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Today, gentlemen I’m going to give you eleven tips on how to get rid of razor burn. Now, if you’ve watched my my blog for awhile you’ve watched my posts, you guys know that I have had a razor burn. I’ve had – many of you guys mentioned that in the comments down below and I appreciate your concern. And, recently I’ve worked with Mike over at the Grooming Lounge. He came up to Style Con, we got to talk and they’ve got a really nice routine, they’ve got a Pick 4 Kit which I tried, I used for a couple of weeks. I will have to say it is a great shaving kit routine and I’m going to incorporate it into these eleven tips. Now, what I like about the Grooming Lounge is they’ve got all types of different brands, so guys you can put together your own mix of different products, different razors. Everything I’m going to give on these eleven tips though, it’s timeless and you can use on any products, you know, with the Grooming Lounge or without, but guys go check them out. If you stick around ‘til the end of this post I’m going to give you a way that you can save about 30% when you make a purchase from the Grooming Lounge. Sound cool? All right, guys, let’s get into the first tip which is to prepare the surface. Basically, get those hairs ready to be shaved. The easiest way to do this, jump in the shower, take a quick two to three- minute warm shower, maybe a little bit longer for some of you guys that enjoy it.

11 Tips To Prevent Razor Burn How To Protect Your Face During And After A Shave Shaving Advice Photo Gallery

Now, don’t stay in there too long, don’t have it too hard, otherwise you’re going to dry out your skin. Another way to do this is to throw on a warm towel around your face for about two minutes, and finally, make sure to exfoliate. Use a face wash that actually cleans up the face and by doing this you’re going to prepare the surface which takes us to point number two. Use a shaving oil. Now, in an earlier post, I talked about shaving oils and I gave you a few options. I use the Grooming Lounge’s basically Beard Master Shave Oil. I like it, I use three drops, it’s high quality and it actually did a great job of putting a base layer on my face. This was something I wasn’t doing in the past and now that I’m doing it, I love it. The third thing is to upgrade your shaving cream. Again, I’ve talked about this in previous posts, but a lot of you guys are using a propellant you’re using basically that stuff that you shake and shoots out the can. Be careful with that, that’s usually going to be – it’s in the lowest quality. By simply upgrading and, again, I use the Beard Destroyer Shave Cream by Grooming Lounge.

What I like about this is it doesn’t have a lot whole lot of foam and that allows me to actually better see my face better see where it’s at. Sometimes that foam can get a little bit out of control, but by using a better shaving cream, I also have less irritants in it and with the double one with the oil, now with the cream, actually I’ve got two layers. So, that takes us to point number four, how do you apply the shaving cream? Use a badger brush. The reason you want to use a badger brush or you can use a synthetic brush, use a brush though because you’re going to get – it’s going to have better placement of all the cream all around your face underneath the hairs. Okay? So, point number five is to upgrade your razor. So, guys of all the points I’m going to talk about, this is probably something that, and, again, I’ve got posts that I talk about different ways to shave, different razors that you can use, but most of us are using some type of cartridge razor, you know, maybe six or a disposable with three. The key is guys, experiment, look for other options. Some of you guys may start – want to start using a safety razor, go out there and find the right razor for you. What I really like about safety razors is it you can change out the blade a lot more and you’re going to save money in the long term and it also forces you – actually, this is probably the best one, it forces you to – which is point number six to improve your technique. So, if you start using a straight razor, gentlemen you need to pay attention to your technique. And that coupled with the razor is going to be the most important things that you can do to eliminate razor burn. Most guys out there, they’re shaving the wrong way.

How did you learn how to shave? Most of us just simply started putting a razor to our face and we went at it, therefore we have a bad technique that we need to unlearn. Now, I’m going to go into more about technique over in the article at this style blog, but focus on less pressure, focus on smaller strokes, focus on every time that you, you know, you go across that you actually are rinsing off the razor and getting rid of that little bit of cream right in there and making sure, you know, going with the grain. Make sense? Okay, guys. So, getting on to point number seven, shave twice. I know that sounds kind of counter-intuitive, but a lot of times we go over an area the cream is gone and this is why the oil is really nice because if you shave, but basically if you don’t want to shave, you don’t want to keep rubbing on an area and if you do that, that’s when you start to irritate and you cut the skin. If you’ve noticed after you shave once that you’ve got some spots where you’ve missed, then put on a little bit more cream and go do some spot cleaning. But really ask yourself, is this necessary? If it’s not necessary, then I would skip it. So, let’s go ahead and get into point number eight which is rinse with cold water. By rinsing with cold water you actually close up the pores and you’re going to prevent ingrown hairs. Use an aftershave balm. Now, I use the Best for Last aftershave balm, I really like this one because it didn’t have a burn. There are other ones over at the Grooming Lounge that you guys can check out, but this one definitely was really nice.

And, I apply that immediately after I got through shaving and I rinse off with a cold water. Thirty minutes after that here’s an extra trick is that I actually apply the Shavior and this is an anti-irritant. This is specifically designed for people with razor burn. Why the thirty minutes? Well, I let the balm soak in and then, I treat it again. Guys, a lot of times we think, okay, I can treat myself once a day and I’m perfectly fine. Fine. If you’re suffering from razor burn, you may want to consider going the extra step. Tip number eleven is to actually clean your razor with alcohol. A lot of razor burn is caused by the bacteria that grows on a razor. Another thing is try to use not as often which is one of the reasons I like safety razors, you can change out that razor because if you’re using a cartridge razor for a week to two weeks, you’re trying to save money, you could be causing yourself razor burn. And, a bonus, number twelve, consider shaving less. So, if you can skip a day on the weekend, do it.

If you can skip a day in the middle of the week, perhaps do it. Now, some guys will counter, oh, you know, it’s better to have a routine. Guys, I personally it works for me to actually shave less. I probably only shave about three to four times a week, definitely before posts. But, that’s it, guys. Let me know and like I said go over to the Grooming Lounge. I’m going to provide a link. And, here’s the trick, if you sign up for their newsletter, you’re a first time buyer, you can immediately save 15%. Then, they’ve got this Pick 4 Kit and that will help you save an additional 15% to 20%, combine that together, almost a 30% savings. So, again, I use the Beard Destroyer, I use the Shavior which I really like the Shavior. My favorite part though was the Beard Master Shave Oil which you can shave with just this, but I like to mix it with, you know, kind of create my own cocktail with the – with the cream. And then, the best for last, the aftershave.

Guys, that’s it. Go check out the Grooming Lounge and I’ll see you in the next post. Take care.

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