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When I first started running I wanted those cute in-ear buds I saw everyone wearing at the races but, guess what? They just didn’t work for me. I would be running and then one would literally fly out of my ear. I must have odd shaped ears or something, because I would put them in and go on my merry way, and then bam, they’d fly out again. I was worried one was going to hit some other poor runner in the eye.

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I use some pretty sweet Beats By Dre when I write but they have a cord that gets in the way when I’m running, so finally, after months of headphone drama, I broke down and bought some wireless over-ear Beats that stay on my head and sound amazing. Yes, they’re pricy, but dude, I’m not scrambling all over the road trying to find those stupid buds that kept shooting out of my ears. It was so worth it!

You may feel a bit self-conscious when you run outside the first few times. It’s weird, because I only feel that way in high traffic situations, like suddenly there’s a bunch of cars zipping past, and I freak out a tiny bit. They’re staring at me! Do I look okay? This is totally normal, so if you have the funds, go and get a few sets of exercise clothes you feel sexy in. I personally love pink and other bright colors, so I have a whole bunch of pink running gear it makes me feel badass and sexy and it gives me a bit of comfort in the knowledge that drivers will see me when they drive down our main road where I run; it’s pretty hard to miss a six-foot-tall lady in bright pink from head to toe.

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Another item I stumbled upon and fell in love with was the running skirt or tutu. These skirts are so darn cute and so comfortable to run in! When it’s warm out you’ll see me running in a super cute, limited edition Cupcake running skirt. Mine even has pockets! It doesn’t ride up and will keep you cool when you walk, wog or jog. They also hide any extra movement you might have in the rear, if you have a bit of junk going on in your trunk.

I really think it’s the little things that keep you going. Consider making this running skirt a reward for meeting a goal or besting your previous record. They come in all sizes, colors, and shapes, so I’m sure you’ll find one you like. If you need help picking one out, just let me know, because I love shopping for this stuff!

I also sweat a lot, so I wear a lot of fun headbands that keep my hair and sweat from being all in my face. This stuff will make you feel sporty and super cute! A word of caution, though: you should NOT do crazy makeup on a race day. It’s only going to stay on your face for about two seconds, and then it’ll be running down your face and stinging your eyes and getting in your mouth and it’ll taste nasty and you’ll look like a bedraggled raccoon, so no to the make-up. However, I do make sure my nails are painted, and I always wear sunscreen and some lip-gloss.

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If you’re running in the cold like I’m ALL THE TIME, then make sure to keep some lip balm or gloss with you good running pants will have a little pocket you can stick it in. I love my Graced By Grit running jacket because it also has awesome arm pockets for my phone and other things I might bring with me, and you can also get some really cheap running belts that will hold your phone, keys, gloss etc. Just don’t forget to remove your belongings before you wash your stinky running clothes!

I also want to talk a bit about running tech. There are so many awesome wrist gadgets on the market that I think it’s important to touch on this topic for a moment. I’ve tested the FitBit, Garmin and the Apple Watch while I’ve been running. For me, it’s a toss up between the FitBit and Garmin wearables. Both of them have a heart rate monitor, and I also like their social media notifications.

All of these options have great apps that will track your progress and help motivate you on a daily basis, and you can even challenge your family and friends, especially with the Garmin. The Apple Watch is awesome if you have the budget for it I’ve actually called my husband from my watch while running. It’s great for emergencies too, like the time a wheel busted off the jogging stroller and Jack was a mile ahead of me.

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We really like Apple products in our family: we all work on Macs, even the kids, and neither Jack nor I can go anywhere without our big iPhone 6 Plus. The Apple Watch health app is really cool because it sort of learns your habits and challenges you to push harder. It’s sort of like having a personal trainer on your wrist my watch will prompt me to get up and move every hour, which actually does make me think about standing up and moving around when I’ve been on my butt working for too long. It always pushes me to work out harder and longer, and prompts me to beat my last time.

The other really cool thing we’ve found is a weigh scale that connects to our health apps; it’s nice to be able to see a graph of your health stats all in one place, right on your cell phone. I’ve seen these scales priced from between $50 and $200, so if this is something that might really help you, go for it!

In no way are any of these things necessary, but they are cool and they provide added incentives. Knowing the cycle of your body and being able to see each morning if those pesky weight fluctuations are muscle, water, or hormone cycles is useful knowledge to have. Because we waste so much time guessing, having the real info in the palm of your hand can be a relief and a blessing.

Just don’t become obsessed with the numbers. Your body needs grace and time.

Pro Tip: When looking for shoes it’s a great idea to get fitted at your local running shop. Many of them will have you step on a machine that can figure out which particular shoe will be best for you. You’ll need a half to full size larger than your normal sneaker for running, so it’s a good idea to be professionally fitted. Get the pink, orange, or purple ones! Stand out in the crowd!

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