How To Big Hair with OSIS DUST IT

Hi guys how are you. So today’s post is actually a review of one of my favorite volumizing products it is also started mattifying powder and this product is honestly amazing, I love it, I heard about this product for from one of my favorite hairstylist in Toronto Sabrina Rinaldi we were both styling a shoot on she was doing here and makeup of models and she used this product on pretty much everyone and, I was like oh my god what is this it is like some kind of a magic powder and she told me all about it and she said it is it’s really amazing and she’s you know she use it all the time. So um it kind of looks like a salt shaker like I’m gonna open it.

So you guys can see what it what it is like inside as you can see it has quite a lot of holes and what comes out of it is this white powder I’m going to show you unfortunately because there’s. So many holes whenever you try to get the product out a lot of it comes out and you do not need a lot to style your hair. So why this product and what does it do like, I said before um this product is great for giving you volume without actually having to you know tease your hair as you many of you might know what teasing your hair is not actually that great prayer here it creates a bit of breakage and you know if, I can avoid that great and that’s what this product does you know like right now my hair is a second day hair and as you can see there’s not a lot of volume going on it is pretty flat and what I’m going to do is show you how I’m going to use this product to give me a lot of volume without actually teasing.

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So I will just be sprinkling and sprinkling the product on and working my fingers to create that volume okay. So let’s begin all you need for this look is just this product which is the Osos dusted depending on how thick or thin your hair is if your hair is really thin you might want to use it all over your hair, I mean not really your hair because you only want to put it on the roots of your hair. So just on the scalp okay I will show you what, I mean by that.

So what I’m going to do right now is just sprinkle a little bit it is really weird just a little bit and then you just you do not ruffle it up with your fingers and then take another section and once you can see the sculpt you put it on the scalp. So you do not need any of this product on your hair just on the scalp and then again ruffle it up with your fingers and it’s. So great because like it only takes me 2 minutes in the mornings sometimes when my hair is really flat you can see there’s all this volume here and no volume here and I’m not even done because, I still have to do my back.

So you just ruffle it up and that’s it. So I will put a little more here and again like you do not want to put too much of this product just a little bit ok. So I will start with the other side and what I’m doing is just like circular motions with my fingers you know like, I go around and then I will do another section the same thing it is really like a miracle powder I’m telling you and we will just put a little more here on the slide, I know, I look a little crazy but this is what you have to do all right.

So as you can see already have a lot of volume I’m going to brush it out a little bit but, I still have to do my back. So I will just put this up a little. So, I do not know if you can see it but you know I will just try to touch the scalp and see where the hair is the hairline is and this is where I’m on the product, I do not want it on my hair and I will do just another section which is a little lower and you will fill the dot the powder on your skin it kind of has like a cool effect.

So whenever you sprinkle it you will actually feel it feel that it is there and go all over and activate the product. So the great thing about this dusted powder is that once you put it in your hair you do not have to reapply it the volume obviously won’t last throughout the day but all you have to do to reactivate the volume is just again you just ruffle up your hair and that’s it you are gonna have instant volume crazy okay and then I’m just gonna sort of brush it out all right just lightly brush through it and that’s it the only bad thing about this product is that it does it does stay in your hair and whenever you wash you try to wash it out with shampoos it might it might not all come out. So, I suggest if you use it all the time which, I don’t, I only use it maybe once a week you know whenever, I need that extra oomph or extra volume but if you do use it every day or every other day, I suggest that you use a clarifying shampoo to really cleanse out the product from the residue of the product from your hair other than that it is great um you can get it pretty much at any beauty supply store for about eighteen dollars if you are in Canada it is probably a little cheaper if you are in the States it is really great and it will last you for probably a year even if you use it a lot it’ll probably last you for almost a year.

I’ve had this for, I do not know four or five months and it is almost full because, I do not use it every day, I hope you guys enjoyed the post thanks for reading please comment and rate this post and you know try this product and let me know if it works and how it works for you thank you. So much again and I will see you guys soon.

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