Hey guys today I want to share with you three seriously simple and effortless and unique hairstyles along with some helpful tips for those days when you are running late these hairstyles are perfect for those of you that like to hit snooze in the morning just to get an extra three minutes of sleep, I’m totally guilty of that one or for the times where you go to bed with wet hair only to wake up in the morning to regret it these hairstyles are great because you can do them in the car you can do them on your way into work while you are walking they are super simple to do and they only take a couple of minutes all you will need is a hair elastic and some bobby pins and do not forget too let me know which hairstyle is your favorite and let’s go ahead and get started first up is this cute twisted half up hair style perfect to quickly get your hair up out of your face my tip for smoothing away Bed Head is using a pomade or a light hold gel.


I love this one from Herbal Essences and, I use about a dime sized amount that’s all you need and, I just smooth this down my hair to tame those flyaways and, I find that it really makes my hair style it is more neat in appearance first step of this hairstyle is gather all of the hair above your temples and you just want to create a half up ponytail and secure it up with a hair elastic and then all you want to do is divide your ponytail into two equal sized pieces and then you want to wrap one piece around the other counter clockwise. So, I’m taking my right section and wrapping it over my left section and when you are wrapping near the base of your ponytail you just want to make sure that you are wrapping it nice and tight because it tends to loosen up here a little bit and you just want to continue wrapping until you reach the end of your ponytail and once you are done it should look a little something like this then. I find it easiest to secure the ends of my ponytail with a hair elastic and, I like to form a little bun on the end this just helps with Bobby pinning later on and, I just want to wrap the twist counterclockwise or from the ponytail. I like to hold my bun with one hand just to keep it in place and then as you are wrapping just wrap your ends underneath the twist. So that they are hidden next take some bobby pins to secure the twist to your head and, I like to just roughly pin mine around the outside just to help position it and once, I’m happy with it. I like to add additional bobby pins. I like to create crosses by inserting them on angles this just helps to keep them more secure and there we have it this takes about three minutes to do, and it is such a simple way to tie back the hair off your face with some really cute detailing.

I think. It’s so perfect for summer second is this effortless braided low ponytail and my biggest tip if you are someone prone to being late is curl your hair the night before because wavy hair hides bedhead the best. So messily toss your hair back and we are going to just do a regular French braid. So we want large sections. So all the hair above your ears we are going to divide into three equal pieces we should have a section on either side and then all of the hair at the crown of your head is your third section and just make sure you are leaving half of your hair down. So all the hair that’s below your ears. So now loosely as possible we will do one full pass of a three strand braid.

So cross that right side over the middle and then that left side over the middle once you have done one full pass we are going to do one full pass of a French braid. So on that right side pick up a large section of hair and join it in and then cross it over the center and on the left side grab a large section of hair join it in and cross it over the center now to gather any remaining hair around your neck and create a low ponytail you can definitely leave it like this but let’s be real, I’m going to pancake our small braids. If you want to do this just anchor your ponytail with one hand and with your index finger and thumb just gently pull on the top of each section. I love doing this because it adds. So much more. I mentioned to your hair and it really helps it appear more full and effortless. I would like to pull in small sections around the crown of my head to give it more volume as.

If I took the time to tease it but let’s be real we are busy women we do not always have the time to tease our hair and one thing you can do to help any hairstyle look more put-together even a simple ponytail that is grab a small-sized section of hair from underneath your ponytail and wrap it around your hair elastic to hide it and then bobby pin the ends to the other side of your hair elastic how easy this hairstyle it takes about two minutes to do, and it is a really pretty way to do a simple low ponytail and last but not least is this cool low-maintenance infinity braided ponytail this is almost a hair hack and you will see why. So chances are if you are running late you didn’t have time to wash your hair.. So I highly recommend using a dry shampoo. I love this one from batiste and, I lightly spray it throughout the crown of my head to absorb excess oils and then they work it in with my fingertips to help add volume this hairstyle is quite simple and it looks incredible as a side ponytail as well toss all of your hair back and divide it into two equal sized sections and grab a small to medium sized piece of hair from the underside of the left section and all we are going to do is wrap this in a figure eight. So bring it over the left section and under the right section and then to complete the eight bring it over the right section and then under that left section and you just want to repeat those same steps. So over the left section under the right section and then over the right section and under that left section once the piece that you are wrapping starts nearing the end just pick up another small section from the underside and join them together and it should look a little similar to this and what this will do is allow you to keep going you could go all the way down your ponytail if you wanted to.

I actually have a Dutch figure-eight braid tutorial that. I did. I will link it down below but just keep repeating this pattern down your ponytail until you are happy with it. I wanted my finger 8 braid to appear almost as though it was a hair tie.. So I do not want to go too far down and once you are happy with the length just take a bobby pin in the ends to the underside of your braid for a more it lived in look. I just gently pull small sections of hair around the crown of my head to help add even more volume this hairstyle is so great if you want the hair up off your neck out of your face and you do not have a hair tie it just looks super effortless and cool and it only takes a minute there we have you guys those are three seriously simple hairstyles that you can have in your back pocket for inspiration for those times when you are running late and if you are feeling like extra lazy just get yourself a baseball cap throw it on put your hair up into a ponytail that is my go-to on the weekend and it covers Bed Head every single time and one of you guys actually gave me the most genius idea and you suggested keeping a hair elastic on your keys that way you are never stuck without one.

So thank you I’d love you guys let me know which look was your favorite and if you do end up recreating it do not get to share with me on Twitter or Instagram. I absolutely love seeing your guy’s recreations it makes me I’m. So happy and, I always show like whoever’s around me and, I just get. So excited and, I also love to hear your craziest or funniest running late story the only one that. I can think about right now for myself personally is. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times. I go to events or family things or even a bridal shower with soaking wet hair for some reason.

I always think that. I will have enough time to wash and style my hair and, I never do and, I just show up to the event hoping that everybody knows that my hair is just wet, and it is not oil but that has happened to me countless times but. I really hope that you found this post helpful let me know what you guys want to see next and, I will talk to you guys soon bye.

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