How To Roll Up Shirt Sleeves 3 Ways To Fold Mens Dress Shirt Sleeve Male Style Advice

How To Roll Up Shirt Sleeves 3 Ways To Fold Menís Dress Shirt Sleeve Male Style Advice Hi, Iím Carl Centeno. The founder of ìReal Men, Real Styleî and today Iím going to be talking about how to roll up your sleeves. Okay if you have it already, go ahead and comment our You Tube my blog by doing so these posts will come right to you. In addition, if you like this post if you find it useful, please click on the like button right down here below. In addition, Iím going to link you right to an article which goes in to a lot more detail about rolling your sleeve and backward and half. Illustrations or pictures and Iíll talk in detail about each of the three types. So Iíve got three types. Iím only going to show you two. The first one is the basic rule after that weíre going to talk about the master roll and finally weíre going to talk about the AIFA roll.

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Okay so the basic roll is how it sounds basic and this is where you ñ you know I see this one as for people that have never people that have roll their sleeves and itís the most intuitive role I think that may most of us have done it sometime. And you just roll up normally so you use usually the cuff as the measuring point so you unbutton the shirt, fold back the first time on the cuff and this roll is limited because itís hard to take down. Itís time consuming to go up and it actually becomes the most constrictive as it goes up. Iím not going to go all the way up but as you can see, weíre basically going to be using the cuff as the measure and we continue to roll up, roll up and so we get pass the elbow. And Iíll touch on the debate as to whether a cuff should be above or below the elbow. Now depending on the shirt, this fit find three times and I said I wasnít going to show you the basic rule but I guess I just did. So let me go ahead and go back and weíre going to talk about the master roll. The master roll I saw in the marine corp quite often and Iíve also seen it with men who actually have shirts letís say with a contrasting color underneath. And this looks really well or really nice because itís actually simpler and when done with a bit of color in the shirt, I think it actually looks even sharper. So the idea is youíre going to roll the shirt up so you can see what Iíve done here. And then youíre going to roll up this bottom over that and you can do this in the combination of waist but if youíve got some color underneath here then all of the sudden youíre going ñ in the sense you donít want to show all that color. But you donít want to show something.

You can straighten that out and take the time to do that. So this is the one, I feel this has less constriction and itís really easy just to take right off. Just comes right off. Okay so that was the master roll. Weíve talked about the basic roll which I showed you. And now itís like about the AFIA roll and many people never heard of this one but thatís it. So I call this one the AFIA roll and this is the one that goes below the elbow and itís more about just letting in air. This is actually the roll I chose to go with. And so letís go ahead and get in to the second part of this, which is about do you want the roll to be above elbow or below the elbow. I personally like it when itís below the elbow unless Iím having to do work. So above the elbow if youíre having to do work, below the elbow if youíre just looking to cool off. What is in the signal that hey itís the end of the day and itís time to relax.

Letís have some beers. Letís take easy so this is you know if Iím out walking with my family and Iím just in a dress shirt and in denim or you know I like typically dressed. You can even do this under a sport jacket because thatís where it works pretty well and so these look great here. Now the reason I like this look versus the above the elbow. Itís like feel it, it doesnít violate the rule of in any place with the rule of thirds. So you can see here actually two thirds of my arm is covered. And this is a ñ you can do the Google search on the rule of thirds but visually I just think that this looks a lot better because when you go above the elbow. You go the half and half and go fifty- fifty on it on your picture, it never looks right. And if you I guess you go back to the Greeks and they will explain this a much better detail and better than I can. But basically by having two thirds and one third, it just looks better. It looks better with almost everything else on your body. And for me you know Iím not also a huge guy so Iím not ñ from that huge muscles.

I think that just makes me look more proportioned. Over all great look. So again we talked about the basic roll. We talked about the master roll and we talked about the AFIA roll. If you want to learn you know when about when you should roll your sleeves. I think we did the entire other post on that. Iíll play a link on that post down below. And if you got any otherÖ Öquestions, send it to us here at ìReal Men, Real Styleî. Take care, Ba bye.

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