Creative Hairstyles Chopstick Curls Tutorial

Hey all, Welcome back my love’s today I’m excited and slightly nervous. Because we are testing out another a new hair tool the chopstick curler slide. So this is chopsticks Tyler the reason why it is called that.

Because it legit resembles a chopstick it is the size and the curls they are going to be very tight very spiral, and it is going to be a lot of volume to your head. Because there’s going to be a lot of the curls. Because the size of the Swan is very tiny it is it’s a very tiny wand it looks very cool. So it comes with the actual wand it is pink and then it actually comes with the glove as well. Because it is clipless. So let’s see. If we can create a ramen noodle head oh, I like that better poodle heead.

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So this is what the one looks like it comes in a very hot pink color and this is the only one that, I found from the guy Lee Stafford. So far from first impression it feels and it looks slightly cheap which it was it was 40 bucks which is a pretty standard price for our curling wand and the only downside, I already have to say about this curling wand is it does not have my preferred heat settings it only has on and off switch and this barrel heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit which for me is extremely hot, I try to stay below 365 Fahrenheit just. Because my hair is already damaged, and it is bleached. So, I try to give it as much love as, I can when, I use heat. So not as hot. But for today I’m still very interested to see how this works and how my hair feels afterwards. So I’m excited to give it a go.

But first and most important thing he protect it as per usual I’m going to section my hair off right above my ears for my protectant this is my choice right now this is the bumble and bumble bee be styling lotion probably had this for over a year already, and it is not not even halfway down like, I said a lot of a lot goes a long way a lot a little goes a lot yeah a lot would go a long way right that’s funny. So there’s no really any directions of how to curl your hair for this kind of just like a regular curling wand feel like I’m going into surgery I’m gonna grab a section of here, I just do not know how much hair, I should grab let’s do smaller sections, I think I’m at a time, I saw how long it is going to take me I’m going to take it away from my hair my face first and wrap it around yeah the glove is definitely useful this is really nice that way you can grip get as much of the hair on the wand as you can what right I’m going to try to take smaller sections soup that does anything Wow that’s even worse I’m trying to be optimistic about this oh okay, I just burned my ear mmm this is what it looks like. So far it feels it does not feel that good it does not look as shiny as what a promise is since this right here is actual wand is ceramic plated. So what’s supposed to give it that shiny looking here after your curl I’m going to try to continue with this and see how long this actually takes me which, I think is going to take a while I’m definitely gonna look like a poodle like a perm gone bad all right. So for this very top section I’m actually going to start from the very back since I’m not going to part it in any particular way. So I’m just gonna do kind of like a fauxhawk style curls going from the back to the front it is actually easier to do it without a glove on the very top since their sections are a lot smaller and, I can control my hair a little everything we need some earmuffs for this office all right, I figured it out we are gonna take a hot nurse and create hotness oh yeah how long did it take you to come up with that one last one you guys oh yeah we are gonna let these girls side culottes and then we will come back and try to make it even more crazy that literally took over an hour to curl our and five minutes that’s a lot of work you guys my butt hurts, I go cool it off right now stretch it out then five to ten minutes we are gonna try to create something. So, I brought my old trusty oil, I definitely did a lot of hair oil for this I’m either gonna use the Kerastase or the bumble and bumble invisible oil.

So first what I’m gonna do the committee is this one that it leaks at the Karis last one yeah yeah yeah definitely all right, I think I’m just gonna bend my head down and just kind of go at it maybe should, I or should, I try to just go at it can, I oh my gosh that’s what, I was hoping for thank you for all your dreams coming true yes. I’m so happy. But yet you guys see that it is definitely giving you the really tight spiral curls thank you, I can’t take this seriously this is way too cool, I definitely need more oil that’s party arey there this is legit party hair like if, I come to a party, I’m the party let’s let’s be honest, I do not know what to do with these fried hair. So overall I’m actually very impressed with the way it kind of came out, I actually like yeah, I think it is really fun it is really edgy, and it is definitely party hair you guys I’d wear this to any party. But you know what, I would do. But take some bobby pins and just pin it back, I think that would look super cute actually and there we go, I think we have got something, I call this a winner winner in my book what do you guys think, I think it is too crazy nah this is definitely fun Wow why do not we pop this up with someone or, I should sucker out we are gonna brush it out are you guys ready for this it’s. Because I’m hot let’s do this yeah fly this looks.

So soft and pillowy it is like if, I fell right who s kinda harsh the thickest ice all right now my head would not hurt this would be like my saving grace my head yeah hold on you guys, I think, I got some hair in my eye Andres loving this I’m dying here Andre wants me to get a bandana and/or headband and put it like right here let’s do this let’s see what it looks like yeah you know that sunshine Hey we are just having way too much fun with this you guys this is exactly what you should do, I look like the Sun knows you know how much in deposits oh yeah you guys like this hey wait hey hashtag wear it or had it, I will not tell you my answer sadly, I wear it and this concludes our post, I hope you guys had as much fun as, I did. Because it was a blast it is definitely really fun. But which option would you actually wear and would you actually wear this kind of hair is it too crazy for you is it took early for you, I love it personally, I like the more crazier hairstyles let me know which one was your favorite thank you so much for reading this post, I love you guys also very much and I will see you in the next one bye.

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