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When the news broke last year that One Direction were taking an indeinite break, the boys themselves could barely contain their excitement about their future plans. Harry Styles in particular seemed ready to begin the next post of his already incredible life.

I think when you have so many goals that you feel like you have yet to achieve, its kind of hard to see past those, said Harry. Yet at just 22, with a cool $32 million in the bank, 27.3 million Twitter followers and 15.8 million on Instagram, plus a irst-namerecognition kind of fame, it would seem Harry has the world at his feet. Luminaries such as Jay Z and movie mogul Harvey Weinstein think so anyway.

Harry doesnt need any help with exposure, says Jay. Everybody in the world knows who he is. But he does need to make the transition from being part of a group to being an individual artist. I can have him as the biggest artist in the world within a year. Meanwhile, Harvey is so keen to work with Hazza, hes given him a free pass straight onto a movie set. He doesnt even have to audition, says Harvey. With the kind of backing no amount of money can buy, Harry is so hot right now. So whats next for the Brit boybander as he heads in his own direction?


His ex-bandmate Zayn Malik may have gotten the jump on Harry in terms of launching a solo career “ Zayns debut track Pillow Talk has topped iTunes charts in 60 countries “ but those closest to Harry say he isnt fazed. Harry is quietly conident that his irst single will do better, a pal has revealed. Like Zayn, Harry wants to distance himself musically from 1D for a bit, and his single will be far edgier, a lot cooler and have a tinge of rock and roll about it.

Jay Z has revealed hes ready to hook Harry up professionally, too. I can get him working with the bigger artists and the biggest producers, says Jay. But he might not have to, with Harry signing to CAA managements Jef Azof “ a strong indication hes looking to break into the US market, stat! Luckily, Harry hasnt been dragging his designer heels when it comes to working on solo material. Hes already written four new tracks “ Already Home , Coco , Endlessly and 5378 Miles “ and registered them with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers under his own name. hen theres the long-running whispers that Harry has been writing songs for other artists under the alias Mick Greenberg. And while theres no word yet on when his own solo songs will drop, perhaps we can expect something soul-baring and confessional?

If youre writing your own music its important to be really honest, admits Harry. And he will not be short of help to climb those charts, with a string of high-proile artists clamouring to collaborate with him. Meghan Trainor says she and Harry have already worked on something together, revealing, Its very special. I cant wait for everyone to hear it. Meanwhile, Charlie Puth and Troye Sivan have also put their hands up to work with him. Talk about spoilt for choice!


Next step, Hollywood! It may come as no surprise that Harrys already received a number of ofers. Last year rumours ran hot that hed scored a role in the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous:he Movie, as the love interest of Patsy Stone, played by Joanna Lumley. I think Patsy would very much like to be paired up with Harry Styles, Joanna said. Hes gorgeous, isnt he? But aside from the odd appearance on shows like Saturday Night Live, it seems Harry is biding his time for the right opportunity. Harry is being ofered acting stuf, but he hasnt accepted anything yet, says a friend. If he does expand into that ield, he wants to make sure its the right role. And he may not have to wait long, with famed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein waiting in the wings. We ofered him a part and he couldnt do the movie because he had the [1D] tour.he amount of money their tou did is crazy, so hes got obligations. However, Harvey believes its not a question of if Harry willmake the transition intomovies but when. I get from him that he wants to, Harvey adds. Ive met him two or three times and he was very interested and charming. I think the guy is a movie star. Needless to say, theres no shortage of beauties willing to play Harrys leading lady “ including acclaimedHouse of Cards actress KateMara. Imean, have you seen Harry Styles face, she jokes. Ifeel like with Harry Id play it cool, but [then] Id turn into a 14-year-old!


Recently, Harry was seen cosying up with supermodel Kendall Jenner on their New Year holiday in St Barts, but thats only the tip of the iceberg of his dalliances. At 17, he famously dated UK television star Caroline Flack “ who was 32 at the time “ and since then hes been linked to a bevy of beauties, including Cara Delevingne, Daisy Lowe, Sara Sampaio “ and, of course, Taylor Swift. I wouldnt say I could fall in love at irst sight. For me, its more infatuation at irst sight, Harry confesses. Even so, he believes hell know when its the real thing. You can see someone and I think, Shes amazing, he adds. If the right person was there, Id go for it. I wouldnt stay single purposefully. And given that Harry is widely considered the heartthrob of One Direction (last year GQcalled him the only one who currently delivers outside the world of tween girls), its unlikely any time spent away from the band will hurt his popularity. Me and the whole music industry probably have a crush on Harry Styles, pop star Rita Ora says of his appeal. I think Im just the only one admitting it. I like his hair. I just think hes funny and cute.


Celebrating his 22nd birthday recently, Harry stepped out in London with some of his closest pals, including radio host Nick Grimshaw. Conspicuously absent? His 1D bandmates. And while the group have insisted it isnt the end, its clear theyre growing apart, with each of the member now heading out on their own. he 1D thing just ran its course, a friend says. heyll remain friends, but theyre exhausted and want solo careers. Described as more serious and considered than his bandmate Niall, its easy to see why a solo career is a natural progression for Harry. And we have a feeling hell prove to be the Robbie Williams of Take thatHarry Styles – Hollywood Life Ltf

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