Cute and Easy Braided Bubble Hairstyle

Hi I’m here today to show you a new beautiful and fancy hairstyle, I just wanted to mention that I’m recovering from a food poisoning and, I almost didn’t want to post today because.

I’ve just been feeling really really weird but then you know, I thought when you feel bad actually and you do something you enjoy it always makes you feel better. So, I thought you know what I’m just I’m still gonna do it and at least I will have fun for the half an hour that it is all now I’m gonna call today’s hairstyle a braided bubble hairstyle, I did a variation of this hairstyle before inspired by Valentino runway fashion show and this one is very similar but with a bit of a twist. So let’s get started now the first thing I’m gonna do as always is just put my hair and give it a quick brush and I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions today I’m wearing the Umbra blonds head now once, I brush the hair I’m gonna choose which side I’m gonna braid on, I usually braid on my left side.

So I’m just gonna bring all the hair here and I’m going to start with just doing a simple regular three strand braid. So I’m just gonna split the hair in three sections and I’m gonna braid it once and twice now once, I braid it twice I’m just gonna grab a hair elastic and just secure that once. I have secured the first braided bubble what I’m gonna do is first I’m gonna push the hair up now there’s always 2 steps you sort of tighten the hair and then the second step is you start pulling it.

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So I’m not just gonna pull the braid sideways I’m going to go from the back and the front. So sort of like three-dimensionally pulling it from all the sides and it is going to be kind of like that quite gigantic and I’m just going to leave it at this for now I’m going to brush the rest of the hair and I’m gonna grab a really tiny strand of hair from the right and I’m just gonna wrap it around the base where the ponytail is now I’m not really going to secure this or put it like a pin or anything I’m just gonna grab the end of this hair and kind of incorporated my next braid. So as you can see, I just add it to the rest of the hair I’m going to split the rest of the hair into three strands again like that and just going to do same thing I’m going to braid twice again.

So once and twice one two and then at this point I’m gonna grab another hair elastic alright. So just going to secure this one as well and here we are going to do the same thing. So I’m just gonna start grabbing this braid from the back and front and just pulling parts of it and also tightening the elastic.

So you are kind of pushing it up and then you spreading it out just like that from every possible way that kind of what creates the whole bubble effect now I’m gonna do the exact same thing. So I’m just gonna go another small strand and I’m just gonna look for the longest trend that, I can find to wrap the base of the elastic again here because it is shorter, I can do it twice. So once, I do it like once, I just wrap it I’m gonna add it this one is a bit trickier because it is shorter again I will just try to go as high as, I can to cover the elastic and then just add it to the remainder of the hair for my Laza braided bubble.

So again split the hair 3 and create another little braid oops do not lose it. So again just try to hold it tightly and just incorporate it with your next braid and then we are gonna do the same thing with the last one secure the bubble and then secure the braid and then create the bubbles. So again just going to push it up first this kind of makes the whole braid thicker and then pull it from the back the side the front and this is kind of the finished look now with you have layers you want to be really careful here that’s why I’m kind of like playing with it because I’m wearing the extensions that my hair is shorter.

So, I do not want anything to stick out too much if it sticks out just a little bit it is fine but you do not want it to look you know incredibly messy either. So at this point, I think I’m pretty happy I’m gonna stop touching it because, I was gonna make it more messy and this is what the finished that looks like and that’s it for today’s bradle braids oh that’s it for today’s braided bubble hairstyle it is the hardest thing to say try it braided bubble hairstyle thank you. So much for tuning in as you can see this is a super fast hairstyle to recreate of course it works better if you have longer hair or if you have clip in hair extensions like myself.

So give it a shot and let me know how you like it I’d love to see your recreations make sure to patch Tagus likes it here. So, I can see and my favorites are always featured on Alexi here Instagram thank you guys. So much for tuning in, I feel a little better as, I post this post, I just feel a bit more calmer and not as anyways I will spare you the details just make sure to LIKE this post down below it will totally make my day, I love you guys and I will see you next week lots of kisses fine I’m gonna call today’s hairstyle a brain and focus if you want to see how, I recreate a bubble a braided bubble hairstyle thank you for reading, I do not know, I do not like it pretty open hairstyle now once, I secured the first bubble break the bubble braided bubble now once.

I’ve secured the braid Alfredo.

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