Creative Short Hairstyle Retro Faux Hawk

Are you ready for another where it or had it bah post thank you for getting post. So for this one we are gonna create one of my favorite hairstyles of fauxhawk and this one’s a little bit cool a little bit it is a lot cool in my opinion. So what I’m doing I’m just gonna take my hands first and create like a faux hawk from the top and then.

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If it is a little too crazy I’m gonna take my rat tail comb love this one, I will have it linked down below for you guys and just go once more again and then maybe like clean up the edges if, I need to clip that full walk away with your croc pins or any pin you prefer and that’s it that is the care style, I just get it alright. So here’s the fun part of this hairstyle we are gonna create kind of like a half Sun around the ear. So you have the ear here. So we are going to have sections of hair going up towards the Parden line that we create it or, I created with the little faux hawk on each side. So let me explain to you okay. So you come to your ear you find your ear like the top of your ear right here we are going to find it and then we are going to create a little diagonal line with the rat tail comb going up towards the parting line. So now that, I have my first section we are going to bring up that hair towards the parting line that we have created with a faux hawk or for that for Hawk.

So I’m just gonna take my brush and make sure, I just brush it up you want to bring it as close as possible to the parting line and bring it as tight as you can. So see it is nice and tight to my scalp take a clear last like a really tiny one just do not hurt yourself mmm snug duct on my tooth oh it is bleeding and, I ain’t cutting into bleeding mmm do not do that be gentle alright. So and then we are going to tie it off as close as possible to our parting line make sure you keep pulling the hair up. So it is nice and tight when you tie it off alright ah slick it is not bleeding too bad starting from the same section again we are gonna do a little diagonal go fine a little bit sideways like. So just see what it looks like first. So once you have your section bring it to the top and we are going to take this to the back. So we do not touch it you do the same thing bring it up to your party line and tie it off all right let’s keep doing this we actually just part of the back of my head before, I move on to the rest of these sections.

Because, I want to make sure the hair that I’m grabbing I’m only grabbing it right next to my ear not all the way around to the back hobbie actually helped me part it. Because, I do not have a mirror back here. So now I’m going to continue doing these little sections from my ear to the parting line. If it helps just bend your ear down. So you can see where to take the section and the last one to exact same thing Oh scared of these now dangerous alright let’s go to this side and do the exact same thing the only thing, I want is can’t stress enough is make sure you have the same amount of section. So in this one, I have one two three four five six sections make sure you have six on this side as well you do not want to have like ten versus six, I mean you can make it even more creative ah now I’m keep it six say hello to my little friends. So for all these sections we are going to create a faux braid you can get creative you can do whatever you want here you can just bring them up into the faux hawk like pin them down.

But I want to have a little bit of texture on the side just to kind of give a little bit of emphasis like for these party lines that we have created, I think that looks really cool. So what you do is take this first section and split it right in half. So you get two equal sections put it right in half we are going to bring this section right behind it forward take your little clip and just clip it down to your hair and these two section that we split in half we are going to bring them around the section that we have brought forward and then we are going to connect these two together this section that we brought backwards to the section right behind the second section to clear elastic and tie them together. So with the third and the first section tied together we are going to let go the second section we are going to split it in half that we just let go split it right in half and then this section right here we are going to bring it forward from then the two sections of the section we split bring it towards the back clip this section down and just connect the section we split with a section right behind and tie them off split it in half and bring this section forward bring these two sections towards the back and clip this one away and connect. So just continue doing this and you are always splitting the section in front and bringing the section from behind forward. So. Because there’s only two sections left this is what, I do.

So, I split the top section like, I normally would and, I bring this one underneath it just like. So and, I make sure to tie it off the two sections that, I split just side off underneath the section that, I brought forward alright. So then to finish it off just side them off together. So I’m gonna do the exact same thing on this side then we are going to come back and pull this fulbright apart just a little bit just give it a little bit more emphasis a little trip to these full braids do not tie them off too tight. Because you are dealing with smaller sections. So you do not need them that tight alright. So let me pull apart the braid just a little bit just like a side, I want a little bit more emphasis on the actual braid I will just I’m just going to pull up are at the outer sections just like that kind of creates like these really cute hearts.

So just take the two braids and tie them in the back as low as possible just to connect them and to keep them nice and tight on the sides of your head next just take all of your hair down we are going to create like a faux hawk to give this whole Hawk a lot more emphasis I’m going to turn on my curling iron and this is the half inch Conair we are going to give this full Hawk some curls and waves I’m just taking the hair and wrapping the hair around the wand just to give it a nice quick wave I’m going to do this to all the hair that’s in the faux hawk you can alternate the directions. If you’d like just to give it a little bit more dimension within you just continue doing this until you have no more hair left to girl make sure to keep your curls always going away from your face they are always going towards the back this will help with the actual fauxhawk. So always away from the face oh yeah, I look like a hot to me yes cool off the curls for about five to ten minutes and let them rest know what this looks like the George Washington wig, I feel like does not it look those perfect curls alright I’m gonna take my hands and fingers and I’m just gonna brush my curls through just. So, I get a little bit more volume out of it and they are not. So like tight and perfect just make sure you watch out for the side. So you are not do not messing them up alright. So make sure you have a teasing comb on hand this one right here is like one of my favorites, I get that, I got this one off of Amazon, I believe it is like the tease Phillips or something I will have it linked down below it is a really great wooden teasing comb we are going to start teasing sections.

So we are gonna take the first section from the front and then just start slowly just teasing it close to your roots next section. So these back sections make sure you do the back and the front like the front the top and bottom. So once it is nice and teased you can do it as much as you want we are going to start pinning the fauxhawk just a little bit just to make sure this four here is very emphasized. So we are going to take some of these side sections and bring them towards the middle take your mini bobby pins make sure they are bridge is towards the scalp and just pin them towards the middle just like that that way we will have like hair going like around it and do it on both sides. So these hairs right here on the very bottom I’m actually going to pick them up. So, I feel like it looks a little bit better just like these lower sections we are going to pick them up and just pin it away just a little bit and then the rest of the hair is just kind of like gonna fall right on top of it and hide it and this is how it looks, I just when, I pinned the sides, I just went back up fix up the curls added a lot of texture spray. Because you want your curls and your hair to sit and last all day long.

If you need more extra hold add hairspray on top of the dry texturizing spray. But this one is incredible. Because it has hold and texture which is exactly what I’m looking for this is the orbit dry texturizing spray. So what, I did was, I just bought some curls forward just to kind of give it that really retro fauxhawk luck that’s going forward and backward what do you guys think we are it or had it ah, I think my favorite touch of this whole hairstyle are the full braids. Because a fauxhawk already is. So edgy and kind of more rocker esque. But the braids or the full braids add a very elegant romantic touch and I’m obsessed pretty much obsessed it is an elegant punch exactly, I like that babe, I like a punch oh now there’s no cutting here it is just it is just gorgeous and this concludes our second post of where it or had it and, I already did ask you guys.

If you would wear or hat it, I kind of have to. Because I’m stuck with it. So I’m wearing it and we are gonna go get some dinner to a burger joint party or yeah party where you want to get invited to my studio yeah, I just, I love it I’m obsessed with it and we only did one for today just. Because this one definitely deserves to be showcased on its own it is that fabulous agreed agreed thank you so much for reading this post leave your comments down below subscribe. If you have not already welcome to my blog my name is mulatto and, I love you guys. So very much and I will see you in the next one bye.

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