5 Minute Hairstyle You Can Wear Anywhere

You might have seen this hairstyle on Pinterest but. I decided to do a tutorial anyway cut pictorials are sometimes a little bit hard to follow. So I hope you guys like this is one of my new favorite hairstyles. Because it’s. So versatile you can wear it every day you can dress it up you can even wear it to work out for us yoga or palates or something where you are not going to be bouncing around a lot. Because. I do not know if it would hold too well if you went jogging in it but yoga, and Pilates it would work. I hope you guys like this cut. I think it’s. So pretty. And I think it is great for back-to-school as well. Because. I do not know about you guys but in the mornings. I do not want to spend an hour on my hair. I want my hair to be done, and be cute, and me be gone. And I can sleep later. So I hope you guys like this cut. I think it fits that whole thing. So whatever you are looking for. I think this is a good hairstyle for it. And I can do be done on shorter hair obviously you are not going to wrap your hair around as much as. I would but you can still do it even if your hair is only to your shoulders. So yet for that. And I think that is finally it. I will see you guys in my next post what. I begin by placing your headband where you like it depending on how tight or how loose it is you might want to pin just behind your ears to hold it in place.

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So it does not slip around while you are trying to work cut that can be really frustrating step is to go ahead, and separate your hair you are going to do about three sections if you have fine to medium here if you have very thick hair you might want to bump it up to four sections but just play around, and see what works best for you step three is to wrap each section, I will starting on one side, and just wrapping the hair around the headband it is really easy, and what. I did was to wrap it kind of tightly as. I went, and then once.. I got it all wrapped except for maybe a little bit. I went ahead, and loosened it up that way you get the shape that you like but it is really stable. So you can see here, I will kind of loosening it, and getting it to the shape that. I like, and then optionally you can pin it for added stability if you have fine or silky hair you definitely want to pin it. So that it does not slip out throughout the day then continue to wrap each section around the band, and that is really all we are going to do here is to wrap it, and then you can choose to leave it really tight or to loosen it depending on your personal preference but you can see here that.

I’ll wrapping it rather tightly then, I will going to go ahead, and loosen it up to the place where. I like it. So you can see right here just kind of sticking my finger in it, and pulling it out just a little bit till. I get it where. I like it, and then, I will going to pin it in place. So that it does not move anywhere for thick hair or curly hair you might not need to pin it you are just going to have to kind of feel it out, and see what works for you then take that very last section, and start on the outside, and wrap it in toward the sections that we have already done again loosen it, and pin it in place as you need this hairstyle looks phenomenal on curly, and thick hair just for the record.. I left my hair straight just to show the short or the straight hair girls that it could be done but it looks. So good on curly hair you have to try it with curly hair if you have curly hair, and then you are going to go ahead, and pin any wobbly areas, and you are done you have got your nice little style.. I wore this all day long, and it didn’t move on me. So it is really great whether you want to wear it like. I’m right here for every day with just a nice normal headband, and cute dress or you could wear it with a fancier headband, and the nicer outfit for maybe a special occasion that you have going on, and it is really nice, and simple, and quick for that or you could even wear it to work out now again. I do not know if it is great for like bouncy sports but if you want to do it for yoga or palates or something like that it would be. So cute. So I hope you guys like this here’s some more hairstyles you might like. I have my Emily Maynard, and Khloe Kardashian waves my uprated summer waves, and my Katniss Everdeen reaping braids. Because those are my go-to second day hairstyles, I will see you guys in my next post bye.

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