby pins that we just pinned. So next we are going to create this up do is take these hairs right here and we are going to wrap it all over the top of this pop your comb and just bobby pin it around and make sure it is nicely secured and covering and it will create that beautiful updo or that low updo that has a nice bump. So we are going to move on to the sides right here to the sections just take little sections twist them just a little bit. Because already curled and just bring it on top and just pin it away.

So I’m going to quickly accessorize this hairstyle would be is really pretty they are kind of like vines this is what we are you can find them on Amazon super inexpensive and they are very very pretty you are really well thanks. But I’m going to add a couple more and there you have it once it is glammed up obviously it is optional I’m just giving you guys some ideas. If you want to do something a little bit special with your hair hairstyle number four is going to be very similar to hairstyle number three. But is going to be slightly different without the pompadour comb, and it is going to have a three strand braid on each side without adding any hair. So we are going to start with three strand braid on each side of my head I’m grabbing a nice section of hair that, I could actually braid since, I have layers, I have to grab some hair underneath. So just like a regular braid you can do either over under does not matter and I’m not doing it tight whatsoever alright. So before I’m going to tie it off we are just going to pull apart the braid.

So once both braids are done I’m going to add a section or not add I’m going to grab a section of hair right below it and a section on the other side we are actually going to connect those in the middle to create a tiny little ponytail you are going to start taking the hairs from underneath the back and you are going to inner loop them around the ponytail that we just did take your bobby pins and secure it alright. So let’s start first with the braids now that we have finished the back portion and kind of place it on top of the ponytails going towards the back and put it away the exact same way as the hair in the back and there you have it for hairstyle number four it is very textured very fun. But most important it is very beautiful and very easy and by the way since you guys always ask what I’m wearing either on myself my clothing or on my face, I always try to link it in the description box below it is either the same product or something very similar and moving on to hairstyle number five this one’s going to be a little bit more edgy slightly more different. But it is definitely a lot of fun, and it is obviously again very simple okay. So we are beginning on the very top of my head. But grabbing a section of hair kind of like we are doing a pompadour to get clear elastic you can tie it off once and then the second time before you tie it all the way you are going to leave it like this. So it is kind of like a little loop you create we are actually going to hide this clear elastic with the hair that’s left.

So just going to wrap it around the clear elastic mini bobby pin and just pin it down to your head alright. So now I’m going to create a sections or right behind it. So the trick is you want to keep the sections as close as possible to each other. So you do not have crazy big gaps. So I’m just going to continue doing this until, I have no more hair left to add. So, I just create a total of six equal sections and, I try to focus them all in the same line. So it is not like going crazy zig zaggy looking like a faux hawk and this lower hair is right here it is perfect leave them down for now.

Because we are going to kind of put them up pin them up it is going to be a very pretty transition going from this crazy hairstyle to the bottom now I’m going to start putting all the sections together and what you want to do is you want to start connecting the back section to the front section and basically going all the way down the back to the front and back to the front back to the front you basically want to pick up a section towards the top. So once you are done pinning this top sections you are going to go back up to the bottom and you are going to pin the sections away divide them into two basically just comb them up towards the actual updo and just pin it right up into the last elastic. So you see these hairs are here that we just pinned up he’s going to pick them up towards the top and just pin them on the sides the last touches these are optional. But I like to do it just adds a little bit extra punch you do not need it for this hairstyle, I want it. So, I found these cute little pins from Target this is the lots of dabrian, I believe that’s how you say it. So you see already did on one side. So I’m just gonna grab some hair and just take the bobby pin and just pin it down.

So it kind of gives, I do not know a little bit extra sparkle to the top of your head it is cute kind of looks like two little eyes why not everybody looks like a caterpillar on your head make it even more realistic right Yeah right there and there you have it for my crazy holiday updo, I love this one. If you definitely want to stand out you will, I probably see that, I kind of want to do this for my mom hahaha she would totally rock this look you knock in here now too much too much mulana too much she always says that too much and her accent, I love it my mom is amazing you guys so much hairstyle number six is going to be a double French twist with curls going kind of towards the front is be kind of like a waterfall in the front it is very pretty part in here first kind of look at a deeper part and then I’m going to grab a section of hair going towards the back like around the crown. So I’m just going to take this hair and just pin it away for now. So the rest of the hair you can split it into two equal sections. So, I start like right above the ears bring it towards the back and meet them in the middle we are going to start working on the bottom section first. So this right here I’m just going to pin it back take your hair behind your ears that you are going to use in this bottom section. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to tease my hair just a little bit to give it more volume.

So that way, I can actually make a twist over since layers a little bit shorter it is gonna give it that volume for the French twist. So then I’m bringing my hair over to the right side and I’m actually going to bobby pin it going from the bottom towards the top of the section where it ends. So I’m grabbing all of the hair we are going to start twisting it into a French twist. So this top section of extra do the opposite side. So instead of the left side we are going to do it on the right side. So I’m just going to take in two sections and I’m going to curl it I’m just taking the hair and just wrapping it around and I’m also taking smaller sections when, I curl it and here is my version of the edgy double French twist, I love this one it is so pretty very contemporary. But very classic at the same time like my mom would approve haha yes mom give it a thumbs up hairstyle number seven is going to be my Topsy tail updo first you want to start off with a little pompadour in the front next grab a section grab a clear elastic and tie it off into a pointy tail now you want to do is split it in half and then bring the ponytail right through the top and through just like that creating a Topsy tail grab a second section and we are going to include the first pony tail split it in half and pull it through just keep doing that until you have a no more hair left and the smaller sections you grab and the close of the are to each other, I think it looks prettier.

So now I’m going to go back up and I’m gonna actually start pulling the actual Topsy tail part. So this right here that we create a Topsy tail we start pulling it apart just a little bit like section by section just to create a little bit more texture and dimension I’m actually going to take the bobby pins out from the pompadour, and it is going to stay put. Because the hair is actually tied back in the Topsy tail once you have got the desired type and size of your Topsy tail updo you can go back to the very small little section here that’s on the very bottom a little bit one more time and then secure it with a mini bobby pin into the last elastic and there you have it for hairstyle number seven very simple fast easy and most of all it is very beautiful hair cell number eight Andre calls it the crazy pin-up look alright. So you want to have bobby pins and you want to have you here going towards the back. So what we are going to do is we are going to take these sides right here going towards the bottom and we are going to pin them a little bit going towards the middle. So it is kind of pinned back now making sure the hair on the top of this section kind of like the hair that’s going to be on the top it is not pinned down just the side parts let me quickly show you what it creates on the side alright. So take your curling iron again.

Because want to create those defined curls again on the top. So that we have a lot of curls I’m going to start from them back and you are gonna start pinning them away. But a lot of them are just going to be loose this is the look of it it is very simple it is very pretty and it’s, I think very romantic. So there you have it all you have to do is just play around to here make sure you have these longer pieces just like flowing down and it kind of creates like this very interesting sort of like this long textured ponytail in the back it is very very pretty. So here’s thumb number nine we are going to start off with making a pompadour right in the front and, I will be using my assistance today my pompadour comb, I love this thing is. So awesome. So we are just gonna grab a nice section in the front just tease it a little bit take your pompadour calm and place it right behind it then take the hair kind of spread it out a little bit and then we are going to bring it towards the back and then just take your bobby pins and then just secure the hair once you have the pompadour we are going to create four ponytails going towards the back does that meet in the middle alright.

So what you do is the way your curls are going you are going to curl it once with your finger just like that and bring it to the opposite side take your bobby pin and just bobby pin it upwards or towards the ponytail take that leftward ponytail and bring it underneath the second one under the elastic and just pin it up with a bobby pin going up and do exactly the same thing with a second third and fourth ponytail. So they have created this somewhat looking role you are going to go back in and kind of loosen all the rolls to make them a little bit more Messier and edgier. So you can leave it like this or you can be jewett like, I want to I’m going to add these two in there kind of like these leaves with pearls on them I have showed them to guys already in one hairstyle like, I will link them for you down below they are very pretty very inexpensive what I’m going to do is just add one on each side of the knots or the roll and there you have it for hairstyle number nine, I love that the actual be jewels kind of hug the roll it just makes it look very pretty what do you guys think of this one and last. But not least this is probably the simplest one. Because it was like one or two steps it is super easy. But it is really pretty. So you will need one these little things, I call them the grandma pin and they just have a lot of prongs and they are bejeweled or you can get like a simple one you can find these anywhere Amazon Walmart Target any drugstore just look online these are really really great.

So I’m making a slight right part kind of like a deeper part and then just grab literally all of your hair we are going to twist the hair up and not do anything except for just twisting it up for now take your little pin and this is all you need and tuck it into the side where you twisted it and there we go it is a little bit elegant. But a little bit edgy as well and you can do this literally like 30 seconds it is that easy, I love it it is probably one of my favorites and there we have it my 10 super easy elegant updo is for short hair that are just perfect for this holiday season weddings proms homecoming dance parties any occasion they are beautiful thumbs up this post. If you enjoyed it and. If you found one of your favorite hairstyles comment down below guys, I love your comments they make my day. But for now thank you so much for reading this post, I will see you guys in the next one, I love you all very much bye.

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