Hey guys welcome back to my blog today. I want to share with you a 3 really effortless and easy ponytails some with a little bit of braided detail but they are really quick to do for spring and summer. I think effortless hair is going to be a huge trend at least, I’m hoping. So because it is a personal favorite of mine.


So these hairstyles are perfect to create that effortless vibe they are great to just change up your everyday hairstyle and try something new because they are really quick to achieve like the takes minutes not even. So let’s get started, I’m starting out with my hair already waved. I think that’s the best way to achieve that effortless vibe and, I just went in with my one and a quarter inch Conair curling iron just curled all the hair away from my face and then. I combed it out afterwards for these hair styles depending which one you are doing you leave between one to two clear elastics and then. I ended up using a one bobby pin.. So I was good to have these on hand this first hairstyle might be my favorite.

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I had to call to double knot. So what you want to do is throw all of your hair behind your shoulders and then divide all of your hair into two equal sections down the back of your head with those two sections we want to tie them around one another. So, I’m going to bring my left section under my right section which creates an X and then pulling that bottom section up and through the cross we created if this sounds confusing it is just the same step as the first step you do when you are tying your shoe it is super simple it should look similar to this and now, I’m just trying my best to keep mine super tight to my head and, I’m going to repeat the same step one more time. So, I’m crossing that left section underneath of right and then pulling it up and through the cross that we created once you have created two knots it should look similar to this and then to hold it into place you just want to secure the ends with a hair elastic now this looks great but if you want it to appear more effortless just start tugging on the sides and grabbing little pieces. So that it is not. So perfect this will not only give you that effortless appearance but it also makes it appear as though you have a fuller thicker hair. So there it is the double knot that takes seconds to do and you could wear this lower and loose or.

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I love to wear it to the side as well. I love this next hairstyle it can be dressed up or dressed down. I just love that it looks hard but. It’s so simple to do first tie all of the hair above your ears into a ponytail on the middle of your head making sure to leave down the hair that’s below your ears and, I’m just going to gently pull out small pieces just for more of an undone look once you are happy with it take that bottom section divided it down the middle into two and just place both sections out of the way starting on the left and going to slide my index finger up through the bottom poking out the top a little to the left of the center, I’m going to grab the right bottom section crossing it up and over and then, I’m going to hook it underneath my index finger using my finger like a hook, I’m just going to pull that section of hair through and underneath and then repeating the same thing on the right just poking my index finger up through the bottom. So it pokes out the top a little to the right of the center and, I’m going to create a hook with my finger and, I’m pulling that left section up and over. So it is crossing over that previous one and then with my hooked finger and just pulling it down and through before you secure these you just want to pull the two sections. So that they are nice and tight and you can either secure them with a hair elastic but.

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I just used a bobby pin once secure go ahead pull out some small pieces to rough it up a little bit and there it is so simple literally just by adding two extra steps to your ponytail it will give you the most beautiful hairstyle in minutes. I saved the easiest hairstyle till last but. I just love this one because it appears. So effortless, and it is just a quick way to change up a simple ponytail you will want to gather all your hair into a ponytail. I think this looks really pretty nice and low and i’m just going to pull out some section make it look like. I just casually threw it up and, I find pulling out the lower sections around my ears really helps to achieve that look and then all you are going to do is split your bottom section into three equal pieces and do a three strand braid. I braided it about one and a half times.

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So that every section was incorporated into the braid you do not want to braid it too much and then once you are done secure the end with a hair elastic feel free to leave it like this but. I wanted a more lived-in look. So, I’m just pulling on the sides of the braid to loosen it up a little bit and you could also do this with a fishtail braid a pull through braid or any of your favorite braids. I think that it would look great and there we have it super simple but. I just love the subtle detail that this hairstyle has. I think it makes it really special there you have it you guys that is how easy it is to achieve these three effortless ponytails. I just love how quick these hairstyles are to do and they look great at the same time.

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I think these are so perfect just to get the hair up off your neck in a really cool and unique different way. I used to wear my hair in a ponytail every single day in middle school and, I really wishes these tutorials existed. So that I could have switched it up but. I really hope that you guys enjoyed this and gain some inspiration from these hairstyles you will have to let me know if you would try them out. I love if you shared your recreations with me as well let me know which hairstyle was your favorite.

I think the double knotted one is my favorite especially because. I can do it on this side of my hair without a ponytail and it stays in place. I think these look really great if you were to sleep on them you will get that even more effortless vibe if that’s what you are but yeah. I think you guys. So much for reading and I will talk to you guys in my next post bye.

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