How To Milk-Maid Braid Up-do Hairstyles

Hello today I’m here with you if you have not watched our post that we did together, I think a couple of weeks a couple of then I’m gonna link it here and down below definitely check it out, I was doing a really cool layered braid on Sahni because your hair is beautiful dirty blonde and it looked amazing. So today in case you do not know thought it Lonnie’s a friend she also works with us here at our creative agency dreamers and creators in London and, I thought it would be fun for Sonia to actually do a hairstyle all by herself. So she’s gonna show you this beautiful what it is anybody have it is a fishtail milkmaid braid it is actually a reverse fishtail alright yeah.

So but it is a little bit of a little bit of accent a little bit something different actually what, I was thinking of what care. So I’m gonna create, I knew that is going to involve fishtail braid because fishtail braid is my all-time favorite, I do love fishtail braids. So, I just thought that to make things a bit more interesting I’m gonna create two fishtail braids and I’m gonna sell them in a feel-good right.

So this is the results how come we can’t wait to see. So let’s get our yes just do it. So today I’m wearing my dirty blown luxy hair extensions to add a bit more volume to my hair and, I also love the color 231 color gives to my hair without coloring it.

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So the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna split my hair into two equal sections just like you would when you are creating pigtails and of course I’m gonna brush my hair as it is gonna make the braiding easier because you do not want any knots sorry if I’m looking in the mirror is just there to help me to make sure that I’m actually doing what, I say I’m doing make sense I’m gonna leave a few pieces of my hair out before starting braiding this section of my hair just to add more shape to my face and, I think it is gonna make the hairstyle look a lot more feminine and just cuter overall I’m just gonna clip the rest of the hair away also does not disturb braiding this side. So I’m actually what I’m going to be doing instead of creating a regular fishtail braid I’m gonna be creating a reverse fishtail braid now if you do not know how to create a reverse fishtail braid do not worry because we have created hair tutorial for it okay. So again just making sure, I leave out the bangs the fringe you name it and I’m going to split this section again into two equal parts.

So with the reverse fishtail braids I’m just gonna go into this section and I’m gonna put this piece of hair under that section and on to the right hand side section and the same thing on the other side again, I go in take a small section of hair go under and add to left hand side section now at first it might not look as a fishtail braid but trust me a suit is gonna show some texture and some shape. So now that. I have finished braiding this side I’m just going to secure it with an elastic and, I think the clear ones are the best because you will definitely not be able to see them on the finished hairstyle.

So now I’m going to be doing exactly the same thing on the other side. So splitting the hair into two sections and grabbing a small piece under and adding on to the other side also when you are braiding make sure that you keep your braid quite tight because when you are gonna be creating the actual milkmaid braid you might going to need to replace the braids a few times just to make it perfect for you. So you want to keep these braids nice and neat.

So that they are not messy because you might mess them up a little bit later not mess them up but loosen them up. So you just do not want them too loose. So what a pair to bright okay now that.

I’ve braided it down, I’m gonna add another elastic just secure the braid and what up okay this is not a finished hairstyle but this does remind me of a seven year old Zana how much all the pictures are with either pigtails or regular braid those are the only two hair south of a moment you own me okay the next part is optional for you if you want to keep the braids just the way they are they are very neat and a little bit chunky that’s fine hair cells still going to look great, I’m gonna loosen the braid up just a little bit because, I like it to be a little bit more flat and, I like it to be a little bit more white okay. So just pulling very gently I’m not doing any excessive pulling just pulling just to flatten out a little bit, I think that’s gonna be good for me and again same thing on the other side start from the bottom. So just before going in and creating the milkmaid bride I’m just gonna use a little bit of hair wax just to smoothen the hair out a little bit you are just gonna use a tiny piece just.

So that it does not get frizzy because, I still want this to look quite neat and because you are going to be moving the braids around just to find the perfect placement you know your hair on the top might get a little bit frizzy. So you want to use a little bit of texturizer and now this is the part that requires a little bit of patience, I think it is a very individual thing I’m going to bring in this section over my head on to the other side and you just need to play around with it and just kind of see what works best for you you can also put it either more towards your forehead or more backwards totally up to you. So just play around with it and see what worries best for you, I think, I have found perfect spot now with this hairstyle bobby pins are going to be your best friends.

So I’m just gonna secure this braid in place and I’m definitely going to need more than one bobby pin just because I’m wearing my hair extensions. So the hair is a little heavier. So it just kind of, I feel that it wants to slide back on the other side but you want to make sure that it is secure you can also hide the ends kind of in between the rest of your hair.

So that it blends in it is just going to help you later and I’m also going to secure the other side as well another thing, I recommend is to fake bobby pins that match your hair color it is just gonna make it look like you are actually not wearing anybody. So what are the blonde which is a perfect match my hair color. So now I’m just going to do the same thing on the other side again make sure you hide here do not worry about this we will fix it later and again just tap the ends of the braid under the left-hand side braid just to make sure it is not showing.

So now I’m going to be also pinning the back. So that no hair is sticking out. So now that, I have been everything in place there are still few hairs that are coming out.

So I’m just gonna add some hairspray I’m using this rafa hairspray just to smooth everything and make everything nice and neat. So now that I’m done with the braids I’m just gonna curl the bits that, I left out I’m just gonna create a very loose soft curl. So I’m not gonna keep you there for long just a little bit of Bounce and when curling make sure you curl it away from your face just a few seconds, I love it.

So this is the finished look it makes me feel like I’m wearing a crown right now, I think to me it is the perfect summertime hairstyle it is for those days when you want to throw your hair in an updo but still you want it to look nice feminine cute and also chic. So add a pair of earrings a nice floaty dress and you are ready to go please make sure to share your milkmaids braids with us on instagram by tagging your photos with luxy hair we would love to see how you style your milkmaid braids thank you. So much for reading wishing you all a wonderful day bye Oh Oh you.

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