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Hey guys Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and, I wanted to show you guys how you can take a day look into a night look the day look is super easy and effortless and a hairstyle, I Rock almost on an everyday basis but it gives us a foundation for our evening look to kind of glam it up a little bit more.

So whether you are having a night out with your girlfriends or more of a romantic night in with your partner, I hope that this tutorial is helpful and let’s get started for the first look since it is during the day, I want to keep it really minimal and easy and something that, I would normally wear on an everyday basis. So starting with freshly below dried hair I’m going to section it off just using this little clear scrunchie and I’m just gonna curl my hair how, I normally do. So taking this curling wand I’m just gonna take about an inch to two inch thick pieces of hair and I’m just gonna wrap it around leaving the very ends out but going away from my face sometimes, I like to go back and forth with the direction of the curl but for today I’m going to be doing all of my curls away from my face on both sides.

So this way all the way that way and then this side all the way that way the reason I’m curling my hair like this is because the second hairstyle I’m going to show you for a night time I’m gonna be adding in extensions and they are already pre curled from the last time, I wore them making the second hairstyle super easy and very quick on time because if you only have a couple of minutes between work and your date night or work and a girls night out this is just the easiest way to transition your hairstyle to something different the botted section is done it takes no time whatsoever I’m going to take a little bit of this wave spray and just spray it through the ends of my hair not fully separating the curl yet just spraying it on top. So that it stays and then I’m going to undo the top section here, I have a little bit of a side parts like off-centered and I’m gonna split that in half. So that, I do not miss any of my hair and then doing the exact same thing that, I did on the bottom section.

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So curling it all but making sure that this side curls away from my face and vice-versa now. I have mentioned this before but if you do have shorter hair like myself and you do not want the curl to lift up the length too much that’s why, I leave out the smallest amount of the ends of my hair just. So that there’s a little bit of length left over and it is not like wrapped up in a curl and all flippy.

So I will just quickly show you again wrapping my hair around the wand and then the last like little half an inch right there, I just keep out. So that it is not curled sometimes with the pieces around my face once it is done being curled after I’d wrap it, I like to pull a little bit and that also just helps soften the wave. So that it is not as fancy just like we did on the bottom layer and taking the same wave spray and just spraying it through all of my trails and lightly tossing it but not separating the curl yet.

So Valentine’s Day this year is actually ten days before our baby’s due date. So it is very likely that she could come around Valentine’s Day we were kind of hoping she actually does because then she could celebrate every Valentine’s Day is her birthday which is really cool but if not then my husband and, I will probably just go for a nice dinner and keep it pretty low-key just because lately. I have just been.

So exhausted. So probably just go for a really nice dinner which is my cup of tea at the moment, I just, I love good food you know we are trying to go up as much as possible to the movies and to dinner just because you probably won’t have time for that for a little bit again just like everywhere else just putting a bit of that wish spray and this is where you can be a little bit more rough with loosening up the curl and making it more of a wave just. So it looks a little bit more relaxed.

So this is my daytime look for Valentine’s Day, I feel comfortable and sexy and very me embracing the short hair but definitely have the volume with the curl and a little bit of that wave spray. So, I love this look throughout the day but now I’m going to show you how you can vamp up this hairstyle even more for night time. So the next part, I’m going to be taking my luxy hair dirty blonde hair extensions this is the original collection and I’m gonna take a brush to comb out any flyaways because we have now worn this hairstyle all day and we want it to look a little bit more put together.

So I’m just gonna go ahead and brush my hair. So it is gonna look a little bit more smooth at this part throughout the day it was more of that beachy textured look but now it is gonna be a little bit smoother okay. So this is my little trick to blend in my hair extensions.

I’ve shown you guys before but I’m going to show you again just. So you can see how, I blend it in my hair extensions to my blunt haircut. So I’m gonna section off most of my hair but leaving the very bottom section now with this bottom section I’m going to tightly braid it and wrap it around and pin it in place almost.

So that it is invisible and you see the extensions first rather than your shortest pieces of hair once that section is tucked away I’m taking two of my three clip weft and I’m just going to be clipping them on top of each other just for some added thickness. So as you guys can see you do not see my blunt haircut first you see the hair extensions first which gives the illusion that you do not even have extensions in and it is the best way to camouflage a blunt haircut with extensions taking my curling iron I’m just gonna quickly go through the bottom section here and lightly wave the hair away from my face just. So that it blends in with the rest of the curls now you will notice that these extensions are a little bit shorter, I have cut them just to blend in with my natural hair legs a little bit better you can keep the full length if you want, I just have very full thick hair and with but it makes it even thicker.

So, I just trimmed them just a little bit just to kind of make it all blend and look a little bit more cohesive. So now there’s a little bit of wave in my hair I’m going to move on to the next section and add some more extensions. So for this section I’m starting at my temples and going right around to the back.

So I’m going to be using two of my four clip weft I’m going to start right by my ear. So right above it and clip it in all the way around until it stops and then taking the other four clip weft and doing the exact same thing on this side. So bringing the extensions to the front here I’m just going to go over a couple of pieces and make sure they are nicely curled now obviously if you pre curled the extensions the night before then all you’d have to do is clip them in brush your hair and you are good to go but, I wanted to touch up these extensions a little bit more.

So they blended better now I’m doing the final section I’m just gonna brush through my hair. So that it blends in with my natural hair and you won’t even tell I’m wearing extensions honestly you would never guess I’m wearing extensions that’s what, I love about this and it totally changes up the look from daytime to nighttime just with some added length and some more volume you could leave it here if you just want to keep it nice and simple but it is Valentine’s Day and, I just want to kind of jazz up this look a little bit more. So I’m going to be taking these jeweled bobby pins they have little like fake diamonds on them which is really cute and I’m gonna take this side of my hair smoothing it out with my brush and twisting it ever.

So slightly at the end right there and I’m going to do three of these bobby pins in a row, I love how this nighttime look kind of just gives more of that old Hollywood vibe to it it is just really sleek and sexy but super simple to do another way to glam up your look is to add a different lipstick. So that’s why I’m going to do add a little bit more of a darker lip just to go with this old Hollywood vibe . So that’s how you can go from your everyday hairstyle to a more glammed up nighttime look especially for Valentine’s Day, I hope you guys enjoyed this post do not forget to hashtag luxy hair if you are rockin your luck Seas we’d love to see your pictures and how you are styling them also if you have missed our latest post do not worry it’ll be tagged up here.

So you can watch it and lastly do not forget to check out my blog it will be linked down below in the description box, I hope you guys all have a wonderful day and I will see you guys soon bye.

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