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Hey guys! It’s Linda Fink and I’m back with my twin sister, Allie. Hey guys! You asked me to bring Allie back so today she’s here to do a.

Twin Makeover Challenge! Woohoo! So when’s the last time we gave each other makeovers? I don’t know if we’ve ever given each other makeovers. I don’t think so either. We have very different styles and those different styles started when we were kids. And as we grew up, I think our styles just sort of evolved with our personalities and eventually it became pretty clear where the differences were. So how would you describe my style? Eclectic because you love to match different patterns and different styles, different colors. I think she’s a risk-taker. She’ll just throw on anything that I might look at and be like, “Whoa!” She’ll look at me and be like, “What are you wearing?” But then I see her walking on the street and she has the confidence and the personality to just rock it. Would you wear this? I don’t think I would wear this. No. If I was going to describe your style in three words, I would say classy, simple, and elegant. Ooh! And I do think your closet is a little bit more work-friendly because you do work in a financial setting. Yes. So that’s the other part. Linda obviously works at my blog, which is this creative company with all different personalities. Whereas, I work in finance and it’s a bit more buttoned-up.

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So today she’s going to dress me in something that she would get up in the morning and put on to go into Refinery. And I’m going to dress her not quite in something that I would wear to work. I want to incorporate jeans instead of something a little bit more formal. And not only clothes, but we’re also doing a full hair and makeup makeover on one another too. Because I have some ideas of things that I want to do to this girl’s hair. Our older brother, Robbie, is here. What are you eating? On my bed? Wow. Mmmmm. That looks delicious. So we’re going to get started. I’m going to do your makeup. You’re going to do my makeup. I’ll do your hair and you do my hair. I dress you. You dress me. Final reveal.

Couples Give Each Other Surprise Hair Makeovers

Wish us luck! I’m a little hot in this velvet sweatshirt. I’m going to start by just putting on some foundation all over your face. Can you keep it light? “Can you keep it light,” she asks just now. I don’t like y’all. How’s it feel? Fine. Step one. Let’s toast you up with some bronzing pearls. Contouring! Oh no. Let’s contour the cheeks. Oh god. That’s excessive! What is she doing to me? What is happening? Fluffy brush! I’m gonna put on you this dark green eyeliner. Green? Green. Wow! Such gorgeous lashes you’ve got here. Thanks. Coco Chanel says never to put mascara on your bottom lashes. Oh did she? You already have the world’s best brows, but I’m going to fill them in a little.

Whoa! Are you kidding? You made my eyebrows like five sizes too large. This is my makeover on you. I could do what I want. Oh my god. I look like a clown. A little highlight on the cheek. The Kylie Lip Kit! Oh my god. What is that? Smack ‘em. Okay. So Allie’s makeup is done. What do we think? I like it. I wouldn’t go with the lips quite as dark. We’ll see with the outfit. You ready to do my makeup? Yes. Okay, let’s do it. Okay so I brought my own makeup to do Linda.

I’m going to start with just some BB cream. What does this do? It primes, corrects, hydrates, and perfects. I’m just gonna go for my bronzer. Blush. Invisible Glow Highlighter Palette. Okay so now I’ll do a little bit of a brow fill-in. Yay! I’m not a makeup artist. Okay! A little bit of a smudgy look. I don’t love the clumpy look. Ah! Oh no! You need to look at me. I’ve been shot. Sort of a nude, very innocent. Smack ‘em together. Kind of just gives a shine. So we’ve just done each other’s makeup the way we would do our own. What do you think? Alright, let’s see.

Come here. I’m really not a fan of the very dark lip look. It’s sort of weird for me. But hey, you know what? To each of his or her own and it doesn’t look bad. I think you look great. Don’t worry. Thanks. The brows look great. Nice job. Thank you. I’ll give it to you. So the shadow, I think the shadow is nice. It’s subtle. I think the liner, to my taste, it’s a bit thick. It’s too thick. Are you ready for me to do your hair? Let’s do it.

Is it time for me to leave? Let’s do it. Yeah. Robbie out. Have you ever done the half-up half-down topknot? No. I have not. If I looked like you, I’d do this every damn day. No. Okay but go ahead with the topknot. Okay. Mmkay. Looks cute. Hair and makeup done. I’m putting Linda in my loafers, black skinny jean, white T-shirt tucked into the black skinny jean, and on top of that I’m putting her in this blazer. And depending on how I think it looks, I might throw on this belt just to complete the look. For you, we’ve got these high-top black shiny shoes. Those are terrifying.

Black leather short skirt. I’m gonna put you in this black lacey bralette. And on top of it, this very sheer Brandy Melville sparkly see-through long-sleeve. Whoa. Black choker. I’m going to glitz it up with these bright pink earrings. I’m not getting the effect of the platform shiny shoes. Overall, I’m kind of feeling cool and different. I really like the natural wiggle to the hair. I really like this blazer. I think I’m going to keep it. I do overall find the outfit a little tiny bit stiff. I’d rather be in this loose, flowing nothing top. Oh god. Well overall, I’d say you have great style. Thanks.

So do you. You think? Yeah. I think you look great. Hey guys! Thanks for reading our twin makeover challenge. click on comment button to read another post on my blog. Here to comment to our blog on . And right here for my personal blog. See you soon! Bye!.

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