What You Can Do About Bad Breath

5 Tips To Fix Bad Breath Stop Halitosis Whoo. Oh! Gentlemen, bad breath nobody finds it attractive. In today’s post, ten tips to get rid of that nasty smell. Tip number one for getting rid of bad breath, gentlemen. Drink more water. It’s that simple. Bad breath, the most common cause is a dry mouth and you’re going to encourage basically bacteria that’s in your mouth and is naturally eating pieces of food that are left in there. They’re in there eating this and they’re emitting an odor. And if you don’t disrupt this right in here by drinking water, drinking fluids, then it’s going to emit this digestive basically smell right out and that’s what we want to prevent. Tip number two. Skip the breath mint, chew a sugarless gum for twenty minutes.

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What we’re doing, we’re tricking the mouth we are tricking the body into believing you’re eating food. When you eat food, you naturally produce more saliva, you started the digestive process. The saliva is being produced, it’s actually breaking up the buildup of the bacteria and you’re cleaning out your mouth. Now, twenty minutes is enough time that you’re going to go in there and clean things up. Now, why not go with a breath mint? The problem with a breath mint is it just covers the overall surface and it doesn’t really – you chew it maybe two or three bites or you just suck on it, but you’re really not producing much extra saliva.

What You Can Do About Bad Breath

So, gum is where you want to go because it’s going to help produce that extra saliva. Guys, wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a great tasting sugar-free gum that would freshen your breath, whiten your teeth, fight germs, and protect your gums? I mean it would be like awesome meeting science, right? Well, they’ve done it actually over at Confadent, the paid sponsor of today’s post, guys. And I love this company. These guys took science they applied it to gum and I just absolutely love what they’ve done. So the special ingredient here, CPC. It’s the same stuff that you’re going to find in mouthwash and they’ve put this into gum that is amazing. It tastes great.

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There are so many great benefits of chewing gum especially after you eat, but the whitening. Let’s talk about that. So, they use basically baking soda and a pineapple enzyme and what that does is it allows you to basically break things up after you’ve eaten a meal and it protects you from the staining effects. Now, they also use CPC which I talked about. That’s the secret sauce and that it won FDA approval. And basically, what CPC is it helps to reduce gingivitis, controls plaque, keeps halitosis at bay. There’s no sugar, there’s aspartame, they use xylitol. And xylitol, if you’re not familiar with it, it’s a natural sugar alcohol found in many fruits and vegetables out there. I’m linking to Confadent down in the description of this post. Go check them out. I’m also putting discount codes down there. So, if you want to buy pack, you want to sign up for their subscription service, you are going to save by using those discount codes.

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This is such a great thing to give as a gift or to keep in your vehicle, but to have available when you need it to have that fresh breath. So, guys, go check them out, I’m linking to them down in the description. Tip number three to get rid of bad breath. Brush your teeth properly. I know it sounds simple and you do brush your teeth, right? But, are you brushing your teeth properly? So, first off let’s talk about technique. Are you going in the circles? And if you’re not, if you’re going back and forth, you are damaging your teeth. You’re going to damage your gums and, yes, maybe you haven’t done it yet, but over time it will happen. I would say invest in electric toothbrush. Another advantage of an electric toothbrush is you press that button and a lot of them have two-minute timers. That’s key. You want to make sure to brush your teeth for two minutes. Most people do not brush their teeth for two minutes.

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I know, time yourself. I bet you’re not doing it for two minutes. Tip number four for getting rid of bad breath. Clean off that nasty tongue. Yes, your tongue is the hotbed, this is where all of that bacteria is living and growing and eating things and producing that nasty smell especially the back of your tongue. So, go buy a tongue scraper. Use that tongue scraper and be amazed at the nastiness that comes off of that tongue. Tip number five for getting rid of bad breath. Floss your teeth. So, my dentist has a sign, it says, “Only floss the teeth you want to keep.” I completely agree with this. Now, how does this apply to bad breath? Because before that stuff, you know, the plaque and the gingivitis that all develops, you actually have food that’s lodged in there that is encouraging that bacteria to eat, they are causing a very bad odor.

Don’t believe me? Go ahead, floss your teeth back there, smell that piece of food. That is going to smell nasty, I guarantee it. Tip number six to get rid of bad breath. Use mouthwash because it kills 99% of the bacteria in your mouth. Yes, they leave that small percentage which will grow back. But here’s the deal, you got an hour you got two hours in which you’re going to be fine because you pretty much killed all that bacteria. The next tip to get rid of bad breath is all about timing. Brushing the teeth, flossing the teeth, going in what the tongue scraper, using mouthwash, you want to make sure you’re doing this at the right time. So, if you wake up in the morning, you may have bad breath, but maybe, eat a meal first and do all these after you eat a meal. But, there are other times that it’s not as obvious, maybe you’re taking a two to three-hour flight, you catch a power nap, you’re about to go into a business meeting, but, hey, take care of your breath because you were asleep for two hours. Yes, you feel refreshed, but you produce less saliva and you are going to have bad breath. So, make sure when you’re doing all these things you get the timing right.

Next up, pay attention to your diet. So, many of you guys know garlic, onions, coffee, when you eat these things you drink these things, you will most likely have immediate bad breath. There are foods there are drinks out there that can combat the effectiveness of bad breath. So, look at cinnamon. Cinnamon is something that, yes, you can chew on something that you can add to your food and it actually has properties when it’s in your mouth to fight off some of the bacterial growth. Green tea is another great one. When you drink green tea, it helps to actually get rid of bad breath by, again, killing a lot of the bacteria in your mouth. Crisp fruits and vegetables are great as well. So, apples, celery, carrots, these are great because not only when you’re chewing them are you going to produce more saliva, but because they got that firm texture, they’re actually going to help scrub away bits of that bacteria. And let’s say you’re out drinking, you’ve got some options. You’ve got beer, you’ve got wine, but you’re worried about your breath. Go with the wine.

Studies have shown that drinking wine in moderation can help to fight some of the bacteria growth in your mouth which we know is going to help your breath smell better. Tip number nine for fighting bad breath, guys, keep your gums healthy. So, I’ve talked about flossing, food getting stuck in there, but if you don’t take care of your gums you don’t go to the dentist, gingivitis leads to gum disease. They gums once they recede, they never come back. Yes, you’ll get some tissue growth in there, but the actual gums themselves do not come back. So, take care of your gums, go to the dentist get that plaque removed. Now, this next tip for having fresh breath, this one’s obvious. Kick the tobacco habit. Guys, stop smoking. And if you’re smoking, come on, get rid of that. I want you to stay healthy. I want you to be reading my posts a hundred years from now, so please stop smoking because it’s not healthy for you and it definitely does nothing for your breath.

All right, gents, so if none of these works if you still have bad breath after implementing all these, you may have halitosis. And that is basically where you have very stubborn bacteria on the back of the tongue. They are things that you can get, so you go see your doctor. All right, guys, now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments. What did I miss? What would have added? I know you guys are all over the world and I love hearing different tips and tricks for maintaining fresh breath for getting rid of that bad breath. I want to hear from you guys down in the comments. And if you found this useful, please share the post, pass it around, give it a thumbs-up, give it a like. And, guys, go check out Confadent. I’m very proud to talk about. I mean they got a really cool story. I’m linking to their story down in the description.

There are no other gums out there can claim what these guys have done here. It’s FDA-approved, the whole CPC. Guys, I’m linking and putting more information in the support article down in the description of this post, but go check it out, just an awesome product. All right, gents, that’s it. Take care. I’ll see you in the next post. All right. So, here it is, guys. They got this tri-layer technology. Hmm. Wow! Can you feel it? Hmm. Hmm.

Wow. I haven’t experienced anything like this since putting on Tiege Hanley. Hmm. Wow! That’s good. But, Tiege Hanley goes on the outside, this goes into the mouth. Hmm. I’m sure some of you guys are putting Tiege Hanley in your mouth, but don’t do that. Not good for you. Okay? All right, guys. Take care.

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