Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies today I’m doing something different we are doing first impressions with drugstore hair products, I have a shampoo a conditioner, I have a leave-in conditioner, I have a blow-dry mist, I have a texture spray and a dry shampoo and then, I have a hair dryer. So Andre and, I went to Target and we picked all this up let’s go to Target look at the Kristen dash line, I want to get some stuff to try it out it looks promising he’d have purple shampoo conditioner, I found it, I want to try this bad boy out would you find all right this one sound like it is ground can something here sounds broken this is a hairdryer you put your hair through those two nozzles it is like you doing the baptists yeah when you put your hands in, I just spit up more. I’m so excited it is like when you put your hands in to dry your hair to dry your hair to dry your hands in the bathroom I’m gonna try to tie my hands in there. So we are back from Target, I already finished doing my hair with all that products. So if you guys want to see how well these products performed let’s start in the shower welcome to my shower today obviously I’m going to wash my hair with the new Kristin s line at the purple shampoo this one I’m very excited about.

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Because I have heard great things and this is what my hair looks like on the fifth day no it is six day already sixth day hair and I’m basically gonna give you my feedback. Because it is a first impression I’m gonna put the shampoo in my hair and kind of talk you through what I’m feeling what I’m seeing let’s do it. So I’m just gonna follow the directions as she recommends on the back. So I’m gonna grab a quarter size amount or depending on the thickness and the length of your hair. So, I do not need that much purple shampoo and this is the one purple shampoo it is brass reducing instantly illuminating Shimer story and saved for daily used, and it is sulfate free which is great and it has some kind of zip up technology where it kind of free to have less hair split ends hair breakage and just to kind of target the weakest spots on your hair alright let’s try this oh that’s purple. So she said to apply to your scalp first. Because obviously the ends If you have blonde hair they are the most porous. So it is gonna grab a bunch of the color the fastest. So focus on the top portion of your head for two to three minutes and then kind of spread it down to your ends for another one to two minutes I’m not gonna do it too long too. Because my hair is not as brassy. So let’s do this it is a lathering. But it is not lathering as much as some other shampoos. So it is been around two minutes I’m just working my way down towards my ends with the shampoo.

So I’m just gonna make sure this should poo is my and work through the ends of my hair as well let’s rinse it is time, I want to see this purple shampoo is dried on the hair. Because usually purple shampoos they are very dry. Because they are very pigmented. So, I want to see how all this one does all right. So let’s shampoo like, I expected it is a very joint on my hair, I can barely put my hands and fingers through my hair. So I’m kind of used to purple shampoo is that way. But I wish it was a little bit more moisturizing the good thing is, I have conditioner.

So let’s try the same the one purple conditioner. So it is brass reducing again it is shine renewing it moisturizing and it smoothes the hair also safe for daily use, and it is sulfate free this packaging is. So cute and the in the bottle squishy, I love it it is a very light. So basically I’m gonna put the conditioner in to my ends we will work it nicely into my ends and then work my way up almost to the top just. Because, I want my hair to be conditioned. Because it feels are really dry right now okay. So that’s definitely helping a lot, I can easily pull my fingers through my hair now now I’m gonna take what, I usually do want to take my white tooth comb and just gently work from the bottom to my way up just to make sure everything is nicely distributed and just to make sure my hair does not have any knots three minutes have passed by and I’m just touching my hair now and it feels very moisturized, I can easily pull my fingers through my hair which is awesome, I hate the feeling when my hair is dry and, I just can’t put my fingers through my hair that’s the worst feeling ever all right I’m gonna rinse off my hair with cold water and I’m gonna meet you guys in my room to finish this off.

So looking at my hair now right after the shower it definitely looks like you did something with the purple shampoo like, I said when, I just started my hair wasn’t as brassy. So there wasn’t that much yellow. But I can definitely see that it is a lot less brassier than when, I started. So I’m excited that it did something with the purple shampoo. So now I’m gonna spray in her weightless shine leave-in conditioner it is for all hair types it detangles the hair strengthens and softens and it seals in the moisture in your hair and it enhances shine. So I’m excited for this product and, I was smelling all of her products and they all smell very similar it has a very very soft fresh kind of like a very high-end salon smell which, I do not mind at all it is not bad at all and of course it also contains her zip up technology. So she says to recommend spraying it right after the shower shower she recommends to spray it right out of the shower towel dry hair and apply 5 to 10 sprays depending on your hair length and your hair type.

So I’m gonna start with 5 and then brush it out with my wide tooth comb, I was just reading the back of the bottle she said that this is her number one since day one that’s cool. So far, I really am liking this leave-in conditioner. Because, I rushed out my hair and, I can easily you guys know the drill, I like to brush my fingers through my hair and. If it gets stuck, I’m NOT a fan of. So for the first impression I’m liking it it feels very weightless the smell does not linger as long as, I thought it would my hair feels very nice and moisturized and not brassy which, I’m liking for the purple shampoo. So, I have three more products for her to test out, I have her stylist and blow dry mist. So this basically what she says it smoothes seal and protects your hair from the heat and of course, I could have passed up her texturizing spray and dry shampoo.

So I’m gonna test these out on my hair today and then I’m gonna also use this tomorrow on my hair and update you guys how it feels on my hair at the next day. If it absorbs any oils. So I’m gonna quickly put on my makeup and then I will come back and we will start with the blow-dry mist and we are gonna blow down my hair with the new hair dryer by Revlon. So now that, I have a little bit of makeup on I’m gonna add her stylist this blush, I missed with Revlon Salon 360 surround styler this looks. So interesting. But I loved that every single one of her products she has a little bit of like a paragraph or even a couple of sentences explaining why she loves his product and how she uses it it kind of gives a feeling that my friend is recommending this product to me. So, I love this she adds those little personal touches to every single one of her products and she explains why she likes it.

So this is basically like a blow-dry mist that helps reduce the cutting time of blow-drying your hair it helps you tangle your hair it helps to smooth down your hair it seals and protects your hair from the heat. So let’s try this out it is just that a little goes a long way I’m just quickly brushing my hair out with the Y tooth comb to make sure everything is evenly distributed, I like it alright. So let’s test out this bad boy let’s take it out of its box, I need some scissors. So this is what this bad boy looks like it is very different the reason why, I even picked this up was. Because of the technology and the design of this hairdryer. So this is pretty much what you’d do with your hair you put it in there and you kind of just move it down, I guess, I do not know this looks very gimmicky. But also you can just twist and it just turns into a regular hair dryer that the air comes out.

But it is not as strong and powerful and this is pretty heavy. So let’s see what happens let’s try to put my hair through it. So, I guess I’m just gonna take some hair I’m not gonna try I’m just gonna practice before, I do anything, I guess I’m just gonna put my hair like this and does have the heat settings has the hot to warm and cool and then it has a cool button it has high and a low all right let’s try it up I’m just gonna section off my hair first. So this hair dryer has a lot of claims as you see in this gold paneling right here. So it says 70 percent more hair drying coverage 360 surround customized air flow technology powerful dual air jets quickly dry front and back sections of hair in 360 mode air flow is concentrated in classic mode 60% faster drying less damage high endurance AC motor lasts up to three times longer and conditioning ceramic and ionic technology for maximum frizz control brilliant shine and less damage okay. So here’s the issue with this. Because my hair is shorter it is just you see how it is blow-drying my hair it is like blow-drying it up it is creating a lot of phrase.

Because, I can’t control it. But I do like the fact that, I can just place my hair and just kind of move it back and forth very slowly. But I do not like that only has high and low there’s no medium air flow that, I can control. So it is super high or it is very low. So the air is flowing down through all these little squares and I’m trying to get as close as possible to the roots. But it is not really doing it just. Because you have this in the way, and it is only blow drying down instead of up yeah not really impressed with it it is more like a gimmicky product, I like my Dyson and my GHD a lot more than this do you want to try it on your shirt here see.

If it is even possible for men let’s try it come here let’s do this, I gotta get on my knees all right. So your hair is a good Lane let’s just see. If it would work you in for men like a comb for guys this is a no-go cuz it just blows your hair down, I want it, I want it to go my promise making the hair go up. So you need the old-fashioned hair dryer alright let me just finish it off and then, I will meet you guys back and we will talk about the texturizing spray two minutes later and my hair is completely dry alright. So I’m pretty impressed with the shampoo and conditioner it definitely got rid of a lot of the brassiness it looks very nice and icy which, I love. But speaking about the blood dried mist it definitely helped silk in my hair and add a lot of shine, I think with the leave-in conditioner out of 6 spritz maybe, I should have added 7 to 8 maybe is that way it would help. But give a little bit more softening and moisturizing to some portions of my hair.

But it is very weightless and, I like that my hair does not feel heavy or it does not feel like there’s a lot of products in my hair which, I really love I’m definitely going to continue using these two and see how well, I like them now let’s move on to the dry finish working texture spray this is for all hair types texture building instantly volumizing ultra light hold and a soft matte finish. So what she says is rarely do, I make waves without this. So maybe, I should do some waves to my hair alright. So, I do feel the texture definitely and it kind of feels a little bit sticky maybe have to wait a little bit more, I think my hair looks great, I love the color, I think the products worked as good as they should and, I think the price is really great. So I’m very impressed, I definitely want to check out more of her hair lined products and then tomorrow like, I said I’m gonna try the dry shampoo and see how well it works on minimizing the oils on my scalp. So I’m excited to try this tomorrow but. So far, I’m very impressed with the shampoo and conditioner, I do think it is a very drying the purple shampoo.

So, I would go in with a deep moisturizing mask. But it does work on taking out the brassiness from your blonde hair. If your blonde hair, I definitely check it out, I do not think this is worth even trying there are many other great hair dryers on the market it looks cool it sounds cool. But it is a very gimmicky product in my opinion it is the next day we just came back from the gym not too long ago took a shower refreshed our bodies. But I did not wash my hair. Because, I do not wash it every single day, I tend to wash it every 4 to 5 days I have extended it, I was in between the 2 to 3 days today, I will be testing out the dry shampoo by Kristin s and this is for all hair types it absorbs oil eliminates odor in your hair it extends your blow-dry, and it is vitamin C enriched. So this sounds very promising and it does smell exactly like all of her other products.

So my hair it does not look bad today’s the second day it still looks pretty fresh it feels great. But I do want to refresh it around my face area that’s where, I sweat the most and kind of in the back of my head that’s pretty much where I’m gonna spray it leave it in what does she recommend she does not really say anything she just says applied to dirty or clean hair at the root and then gently tap the powder into the hair to make any invisible powder is disappear. So I’m just gonna apply it in those areas kind of let it sit to maybe 10 to 20 seconds on a soak up the oil and then I’m gonna brush it out with my hairbrush while the dry shampoo sits and does its thing, I really want to quickly talk to you guys about the purple shampoo we did a little bit more research regarding the ingredients in the purple shampoo just to see how safe or harmful the yard to our bodies and our skin and hair what we did was we went on ewg org slash skin deep website they are incredible, I talked about them before and we typed in each ingredient and there are 20 ingredients in here besides water and nine of those were harmful. So they were above a three or a four and they went up to an eight. So it is a scale of one to ten one as being least harmful and ten being very harmful. So the most harmful ingredient here was the methyl. So it is basically alcohol that’s why, I dried out my hair and, I felt it right away and, I mentioned that in the shower, I have another purple shampoo that, I really love and they also have the methyl.

But they only have wine this one has two in here. So it does dry it out a little bit more. But I have noticed that in purple shampoos a lot of them do have the methyl in them for some reason even. If they are vegan cruelty free gluten free they still have some kind of alcohol in it, I do not know why. But they do, I still have to find one that doesn’t. So on a scale of one to ten this shampoo is probably a five all the way up to a seven out of ten of being harmful. So keep that in mind and basically you get what you pay for it is a great purple shampoo of toning your hair getting the brassiness out.

But it is very drying that’s what, I got out of this purple shampoo I’m just very gently going to massage it into my hair and the white cast is not really there anymore. But I’m gonna brush up my hair anyways just to make sure it is all evenly distributed and also the ingredient list is pretty bad with the dry shampoo there’s a lot of propane butane alcohol and fragrance of course all of Christina’s hair products that, I bought have fragrance in them. So keep that in mind. If you are allergic to them stay away. Because it is pretty high on the harmful scale, I believe it is like an 8 out of 10. So that’s pretty bad the dry shampoo does work. But keeps it in mind it does have a lot of alcohol butane propane basically just alcohol to suck everything in.

But most dry shampoos do have a lot of the propane and alcohol and fragrance that are actually really harmful for you and there are some companies that do not have fragrance and do not have the butane the propane and basically pretty much any alcohols in there dry shampoos and, I will keep you updated and let you know which ones are actually really great and are effective. So there we have it for my first impressions on drugstore hair products some shampoo some styling products and some heat to fools what do you guys think do you guys want to see more, I definitely want to dabble my way into some drugstore products and of course, I want to keep you guys updated if, I do continue using a lot of this product and see how well they work for my hair. But for now you guys thank you for reading and I will see you in the next one bye you.

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