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Hey everyone it is very nurse here and for those of you who do not know me, I’m a travel in lifestyle postger but I’d love to play around with my hair and try out all sorts of different styles and today I’m collaborating with luxy hair to show you simple hairstyles that, I think are great for traveling because they are simple you need to be yet very beautiful and I’m also going to take you along and show you some pretty cool places that I’m traveling to as well and today I’m coming to you from Zermatt Switzerland this place is so beautiful we will go check it out together after, I get this hair done and today I’m thinking of something simple I’m just going to do an unguent awful sort of fishtail ponytail. So let’s get started first step is to take your hair and put it into a get a low ponytail I’m not worried about making it super sleek and perfect just something loose and super comfortable we are going to do a simple fishtail.

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So separate your hair into two pieces and I’m going to make it really chunky. So take a section from this side cross it over and incorporate it into the other side we are going to do that again and again if you want a really messy look you can do a chunky piece and then you can do a real delicate small piece and just keep crossing it over and I’m going to leave a few inches of hair unbraided at the end just for a more relaxed tasseled look but feel free to take it to the ends of your hair and I’m just tying that off pull some pieces loose from up here around the face area and of course the brave last step I’m going to wrap my little hair tie with a piece of hair all done this is going to add my favorite hat and let’s go and just like that we are back hey how is everybody, I’m coming to you from Amsterdam in the Netherlands and I’m about to head out to grab some dinner at a local restaurant and. I’m So excited to just wander through the streets and it is going to be a fantastic afternoon and night.

So, I want to make sure my hair is looking really good I’m going to go for some nice natural-looking curls but something a little bit more structured than these ways that have right now the first thing, I need to do is get this hair curled and in order to do it fast, I like to part my hair and two pieces like this and take a hair tie and tie it off I’m just taking my curling wand it is just a generic curling lon if you talk about curling iron ala work as well wrap the hair around and I’m going to hold that in a downward position like. So and, I did take a pretty big chunk of hair again speed and I’m just the look that I’m going for. So I’m going to curl it until the hair is poor and let that down and my curl trike hack secret whatever you want to call it is instead of like the curl is small right now, I take these clips and, I clip it on there until the curl is cooled down and, I just find that they last.

So much longer and they are a bit bombs here’s what, I do it like that the walnut hair is cooling down I’m going to go ahead and just brush through my extensions I’m going to be using my look-sees for this hairstyle this is just a 160 gram set that is custom colored of course it is optional you do not need to use extensions for this looks but, I absolutely love that they just give me. So much volume and the curls in here are just left over from the last time that, I curled these, I actually curled them heatless lutely and they hold really well. So, I do not even need to recur all these which is really nice I’m going to go ahead and let these curls all because they feel pretty cool ready to girl think I will see yous hair ties okay now we have some basic curls I’m going to clip in my Luckies and then we are going to do a simple little braid and we will be all set to go okay all done check out that additional volume, I’m absolutely in love.

So let’s move on to the next step. So we just did a fishtail and you last braid and that is probably my favorite type of braid at the moment. So we are going to do another one right now I’m just taking a small section my hair from the front about this size and I’m just going to do a simple delicate little fishtail going down the side okay now just like last time I’m going to pull on the braid to add more volume okay last step is I’m taking a similar sized piece of hair from the other side of my head and I’m going to twist that away and grab the braid and connect them in the back and pick another small hair tie and secure them together and just like that now we are in Germany and Berlin and I’m going to do the final hairstyle and I’m going to show you a simple side braided ponytail , I hope you found this post inspiring or helpful in some way if you liked it make sure you give it a thumbs up and comment because of the luck the air blog down below and make sure you turn on those notifications it is really important and if you do remake any of these hairstyles make sure to post your picture on Instagram and use hashtag let’s see here.

So we can find your lovely hair itself thank you. So much for reading and, I will see you all very soon bye you.

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