Hi guys! in this post, I will show you my top 5 favorite foundations under 200k So, foundation is one of my favorite makeup item because I do like base makeup, creating the flawless look, thus no need to put much efforts in order to be beautiful And special for this post, I buy quite many of foundations to test them and these are top 5 foundations The first one I recommend is my most favorite foundation can you guess? which is L’oreal Infallible Pro Matte Ever since I try this product, I fall in love so badly with this product until now Even, this month I do traveling a lot. I went to Korea in winter season, I also went to Singapore for a week, and so on I always use this foundation because I really believe in this foundation So I will tell you guys the pros and cons of this foundation What I love about this foundation is its finishing look it creates. It is really pretty. It’s really beautiful matte finish, but it does not dry skin at all My skin type is normal to dry, but in my T-zone, it is sometimes oily So, it is like combination, but the tendency is more to dry. this foundation is really good in my skin this foundation creates poreless skin and smooth.


The coverage is also really okay. this one is medium to full coverage this one is easy to blend. Even though it is flawless and full of coverage, it does not create cakey look at all and the reasons why I always bring this are because this is really longlasting and keeps oil away from my skin when we go to certain event, it will be from the morning till night I rarely touch up my make up, so I always use this foundation It did a great job Even though it does not seem better in the night rather than in the morning, it still stays good in my skin the cons itself is still hard to find I think, the shade is not really complete in Indonesia Actually, I really suit with shade 103, but right now, I’m using 102 and it is not really white. It is still okay, so I’m using this I do have tips for you to blend the foundation with quite wet sponge using brush will hook the foundation in dry patches so, it will be drier and there is line created from the brush so it will become more beautiful while using wet sponge If I use this foundation, I will not use any powder If I use powder, It seems to heavy. So that’s better to skip the powder unless your skin is really oily, you can use powder the last one is I think this foundation is good to be used in semiformal to formal event The second one is The Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation this is my latest purchase and I’m surprised with the price as The Body Shop product generally is not really cheap It was like 200k something or 300k above but this one is still 100k something I like this foundation because it gives us beautiful matte finish look same with L’oreal, this one is also matte but not drying for the coverage, this one is lower than L’oreal, this one is medium this one is long lasting.

using this for long time, this does not make our face shiny, but it melts into our skin our skin looks more glowy and dewy, but not too oily this one is also lightweight compared to L’oreal, for daily use, I recommend this one in my opinion, this one is suitable for all skin types for the dry skin type, I suggest you to use skincare first before using foundation so that your skin moistures well, not in the condition where it is dry, because it becomes hard to blend and too matte So ya, I love this the third one is wet n wild Photofocus Foundation the pros of this foundation is it creates no flashback and no white cast while taking photos with flash so this one is really good for photoshoot the result of this foundation is super matte and this makes our skin look fresh and lively and this one is natural to medium coverage not too full the packaging is quite unique inside of the package, there is spatula this is different with other product, so it will make us easier to apply the foundation this foundation is long lasting, keeps the skin away from looking oily, and I recommend this foundation for you who have oily skin to combination skin for you guys who have dry skin.

I do not recommend this product as this will be too dry for your skin I also think that this product is good for daily use since it is light and not heavy at all the cons of this foundation is fragrance. It smells like chemical substance in Batam, it is quite hard to look for this item, So I bought this at online shop the color is a bit to pink whereas my skin is yellow, so the shade of this one is not quite well-matched but overall, if you guys are oily skin, you can try this my fourth favorite foundation is Revlon Colorstay Foundation actually, I have used this foundation 3 or 4 years ago that time, there was no pump in its packaging, but right now, it has one Revlon has two types of foundation which are for oily skin and dry skin since the dry skin one has no shade that matches me.

I decided to buy the oily skin one yesterday and this results matte look, not really matte, but more like satin finish look this one is what I’m using today this foundation is easy to blend, not so drying, but you can’t use this too much because it will look heavy and glob I do not know whether they change the formula, but I feel the former one was more matte this one is not as matte as the former one. using this for long time will create a bit of shiny look but when we use powder, this one will be okay so that’s it for the concern of this foundation the same with Wet and Wild, the fragrance has a little of chemical smell but if you do not mind, then it is okay the last one is from Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation this one has also two types. for the dry skin, you can choose the dewy one, for the oily skin, you can choose the matte and poreless one but I like matte more than dewy, I do not know why, but I prefer this the result is lightweight, natural finish so it is not as flawless as L’oreal and Revlon this one is more like natural everyday finish because this one is natural finish, it looks more like skin on my skin, this one is more semi-matte, not super-matte this one has no pump. some mind if there is no pump, I personally do not mind this so, just keep in mind so if you are looking for everyday natural finish, lightweight, and look like skin foundation, maybe you can try Maybelline Matte and Poreless one so that’s my top 5 foundations If you want to know what foundations I do not like after buying them, you can give your comment below So that I could create Products I Regret Buying or something like that If you have recommendation of good and affordable foundation, you can put your comment below and thank you so much for reading I hope this post is useful for you guys and I will see you guys next time Bye.

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