Easy DIY Sparkly Statement Hair Accessories

Show you how to make your own sparkly hair accessory for the holidays. I love using vintage pins, and brooches but, I will also going to show you how you can use some stuff from the craft store still need something sparkly, and you will need something like a clipboard comb to hold it to your head you will need wire cutters if you are using a vintage pin, and you will need a hot glue gun. So let’s go ahead, and get started with how to remove the pins from any vintage jewelry you might be having. So the is what, I will going to be using, and you can see. So got the pin on the back, and essentially all you really have to do is to take the wire cutters, and to cut off where the pin joints with the brooch.

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I’ve noticed when. I did these on about two or three that there’s always one side that kind of likes to get stuck. So if you just take it, and wiggle it back, and forth a little bit you are eventually able to just kind of pry it off or clip all the way through it, and then once you are done you might be left with some sharp edges. So just kind of gently run your finger over it if it feels a little sharp just add some dabs of hot glue on top of those areas. So they can’t hurt you or cut your hair now attaching clips or breaths it is fairly easy all you really have to do is lay down a line of hot glue wherever a clip will fit on the brooch that you are working with or whatever sparkly item you have, and then you just stick your clip right on top now with these kind of Clips the glue will go through, and stick the top down. So once it is all dry go ahead, and break the top. So you can still open, and close the pin, and then if you are using a Brent you do the same thing you just add hot glue adjust the Brett to where you want it, and then you have one now. I do not like using breaths as much. Because they are a little clumsy to put in the hair but if you are using a heavy pin they are a really good option. Because they won’t slip throughout the day now moving on to the comb these are my favorite. Because you can adjust them to be the right size you can see this pin is a little bit short for the comb that, I will using. So I just took my wire cutters. And I cut it down to the links that.

I wanted, and then, I will going to go ahead, and use that, and you can get these combs from the bobby pin area in drugstores, and they were only about two dollars at my Wal-Mart then you lay down your hot glue, and you going to fix the comb right onto there you kind of want to put it down, and then once the glue is a little bit cool to go ahead, and press it together with your fingers be very careful using a hot glue gun. Because of course you can’t hurt yourself, and moving on you can pick your favorite sparkles from the craft store that could be the easiest way to find stuff if you do not really know where to find some vintage pens in your area, and really all you have to do is look for sling with a flat back that you can go ahead, and lay down some glue, and then you can use a pin or a comb whatever fits on the back, and then once you have got that in place you are pretty much done, and for these combs they just slide into your hair kind of like bobby pins, and that’s it. I think the is a really great way to get some sparkle into your hair this season while still staying true to whatever your style is you can find. So much in vintage stores or at flea markets or even forever jewelry you can modify to be a hair accessory or. So from the craft store the options are endless. So make sure to check out my previous post. And I will see you guys in my next post well bye.

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