Comparing CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE Gucci Loafers vs Dupes

Hello my lovelies and, Welcome back to another post I’m really excited. Because today I’m talking about shoes I’m gonna be trying on shoes, I love shoes sometimes, I do not love shoes sometimes make me hurt. But I still wear them. Because they are pretty yeah yeah that’s my problem, I think they’re. So pretty, I keep them, I wear them once or twice and they give me blisters and then, I do not wear them for a couple months and I’m like oh wait these are. So pretty why have not award them, I put them on five minutes later I’m like oh wait that’s why today we are gonna be comparing cheap versus expensive Gucci Princetown loafer mules I have been wearing shoes that look like them from Target for the past two years and they are awesome they are raggedy they are beat up that’s why I’m looking for a new pair to replace them I’m gonna start off with the most expensive ones the Gucci ones and then work my way down to the least expensive let’s begin these are the Gucci Princetown loafer mules and, I picked up them in black leather oh they smell.

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So nice it is straight up like a new car smell. But even better. Because, I can hold it in my hands these shoes are made out of leather upper lining and sole and they do not say specifically what kind of leather. So, I can’t comment on the specifics. But it is leather does not seem genuine leather we had this discussion in the last post what is genuine leather. So we looked it up on Google basically genuine leather the cheapest type of leather with synthetic materials what does that mean though what is the hundred percent beef mean, and it is made in Italy and, I got size 37 which is a US size 7 these beautiful loafer mules retail for 680 US dollars well you know what your grandma is poppin she’s stylin. So why do people love you so much that’s the question, I will answer today.

Because like, I mentioned, I have never bought or purchased a pair of Gucci loafers before I have been wearing the ones from Target they are amazing they are super function no you just slip them on and your feet look dressed they look classy, I love the horse that detailing is just a little bit of a statement. But not too much in your face you can wear them with. So many different outfits and, I can wear them pretty much all year round every season since, I do live in Florida. But I can see why people just go out and purchase pretty much every color every pattern that they have in this specific type of shoe they are just a very classy sleek loafer yeah they are extremely functional and they are very comfortable that’s the best part literally. But not classy sandals you know, I mean like business in the front party in the back type of shoe mm. So the next answer to my question is why are these 680 US dollars I’m gonna start looking at more of the detail in design and the quality of work of these shoes and just just see if, I actually would want to keep these or even invest in more colors and patterns. So at first I’m looking at the leather and leather is flawless.

So it is beautifully smooth and then you start looking at the little stitching around right here it is flawless, I mean it is completely flawless there’s nothing extra and then you look at the horse bit detail, and it is beautiful kind of gives a little bit of a vintage look to it and then what, I really like the little detail at the point right here on the side of each horse bit detailing to make sure the rigidity of the shoe stays nice and formed you never lose your shape it looks stunning and it looks like it is gonna last a very long time. Because it is leather and then stitching all the way around the opening it is actually double stitched which is stunning and then you have the beautiful brown interior all the way inside it looks really nice and it feels really nice and then of course why you are buying this shoe is the name that you are gonna step on pretty much obviously obviously. So then moving on to the heel, I think it is stunning they have this little star what would you even call that. So the heel looks nice there is nothing coming out, I do not see any glue and then looking at the actual heel, I think this is. So cool looks very old-school and very classy you have two little nails right in the heel looks very old-school, I love that another reason why it is also 680 US dollars is they pay attention to all the little details on the shoe not just on the top. But also on the bottom, I mean they have this like little design right next to the heel and the sole, I mean the design is beautiful they knocked it out of the park with quality wise and, I mean I’m not sure they are worth 680 US dollars are they pretty much, I knew one who sells these it is a five-star with hundreds of reviews when, I put these Gucci shoes on, I can see why. So many people love them the fit is phenomenal, I think sighs it is true to size my foot is really nice and snug.

But not overly snug where it is uncomfortable or it is compressing my foot they are just holding my feet in place. Because the actual shoe sits higher on my foot there is more material more coverage it looks great and just looks. So slender and sleek and chic great-looking pair of shoes on my feet. So for the rest of the four pair of shoes that, I want to do, I want to compare them one to one to the Gucci loafers. Because all of them are either inspired by or completely copied, I want to see the design, I want to see the little details. If they do mimic the Gucci loafers and then overall quality how well they are made if, I see any glue. If it is a little bit jaggedy.

If the folding is a little bit creased all right second pair is by the brand Tory Burch all right. So here is the Tory Burch what are these called the Tory Burch Amelia loafer mule and they retail for 289 US dollars and, I got them in the perfect black and they are made out of leather upper lining and sole and, I got a size 7. So obviously they are not the exact style and design. Because they have their own logo Hardware on the very top. But they look very similar the Tory bridge also has a rounded toe. But the stitching is a little bit squared off and then obviously like, I mentioned the actual hardware is completely different it has your own spin on it and then you have the little tongue is that what you call a little time it looks like a little time that’s why I’m gonna call it the opening the slits is a lot more pronounced, and it is a little bit more further towards the toes than the Gucci is you see side-by-side the stitching is really nice it is not double stitched or anything. But I do like that they double stitched right where the hardware goes inside the shoes.

So kinda adds a little extra security and making sure it just stays in place on both sides the install of the tory burch mule is not seamless it kind of stops right where your toes begin and it has the suede feel you just have a standard heel it looks like it was glued on. Because you do start seeing a little bit of glue right here where it meets the sole and the heel just a little bit I’m gonna nitpick just. Because that’s what this post is for, I want to see. If these shoes are worth it then looking at the actual sole it is leather and, I do like that they put their own stamp on it as they did with the little detailing in the front looking at the sole and the upper shoe there is a little bit of folding and a little bit of glue starting to show right here that’s where, I usually see glue right here right where the toe meets the sole, I do not know why maybe that’s the hardest when did he put the shoe together to make sure everything lines properly. But that’s usually where, I do or we both see some kind of glue or imperfections. But otherwise this shoe looks stunning, I mean they really paid attention to details. So let’s put the shoes on and see how comfortable they are once you put the shoes on 1 2 1 besides their logo Hardware you start to feel and see the differences right away the Gucci loafers that come up much further on your foot which results in a very comfortable snug situation for your feet with these.

Because the tongue is a little bit lower and the slit is a lot further closer to your toes you start feeling loose a little bit and the tongue opens up a lot more. So you it kind of gives that flip-flop effect which I’m not the biggest fan of. But they are very comfortable. So if you do have a wide set foot this might be really comfortable for you. But I do like the look of the Gucci loafers better than the Tory Burch on my feet, I think they look more classy my foot is not as exposed as much like, I said business in the front party in the back just. Because of the slit the tongue creates a bigger opening for your foot to slide back and forth. So the next pair is by Sam idle min and these are the Maryland loafers and, I got them in black and, I got seven and a half.

Because they didn’t have a size seven. So I’d rather go up half a size and go down. So let’s see. If they fit didn’t try them on yet cuz, I got them online look how pretty these are these are. So cute these retail for 130 US dollars. So these are made out of leather with a synthetic soul alright. So as you can see it has the beautiful mule look as the Gucci.

But they add a little bit of a flair to their business party shoe yes okay. So look at the design aspect they are very similar like, I said and then looking at the stitching and the folding the stitching is beautiful it has the roundest stitching along with the toe. So that’s very similar to the Gucci and then you can look at the horse bit detail and this is different. Because the horse bit is actually attached to two leather straps on each side. So that’s really nice this one has a little scuff on it which is not cool, I do not like that they are in scuffed and brand new shoes. So then you look at the actual little slits for the tongue they didn’t really pay attended to the detailing. Because it is a little bit rough and it looks like it is already ripped a little bit the finishes are not perfect let’s put it that way, I actually see a lot of glue or right here where the little leather strap meets the sole they put like their own little spin of the scalloped gold detailing along the insole of the shoe obviously their logo it has the same incohesive insole as the tory burch it stops – right where your toes begin and it kind of has that like suede feel.

So yes the sole is not the same it does not look as good it is look as classic, and it is not a leather sole as they did mention. But it looks really nice it looks, I like the brown color, I think it looks really nice and then you have their brand right here and then the size of the shoe alright let’s put them on and see how they feel the seven and a half actually fit really nice has a little bit more room. But I think they actually fit really comfortably. Because the slits are not cut as much as a Tory Burch shoes they do feel a little bit more snug which is really nice and they look stunning on my foot, I think they look. So beautiful they are definitely a statement type of shoe that’s also really comfortable and, I really like these and now let’s move on to the fourth pair from Amazon okay these shoes are the you light horsebit detailed leather loafers and, I got them for $79.99 on Amazon they were prime which is great, I got in the color black and these are made out of leather lining and insult and then a rubber sole. So let’s compare or this way look at the design of this you like shoe from Amazon they pretty much copied it pretty well obviously the details are completely off.

So let’s start there’s not crazy scuff marks anywhere which is really cool, I love that and it does have a little bit more of a squared off toe. But it is beautiful the stitching is all there it looks good and then you go to the horse bit detail and this is where it just goes down the drain it is a lot bigger. But it is not too obnoxious. But then you start looking at the actual detailing just the way they put it all together the finish and the plating is horrible it is under $100 there’s gonna be some details that are not the best they do have the two little stitches on each side where the little slit needs the tongue which is great the edges are very raw they are not even the same size it is completely off you can they’re. So jaggedy that’s even a word. But it is today and then also it does have a cut on the side of the shoe it is not seamless as you have on the Gucci on the inside. So they basically connect it to other pieces together to combine it and then they put the stitching which looks good.

But I do not like that it is not cohesive. So the point of breaking would be right here. But then you go inside there is double stitching for the insole to the upper that looks really nice you do have stitching sticking out pretty much everywhere in this entire shoe inside it does have a complete cohesive insole which is great then you turn around and look at that they try to copy the two-tone, I like it. But they missed the two steps no nails with detail. But they did put a detail along the edges of the soul which is pretty cool it is really nice. So putting the shoes on to compare the Amazon loafers look extremely similar to the Gucci loafers the only difference is obviously the horse bit detail een they are a little bit more squared off and of course there’s a little bit lower on the foot and not as high as the Gucci loafers. So that results in a little bit more room for your foot.

So when you walk they have a little bit of a flip-flop action happening, I prefer a little bit more snug and more comfortable. But I mean this shoe looks great and they look very similar someone did a very good job copying the Gucci loafers last. But not least our most inexpensive pair from Target or should, I say tarjay this is the brand and a new day that’s the new bridge that we are talking about these are from Target like, I mentioned my favorite. So like, I said these are the a new day kono blacklist slip-on loafer mules and they retail for twenty two dollars and ninety nine cents and, I got them in black and, I got them in a size seven and, I did try them on the ones that actually tried on they fit perfectly and these are made out of polyurethane lining and install and a hundred percent thermoplastic rubber sole all right. So I’m gonna look closer to the details of this shoe they are not as good as the Amazon ones obviously nothing is leather its polyurethane you can see that right off the bat. But they look really nice that’s a great inspirational mule, I like it, I did have a different brand of mules from Target that lasted me for two years. But they are very jaggedy.

But this pair does not look as good I’m just gonna put that out there it does not look as good as my previous pair look in it all the little details the little stitching the stitch is actually really good I’m looking at it, and it is actually nice and in line there is nothing extra the actual horse bit detail is stunning even though it is not exactly the same it looks really nice and, I like the little leather straps that they have attached they have the extra stitching on the sides of the leather apps to make sure they do not go anywhere which is really good the actual insole it is all one cohesive insole. But it is only glued the way, I can see that it is already coming off right here, and it is not completely light you can see it is a little bit off. But for 2299 I’m not complaining too much this shoe looks fine. But you can see the glue everywhere and then turning it around it is just black you have the heel. So yeah looking at the quality you can’t really compare these one to one just. Because they are completely different materials. But I still wanted to see how good or how bad they were compared to the Gucci, I mean these are full leather and these are full polyurethane with thermoplastic rubber soles these are a solid pair of shoes like I’m forcing to bend it and, I can’t really bend it cuz it is completely solid this like I’m I’m barely moving it, and it is bending over already after trying these on they do look similar enough.

But they are very different on their own the target once they feel very comfortable and they are probably the most snug out of all the other dupes or comparisons compared to Gucci the slit is not as big. So your foot feels nice and snug they do have a little bit more room just. Because they are cut a little bit more than the Gucci they do not sit up as high. So that’s that they have a little bit of a cushion in the foot which is nice, I mean they are great we all know, I love them, I love Target, I love these they are great. So overall let’s put it this way. If you have the money or. If you like spending and investing in designer shoes these are great these are amazing, I can see why.

So many people love these shoes first of all the design they are stunning they are polished they are chic they are beautiful and then when you put them on. If you do have a store that carries issues please go try them on you will know what, I mean they look. So nice on my feet they make my feet look. So slender they make my feet look. So good they are great shoe they are expensive though. So my next favorite pair of shoes for design-wise was definitely the sam edelman these are stunning, I didn’t think they are gonna be as beautiful as we were in the pictures, I think they’d be more beautiful in person, I think they are beautiful, I love the metallic studs you put these out you are like well what are those and then for the functionality and for design wise as close as possible to the Gucci shoes the Amazon ones they are beautiful they’re. So similar and they fit.

So well, I think it is stunning the quality is not comparable to the more expensive shoes especially the $680 shoes. Because completely in different price ranges. But for under $100 leather pair of shoes the quality is superb. If you buy these pair of shoes you will not be disappointed all right. So there we have it thank you for reading let me know which dupe was your favorite and I will see you on the next one, I love you all very much bye.

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