Easy Five Strand Braid UPDO For Short Hair

Hey all, Welcome back to a very special post. I’m so excited for this one.

If you guys saw me on instagram, I posted a recent picture of a five strand braid on my hair and, I said that my husband did it. Because he actually did, I was very impressed you guys loved the picture. So many of you asked for him to actually do the tutorial and here we are today when, I mention that to him at first he was really nervous and kind of hesitant. But then of course Andre never backs away from a challenge. So like to welcome him welcome thank you are you excited super well. Because I have been practicing yeah you have ya know what, I mean practicing on yes, I tell you, I had to practice on a hair extension. Because there was no way, I was gonna practice go ahead why right yeah I’m gonna do a really great job yes you will practice to perfect and, I practice perfectly and he didn’t watch any tutorials he just figured it out on his own which I’m really proud found it alright ladies and gentlemen more ladies there’s not that many gentlemen reading it haha what we are gonna do is grab a bunch of hair on top buy a bunch of me about this much good job babe yeah it is good directions right yes very good, I tried you know, I tried to be as clear as possible we got a whole bunch of here now we are going to do something with this hair I’m going to start off at about top of the head right here at the the crown crown the head thank you yato and divide it is about half just to give me a high ball check out a grab one two and.

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So the instructions that, I followed in my head and the following way the outer strand goes over and then under and the secret is the way you hold your hand. Because you got to clump the hair in like that like that and you have got ahold of the first which then and the tricky part is the left side. Because becomes the left side does not want to listen a lot down up here separate this guy into sections they want your hair that we got left over and clean it up and then we are going to do the same thing you are going to go over a section next to it and then under this third one. So we end up the following scenario I’m going to take that finger place that section there and then take the second place it right underneath like that, I place the middle one like that and convert it and now we are left over that is up and then you just repeat from Daryl on alright. So now that we have these two leftover sections here the outer and the middle they are kind of good hanging there I’m going to start adding here to the outer section like. So the important part is to clean hair up. Because.

If you do not it makes it super hard to work with it, and it is not helpful that her hair short, I have lots of layers yeah which makes it really hard to work with it yeah. So once you get the section again we are going over the middle section well over the first section and under the middle which is those guys the third section yeah right there good job and again first section goes on the first finger second section goes here and the third one goes on the first finger again, and it is all clamped and we are left again and we are going to edit here again time go on press in here now that we have that go over the middle beautiful again and continue alright job now repeat all that yeah. So we are going to speed this up by that, I mean we want to speed up the editing. Because I’m going to be just a slow maybe you are doing really good proud of you thank you all right we left it now it looks a little messy we are going to fix that. Because he’s going to give it some texture and the nee-chan you remember those words one of famous last words texture than medicine pushing yeah, I think I’m gonna tension alright have it. So now we are going to pull some of these apart I’m going to try to get the blonde hair on top. So we can really show off the fries our braids do it we have got some blonde hair here I’m trying to pull on the blonde pieces.

So we can really show them off. But I mentioned sometimes you have to rotate it finder where’s the texture and dimension is right here. So now we are going to make it look elegant just like you are my sweet yep on some days I’m going today no I’m saying elegance okay and we are going to make a knot do by just curling this thing in putting somebody we are kind my mini one you are my favorite mini one, I make a good assistant do you ever thought about that who you are just your assistant well we are going to frame your face okay like a painting out of it he listens folks. Because I’m going to pull some of these airs out to give you a little more texture texture and dimension on the top I’m like, I feel like I’m Mouse Michelangelo here okay it is a very high compliment for yourself somebody has to do it you know alright. So alright alright. So one seems left to do is to spin all right. So there we have it, I have a little screen right here well my phone connected to the camera.

So, I can see what it looks like in the back and, I’m extremely impressed he is he’s gonna start doing all my posts you guys. So I’m done he’s taken over I will just be his hair model by the way you guys there’s a new post out today Andre was a really sweet and romantic you took me out. So come along and join us, I hope you guys like this post Thank You Andre can you come back here back next Matt let’s all give a warm high-five applause more Andre like squatting back here yes you did a really good job baby you welcome, I look. So pretty right now yeah you do. Because it wasn’t you would love you guys better give them a lot of love that’s incredible. So it looks kill us Picasso, I keep screaming in fact, I do not like you hurt me, I was like oh no your ass we Michelangelo that was the first one, I want oh okay yeah alright well, I’m really proud of this guy he mastered a five strand braid which is incredible really incredible thank you, I hope you guys enjoy this post and we will see you next time most Awkward goodbye ever to them [Laughter] you.

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