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Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies to another creative short hairstyles where you choose to wear it or had it I’m excited for these hairstyles you will need a couple of things hair clips to make your life a little bit easier since we will be working with sections clear elastics or whatever hair elastics you like and then my favorite bobby pins this is the medic rip branch, I always get them from Sally’s Beauty either unplucked site or in-store five times these are incredible seriously love them love them and most importantly bring your open mind or keep your notes in mind whichever first things first let’s create three sections on the entire head the first section I’m going to do right kind of what the full hawk style section you want to start from the front to the very back of your head this next step is optional. But I’m going to add a little bit of pomade to my hair just to make the braids a little bit more controllable to where I’m going to place the sections, I like to do this when, I do an upside down braid. Because the hair is already going the opposite direction of where it is waiting usually lays. So, I needs a little bit of help and I’m using the style sexy hair control maniacs and this stuff smells incredible you just need a little bit on your fingers flip your head upside down and get your first tiny little section and divide it into three equal parts. So the three equal parts it creates your initial Dutch braid and the Dutch braid is where you take the outer sections instead of taking them over the middle you take them under the middle. So you do your first initial brave without adding any hair and then start adding little sections to the side sections once you reach the crown of your head I’m going to get back up and continue braiding like. So so it is a little bit easier in myself just continue doing the Dutch braid alright.

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So this is where I’m going to stop braiding I’m going to have at least two inches of hair left over. So this is perfect. If you have like bangs or something like this is great or a fringe. So I’m just going to finish this off like give it maybe one more show one two there we go and I’m going to take a clear elastic and just tie up the braid I’m just going to pick up the middle section out of my face for now get out of the way since this is an upside-down braid it is already a little bit more difficult than just a regular braiding where you set up or you stand up. So you are basically going in blind. Because you can’t see what you are doing. So the main thing here is you are feeling and touching what you are doing every step of the way.

So just take your time get back up get a breather go back down to basically get a lot of practice out of this. Because this is a little bit more difficult. But it is definitely worth it I’m going to do the same thing here once, I reach the crown or get close to it I’m just going to flip back up and make it easier in myself. So now that, I have no more hair left to add I’m just going to spray this section off to clear elastic and just tie off the braid none of the braids are done, I look like around. So now is the fun part where you kind of start taking a part of the braid only the middle one for this first rendition of the hairstyle and. If it is a little bit crooked kind of manipulate the position of the braid let’s do this all you have to do is just take the side sections and gently start picking or lifting the sections up with this middle section this is where you can get really creative you can curl it and let it hang loose give it a little bit of volume tease it up. But this is what I’m going to do I’m going to make it really dramatic and very Viking edge I’m going to take my hair a little bit and tease it you are going to take the ends and kind of tuck them underneath and roll it underneath going towards the front and on top of the braid take the hair and just pin it into your braid underneath and this is where, I like to use my mini bobby pins they are incredible we are going to take these side braids and create little roses right here in the front.

So all you have to do you are going to take the braid and you are just going to roll it nice and tight once it is rolled you are going to take your mini bobby pin and just secure the end right into your hair or into your braid to finish it off I’m going to take some of this big sexy voluminous and hairspray just to the front right here to settle down the flyaways just a little bit and there we have it for the first rendition of the creative hairstyle, I love it. So much, I feel very confident for some reason, I feel like, I have to be with those hairs definitely not for every single day for one of those events or for one of those days where you want to be very rocker esque or Viking esque or just something very different and creative what do you guys think with this one, I love it are you going to wear it or have it or. If you want to be totally insanely awesome just do something like this you will not get any looks or five minutes to ten minute stares from anyone, I promise you that much hey how you doing dog done do this do not do this not even, I tell you not to do it the next rendition is, I think a little bit more romantic, and it is a little bit more wearable, I would say on a more everyday basis. If you are into that kind of thing. So this one you will need a curling iron or curling wand slightly a smaller barrel this is a half no this is a 3/4 inch and this is the hot tools – for you 4 carat gold wand addition. So where you do next is you are going to take apart the braid. But just do not take it apart all the way.

So what you are going to do is you are going to pin the side suction not the middle sections. But the side sections this is going to help make sure the braid is going to stay in place once you are taken apart your braids just a little bit and you pinned it back with bobby pins we are going to start curling our hair from the back to the front in sections you are going to take the curls and we are going to twist them going towards our face. So the curls kind of falling down the cascading down your head. So the S Curl that you will get like these really cool tests getting curls kind of going down the front of your face. So we want to do is just keep like the top with the where the braid is kind of keep it together composed. But then these little hairs right here going towards the bottom I’m going to give them a quick brush with the same teasing comb bag when you doing this post and then once, I do that I’m going to give them a little tease up just to give it a little bit more volume and texture and then I’m going to go to the side where it is a deeper part where it is kind of going like this I’m going to take these hairs and kind of bring them towards the top like. So once you are done kind of messing around with it you can make the curls like droop down a little bit more or you can pick it up and give it a little bit more of a cheese right here towards the bottom and make it a lot more crazier since the rest of the hairstyles pretty crazy and intense just play around the hairstyle and just do what you feel looks best.

So what’s the verdict on this one where it or had it what do you think babe we are obsessed I’m going to give you guys one more rendition and this one is going to be really nice when, I take this middle section and clip it back just for now and we are going to undo these little roses that we did and then we are actually going to take the braid apart – like right here was like where the hairline begins you can divide the braid into two sections and just tie them both off with a clear elastic now we are going to same thing to the middle section and. But instead of two we are going to do into four sections and that’s the look I’m joking for and with all of these little mini ponytails we are going to create a pull through faux braid we are actually going to take a little bit of hair on the side of the ponytail and we are going to wrap it around the clear elastic just. So we do not want it shown. Because it is like the very first section and you can’t really hide it with other hair take that take your little mini bobby pin and do the little trick, I told you guys about on the little Ridge give it a little twist and just pinch. So what you do is you are going to split the first section in half bring the section that’s right above it towards the back just like. So which is split you are going to bring them up towards towards the top and create one big section again take this and we are going to take these two together and just tie them you can take this clear elastic out and just tie these two together. So you are not wasting too many elastics.

So now we are going to do the same thing, I took this thing out the wheat brought forward we are going to take it and split it again just like. So and we are going to take this new big section that we just pinned right through the middle and the split section bring it to the top take the section and just pin it down and just do the exact same thing you can take a nuclear last two just tie them together like. So or just take this one out and just make a new big section. So now that we have no more hair left to add we are just going to continue doing the same thing do it two more times. So you just split it underneath you can take this up to the top just to get out of your way and just tie it off definitely same thing just. But without adding another hair tie it off and then one more time Plus this one do we just commit engines do that and just tie it out for the last time next we want to do is just pull apart the full grade you are going to take the ends first and you are gently going to pull them out, and it is going to create like this heart shape every little section is going to look like a little heart and look really cute once you pull it apart to your desired shape and size we are going to take the ends of this we are going to take it underneath and bring it towards the back of the pull-through braid and kind of take it underneath the little sections that we pulled apart take your mini bobby pins and just secure the pulled part section that we did to the little section and we just put underneath of it take some of your hairspray and just calm down your flyaway since we did pull apart the hair a little bit and we craz it it up looking hairspray and just like Pat it down what do we think of this one wear it or had it I’m obsessed with it just. Because it is a very personal one to me it kind of reminds me of the slava girls like you know you see like in the books or you know like cartoons like they would have like this really crazy braid in the front it looks like a crown, I think this one’s a little bit more of a modern twist on it you know we need to have for that nope, I have a crown and this concludes another where it is or had its post let me know which one you would actually wear or definitely Pat.

Because it is a no-no or too crazy for you all of them for me, I love personally. Because it gives me a very fun and creative element to my life. But for now thank you so much for reading it comment down below thumbs up this post and I will see you guys next time, I love you all. So very much bye.

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