8 Best Hair-Styling Products for Curly Hair

Mielle Brazil Curl Hair Mousse, $11

Hey it is shaunell from pretty hair is fun, and today I wanted to do a post all about products I get questions all the time about what hair products we use, and what I use on my daughter’s hair and. So I thought I would just do a post, and show you the things that we use pulled right out of our bathrooms, and out of our cupboards.

So that is what all of these are these are things that we use everyday, and these are the things that we like the most, and what works best on our hair so to begin with I will start with shampoo, and conditioners now I have a different hair type than my daughters my hair is naturally curly it tends to be a little bit more dry.

8 Best Hair-Styling Products for Curly Hair Photo Gallery

Mielle Brazil Curl Hair Mousse, $11 Buy it: $11 (originally $14), jcpenney.com

Ouidad Curl Immersion Triple Treat Deep Conditioner, $30


Ouidad Curl Immersion Triple Treat Deep Conditioner, $30 Buy it: $30 (originally $38), ulta.com

Curls Blueberry Bliss Twist-N-Shout Cream Hair Cream, $11


Curls Blueberry Bliss Twist-N-Shout Cream Hair Cream, $11 Buy it: $11 (originally $15), jcpenney.com

Mixed Chicks Coil, Kink, and Curl Styling Cream, $9


Mixed Chicks Coil, Kink, and Curl Styling Cream, $9 Buy it: $9 (originally $12), jcpenney.com

Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner, $21


Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner, $21 Buy it: $21 (originally $26), ulta.com

Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream, $7


Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream, $7 Buy it: $7 (originally $9), walgreens.com

Mielle Organics Hair Gel, $10


Mielle Organics Hair Gel, $10 Buy it: $10 (originally $13), jcpenney.com

The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian 24-Karat Gold Glistening Gel, $12


The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian 24-Karat Gold Glistening Gel, $12 Buy it: $12 (originally $15), jcpenney.com

So I have to find products that are extra moisturizing, and for that reason I love biology that is what I use on my hair almost exclusively. I really love their color care shampoo. Because I do color my hair, and their conditioning balm my daughters use these as well not the color care. But they use their hydrating shampoo, and it just really works great they do not need a lot of the extra moisture like I do.

But it works really great on their hair, and it gives it a nice shine, and it smells good which is important, and to me, and it just makes her hair soft, and it more manageable another conditioner I love, and my huge gallon size here is red kunal soft this is great too, and it works very similar to my lodge as well so moving on some of my favorite hair tools is the wet brush.

I have done a review on this on my blog before it is so great for combing out wet hair, and dry hair my girls like using it cuz it does not pull, and it is easy for them to use. And then this is my favorite comb, or you can get one just similar to it what I love about this comb is its long, and it is got these points on either, and that are great for parting if you can see those, and you can see there’s no section. So I loved that I found this at sally’s it is a barber comb, and it is a crust so anything similar to this is great with long teeth, and it is got both the white, and the narrow teeth on it so next are styling products that we love this is one.

I use a lot you can tell it is almost gone this is red can align twelve this is great for when I want to straighten my hair it just helps give it a little bit of smoothness, and shine I love that one um prepping products like this, one this is a matrix color kerr miracle treat it is a lotion they call it, and you would squirt it on your hand, and work it into the ends of your hair that helps protect, and to smooth any dryness this works very similar as well this is a shine oil treatment, and I normally use a biologic einde. But this one I got from sally’s its bio terra, and it works great as well it helps seal the cuticle of the hair, and helps give some shine which is something I need a lot in my hair. Because of the coarseness of it and.

Because it is a little bit drier so if you have that kind of hair type this is a great thing to use after you styled your hair, or even beforehand this is little green conditioning hair detangler I use this on my girls all the time I love it it is one of my favorite hair detanglers especially on my daughter with a long long hair, and it does not leave their hair feeling goopy, and it works really well this is a heat thermal protectant spray this is a cheap brand which is great I have never had a problem with any that.

I have used they just protect the hair from high heat tools these are my favorite hair sprays this biologic spritz I use this when my hair is curly when I have styled curly with moose, or with gel this is great it is a pump, and that works really good on those kind of hairstyles these two are aerosols which work great on dry hair styles so, or straight hair styles, and this is what I use after I curled my hair at the curling iron, or on my girls hair a lot when I am paraded it, or I put it up so those are the two ways you can use these two types of hair sprays, and my favorite aerosol czar is this ripken fashioned work.

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