5 Ways To Rejuvenate Yourself

I’m Linda Fink and this week is 5 days of rejuvenation. Happy New Year! It’s officially 2018 and I’m totally exhausted after the holidays. Last year I did a lot of travelling, a lot of partying but now I have a whole new year ahead of me. I’ve done just about all the research I possibly can about interesting ways to recharge so, here we go! Day one: what’s the classic way to help out your skin after a holiday filled with alcohol and sugar and not enough sleep? A facial! I went to Naturopathica for a luxurious, hour long bio energy lift facial. My treatment manager used lots of different wands on my face. One that felt like a bit of a suction cup while it cleaned and another that was all warm that was using heat to help infuse the bio energy lift serum into my skin. So this is a facial for fatigued, devitalized skin.

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How to Rejuvenate Yourself

We use a really innovative technology called liquid microdermabrasion. What these do is they stimulate the fibroblasts in the skin to actually build more collagen and to oxygenate the skin. Immediately afterwards I looked in the mirror and my skin looked so much better than it’s looked in the past three weeks. Plus, all my Snapchat friends said that my skin was glowing! I felt so great after that that I made a New Year’s resolution to get a new facial, once a month, for the rest of my existence. Who wants to pay? My skin feels better even one day after the facial and my blemishes from the past few weeks are finally starting to shrink. I decided that today I wanted to do something to rejuvenate and relax my brain but I’ve already done meditation so I needed to find out what else was out there. That’s when I discovered binaural beats on . Turns out has a whole slew of posts that promote relaxation and concentration. Binaural beat is the auditory illusion that our brains perceive when two different sound frequencies are presented to our different ears at the same time. So if you put on stereo headphones, one frequency goes into one ear and the other frequency goes into the other ear and those frequencies begin to mesh and create a third signal that our brain perceives and that third signal is called the binaural beat. Science! I went into the office bright and early this morning before anyone else was at work popped on my stereo headphones and listened to binaural beats on for about one hour. Incase you’ve never heard a binaural beat before, it sounds kind of like this. Think space, dreamy, relaxing, flowing, streaming, tonal beats. Binaural beats compel the parts of our brain that perceive sound to oscillate at the same frequency as the binaural beat which both calms you down and allows you to think more clearly. Overall, binaural beats are a great way to start the day. I can’t exactly tell you if my brain cells were regenerating or if the response time between my synapses was increasing, but I can say it was extremely calming and quite the relaxing way to start a busy day at work.

5 Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself

So far I’ve focused on treating my face and my brain but today I was feeling like my skin and my body were a bit neglected. My plan this month is to hoard a whole bunch of beauty products and test them all out and see what I like best and what works best on my skin. So please comment below giving me ideas and suggestions. In the meantime though, I was able to get my hands on five that I started with today. Number one: magnesium bath flakes. These are sort of like epsom salts so it’s really good for soothing muscles and aches and stiffness in a warm bath tub. Number two: a dried flower blend that you spoon into warm water and then breathe in deeply to help open your pores and bring some vitality to your skin. Three: a vitality tea to support my immune system and wake me up a bit. Four: muscle oil to soothe pain, perfect after my evening aerial yoga class. And five: A cruelty free and vegan matcha soap bar since green tea is filled with antioxidants that are great for cellular health. So after using those five products today, I smell pretty good. I would highly recommend all of the products that I use and I seriously want your suggestions so comment below this minute. Thanks! My skin has been so soft all day from that matcha soap I just don’t know what’s in it but I’m smooth. Today I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and today I went to do something that I’ve not only never done but something I’ve been afraid to try. Take a guess! You are getting very sleepy. Ow! Hypnosis.

I went to Maha Rose in Brooklyn and had an hour long session with a hypnotherapist. So hypnosis means sleep and that’s what we’re working, we’re working with that sleep state. In that state of mind, everybody is more suggestible. We work with our natural state of suggestibility to change our minds. First she spoke to me about the stress points in my life and what colors these stress points materialize in, where they were being stored in my body. Then she had my lie on the magic table. She put an eye pillow on my eye and I came this close to falling asleep. Oh, I’m so relaxed! It’s not like that cheesy stage hypnotism that happens in schools or at camps where people are hypnotized for entertainment and they do crazy, embarrassing things. It’s more so realizing that you have the power in your own body and mind to put yourself in a comfortable position whenever you need. Then I went to their crystal shop outside and learned all about crystals and chakras. She told me to take a look around and pick any crystal that was just calling my name for whatever reason, whether it’s the color or the energy of it or the way it feels in my hand. I took one look at this orange calcite and knew it was the one. And then what’s even weirder is that I read the card about what orange calcite actually does and it’s perfectly aligned with 5 days of rejuvenation. It’s all about energizing and cleansing. My energy led me in the right direction. After exploring a few different ways to rejuvenate, I wanted to do something on the last day that was a bit more attainable and something I know that I can always do whenever I feel the need to just chill.

While there are tons of physical and mental things like some of things I’ve already done this week that pretty much across the board help with cell regeneration or relaxation there are also certain activities we can do to help us decompress and unwind. But which activity will work best for you really varies from person to person. I’ve learned that my medicine is fresh air. So I spent this morning hiking, just outside of the city, then I made it back to Manhattan just in time for work. Getting away from the city, putting my phone down, getting off social media and just spending time by myself in nature is really what I need to recharge and reset for what’s ahead. Let me know what you do to rejuvenate at the beginning of a new year. If you like this post, please give me a thumbs up and as always, let me know what you want to see next time on. Hey ! Thanks for reading. click on comment button to read another post on our blog. And here to comment to my blog on .

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