Bubble Fishtail Braid Combo Hairstyles for Long Hair

Let’s go back to that little place where we. Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And I’m Brooklyn from Brooklyn and Bailey. And today we are going to show you how to do a bubble fishtail combo. So this is kind of a combination of our bubble ponytail and our fishtail combo. But it looks really, really cute on and I love the way it turns out. So let’s get started. Now to begin on this hair style, I have left some hair down over her ears for a little more grown up look, which she prefers. But you can certainly pull that hair back too if you are working with smaller kids. I have pulled it back into a basically a half up look and secured it with an elastic. Now I’m going to go underneath and take a piece of hair, just a small little piece. And I’m going to wrap it around this elastic twice because we want this to be hair wrapped. And then I’m going to have her give me one of those bobby pins I had her hold. And I will show you what I’m going to do. I’m going to take the bobby pin and I’m going to slip the hair through it like this.

Bubble Fishtail Braid Combo Hairstyles for Long Hair Photo Gallery

And then I’m going to take it underneath. And I’m going to stick it downward and into the hair. And then I’m going to just add all that hair back into what I’m doing next. So we will wrap and cover up that elastic, but the bobby pin helps secure it. Once I have hair all wrapped, then I’m going to take the rest of this hair and divide it in half. And I’m going to go ahead and begin a fishtail braid. Now a fishtailing, you basically are just taking pieces from the back and the side and crossing them over into the other section. In the process they cross each other, which creates our fishtailing pattern. And I’m going to do this for probably three to four inches of hair. You can do the pieces as small or as large as you would like. The smaller piece, the more fishtail pattern it has. The bigger the piece, the more sort of looks like a braid. So it is just your personal preference. Keep going. When I get down about this far, I’m going to go ahead and secure it again with an elastic. So I’m just going to take a hair elastic and secure this. And then I’m once again going to reach around to the back and try to find a little bit longer piece and wrap that around that hair elastic.

Take a bobby pin thank you. Turn you a little bit farther to the other side so they can see. Take the bobby pin, put it over the hair. Make sure you get all of it. Reach around to the back and then push the bobby pin down. And that’ll help secure that hair in place so you have a nice wrap. Now I’m going to go back and fluff my fishtail a little bit right here, loosen it. And then you are going to repeat what we just did on this first section again right here. And there you go. So here’s the final spin. Do-do-do! And I love this one. Now if you guys have not seen, Brooklyn and Baily have a giveaway running on their blog right now. I will let you explain it. It’s a back-to-school supplies giveaway. It’s got some really cool things in it. Beat headphones, a backpack the same backpacks Bailey and I are using this year for school. So it is got some really cool stuff. If you want to check it out. Lots of school supplies. Yes. So we are super excited. We will put the link in the description box below or in the corner up there. You can find their post. So go check it out, and we will see you guys next Sunday. Bye guys. Bye! Now if you have longer hair like mine, you are going to double that bit. And if you have shorter hair, you can just do it once. Now you are going to take the pencil and twist it, so at that point. Good job. I want to play tea party. Tea party? There’s no tea party. tea party. Yes, there is. In the house. No, that’s just kitchen. Camera. I’m a do that. Hurry.

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