Hi guys! in this post, I’m gonna review Peripera Ink Airy Velvet Liptint There are ten super beautiful and trendy colors and today I will sread these ten colors and give the review The texture is so light and smooth. it is really soft and velvety It is easy to apply, very pigmented, and does not dry the lips. So let’s start to sread the first color, which is heart fruit grape the color is bright reddish orange, suitable for summer and we are lucky that we live in Indonesia so that we can always use this color yap, just kidding when it is applied, it feels slick as silicon.


So it is so soft on our lips but this dries so fast that it is hard for us to create gradient lips the number two shade is pretty orange pink actually the color is not really matching because this one is more like peach to soft pink does not look as orange I personally like the color as the color is matching with daily makeup use the shade is soft so that it is suitable for no makeup day and this one also brightens the skin tone and the color is also more feminine the number three shade is soldout red this one is classic red with undertone of blue this color makes our teeth look whiter this red color will make our face brighter and also clearer I really love this color by the way, for the packaging, I think it is just so so it is not really fancy or glamorous but the applicator is really convenient to use number four is beautiful color pink in my opinion, the pink shade is more like fuschia rather than coral and the base is also undertone of blue it somehow makes my face looks yellow so I do not really like to use this color number five is elf light rose this rose color is really natural used on our lips it is like MLBB kind of color a.k.a My Lips But Better this shade is like my lipscolor, so this one is suitable for daily makeup use the color is sheer.

So for darker lips, I do not recommend this shade because I’m afraid the color does not stand out the number six shade is It Brown Coral the real color is much different with the photo that Peripera shares in the web in the photo, it looks really brown but when I use this, it is more like deep rose this Peripera Ink Airy Velvet has an okay resistance though it is not as proof as Peripera Ink, but it stays on our lips especially the bright shade ones the seventh color is My Brown Coral this one is quite sheer, so it needs to be built up but I like the color since it is soft and quite nude this one is good for full lips use since this shade is extremely natural it is matching with you who wants to use nude lip color but does not want to look pale number eight is glimpse brick brown shade the color looks alike with number seven shade but this one is more brown but the color is really soft in my opinion, shade number six to ten are softer and not really pigmented it is because the theme is fall to winter, maybe?

If your lips tend to look dark, I recommend number one to number five color because I’m afraid that number six to ten do not stand out when it is used in dark lips number nine color is legend brown red this one is dark brown color with a little orange this one is suitable in autumn I really like this color since this color is rarely to find the last color is dry rose brown this shade is the most pale color among all colors on my lips, it is pale pink to grey this color is tricky, only able to be used in certain skintone by the way, more than gradient lips, this liptint is better to use as ombre lips you can mix every single colors that you like I will use number two for the full lips and number three for the inner one and this is the result so, do I recommend this product? the answer is yes, of course! I love this liptint so much because the formula is really good and you guys should really try this liptint I have put the link where I bought this product, so just check it on the description box I also have a surprised giveaway for you, so if you want to know how to join, please check description box so, thank you so much for reading do not forget to like and comment Happy New Year! Bye!.

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