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Hello its Cinderella here today no I’m just kidding today I’m going to show you how to create this beautiful hairstyle that Cinderella wore in a movie Cinderella recently for the whole movie she had this really beautiful waves very effortless and feminine and I’m gonna show you how to create the waist and then the rest of the look is this beautiful rope headband the short to the ball when she needs the print.

So if you want to see how to recreate this hairstyle then keep on reading now I’m gonna start with curling my hair to get those pretty Cinderella ways but before, I start curling my hair I’m just gonna take a comb and create a middle parting because that’s what Cinderella has in the movie. So I’m just gonna take the comb and I’m gonna draw a straight line right in the middle and then just fix it with my hands. So once I’m happy with the results I’m gonna just stop here and the next thing I’m gonna do I’m gonna quickly give my hair brush to make sure there are no tangles in my hair and as you can see I’m wearing my Umbra blonde hair extensions today I’m gonna start with my left section.

And I have already sprayed my hair with heat protectant make sure you do that do not skip that step and the trick really with curling the hair for cindrella waves is to work with small sections and also to work with a barrel that starts thicker and becomes thinner. So if you just look at it this way you will see sort of a one-inch that goes smaller I’m going to be also using a hair clip to section all the hair and I will just start with a small section to show you the first step and for now, I do not need to clip it away. So I will just put this away.

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So what I will be doing is I’m gonna start curling right from the top because we are really more tied bouncy curls that I’m gonna pull to create waves and I will show you how I’m gonna do it. So just gonna wrap this around the barrel first oops, I think the other hair wants to get in there okay. So one more time just wrap this around the barrel and just hold it for 10 to 15 seconds and then I’m gonna just slowly release it into my palm let it sit there for a second and then I’m just gonna pull this wave, I mean I’m gonna pull this curl and as, I pull it as you can see it just looks more like a wave now as it sits there it is also gonna loosen and look really really nice now I’m just gonna continue with doing the same stuff.

So I will just show you one more section quickly. So again remember to work with small sections remember to start curling right at the top of the hair and to curl away from the face just like that. So we are wrapping the hair away from the face just go a bit lower on the barrel.

So it starts thicker and go smaller and as you can see I’m curling all the way to the very end of the hair. So even the tips of the hair I’m holding as well notice that I’m not wearing a glove but, I do recommend wearing a glove I’m just used to heat, I can touch a really hot curling barrel and not get burnt but, I do not recommend doing that okay. So once, I release it into my hand let it set for a second, I just sort of unravel it with my hands.

So just pull on the curl which creates more of a wave makes it look more effortless and then I’m going to continue doing the same thing on all of my left section I will just speed it out for you all right. So I’m now down with my left section and I’m gonna move on to my right section technical break jamesy all right. So now that, I finished curling all of my hair and, I have my Cinderella waves I’m gonna go into the final step which is creating this rope braid that will go right here on the top of my head and I’m just using a four clip luxy hair wefts and I will show you how to create a rope braid now alright.

So, I have my four clip weft here and usually what, I do is, I put something heavy on top of the work to hold it why, I will be creating the brain and, I have the top of my Eiffel Tower just to hold it while I’m going to be creating the row braids okay. So now I’m just going to split the hair in two and I’m going to twist one section to the right and I’m going to twist the other section to the right as well and then I’m just going to wrap them around each other like that and as, I do that, I continue twisting them both to the right and then around each other to the right and around each other and I’m going to continue doing this all the way to the end of the braid and once, I get to the end of the braid I’m just going to use a hair elastic just to secure the braid at the end now next step is a bit tricky and it is attaching the row braid onto my head it is tricky because you just got to be careful that nothing is showing wait first I’m gonna hold on to this braid put this down and I’m just gonna create an opening here too on my left side I’m just too excited. So, I do not follow my own steps sometimes alright.

So once, I do that I’m just gonna place this left section here and grab a few bobby pins they are my best friends what, I do with our bobby pins, I do not know and just slide a few bobby pins there alright I’m just checking this section because later I’m gonna go over and pin this section as well. So that looks great. So now I’m going to do the exact same thing on the right side just gonna grab a few bobby pins and clip this right under my ear and behind now that.

I’ve clipped in the headband I’m gonna move on to the very last step of this tutorial and that is to gather all of the hair that’s framing your face and wrap it around the headband. So just the hair that’s framing the face twist it go over the headband and then grab a few bobby pins and pin it in place. So that’s kind of what Cinderella had if you prefer your hair right in the face kind of like this then just leave it like that but you know for the sake of the movie I’m doing it exactly how Cinderella had it.

So you can just pull on the section just to see how you like it and then I’m going to do the same thing on the left side it is a bit different for me because usually, I prefer to wear my bangs in the face but it is nice it is nice to do something different for a change. So I’m gonna do the same thing here just like wrap it twist the hair grab a few bobby pins and just slide them in alright. So once you have clipped your bangs away this is what you should have and this is the finished look alright now, I only wish, I had a pretty dress on what whoa not bad, I wish every time, I clapped my hands my wishes would come true I’m.

So not ready to go out with this beautiful dress and hair let me know how you guys like the Cinderella hairstyle down below if you had fun reading this post make sure to like this post down below as well if you watch the movie let me know if you liked it and if, I should go out and watch it as well thank you. So much for tuning in, I love you guys. So much send you lots of magical kisses and hugs and I will see you next week bye nice.

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