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Hey everyone! It’s your girl, Jenn, and here I’m in my kitchen slash living room. I thought I would just switch up the background to keep you guys on your toes. Let me know if you like it, do not like it, neutral, let me know! I have gathered all my favorite things of August. I can’t believe it is over. Summer is gone, y’all. It does not feel like it is gone. We’re going through this crazy heat wave in LA, but regardless I have gathered all my favorite things and I’m going to present them to you like we do every, single month. If you enjoy posts like this make sure you are commentd. Buttons down below, and let’s start.

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So let’s talk about shoes first. Here I have my white sneakers from Superga. I actually got this last month when I was in the Hamptons with Revolve, and they have just been my favorite sneaker, other than my Vans, I love my Vans. But these are a close second. These are the shoes that I also styled in my Eggie look-book, while I was in Toronto. They just went with every, single outfit and I feel like a pair of crisp, white sneakers just adds a nice casual elements to any ensemble. Since I’m five foot one, the one inch platform is very nice because when you are this short, every inch counts. And yeah, I really enjoy these shoes and I thought I would give them a little shout out. So let’s move on to some beauty products. Here is a concealer that I have been loving. This is by Hourglass and I’m the shade natural. I know there’s this trend on where people are just skipping foundation and just concealing where they need to and I just jumped on the wagon because my skin behaves most of the time, it is a combination of genetics and my skincare, and just the amount of water that I drink. I drink a lot of water. I mean my sippy-cup is always being refilled. But regardless, this have been my favorite concealer to use because it is very precise and I like the consistency. Like most people, I have dark under eyes and this guy just conceals everything and so I just do it underneath my eyes, around my nose, a little bit on my forehead and chin, and I just blend that baby out.

For example, I’m not wearing any foundation now, just this concealer, and I think it is doing a pretty banginjob. Another beauty product that I want to talk about is this spray from Too Faced. It is their Hangover three in one replenishing primer and setting spray. I first heard about this from my girl Jackie. She actually showed it to me right over there. We did a collab post, so if you have not seen that also hit the cards. But, yeah, ever since she’s told me about it I have been hooked on it. I have only used this as a setting spray and it just keeps my face looking fresh and glowy. It’s just been really interesting to see all these different types of make up trends, because a couple of years ago it was all about that matte, glamorous look, and now it is all about dewey, highlighted, fresh skin and I feel like this spray really helps me achieve that look. Alright folks, let’s move on to the book favorites. I actually have two this time which is really exciting. I was traveling a lot this month so I had a lot of time to kill on the plane. So the first one is called The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. And this was recommended by one of you guys, so thank you so much because this book has been just life changing. I feel like just the past few months, my journey with spirituality and self-awareness has just skyrocketed. I still have a long way to go but I just feel so much more connected with myself.

And this book in particular, it made me just reevaluate my relationship with my thoughts. I do not know about you but my thoughts are constantly racing and when I’m feeling sad, anxious, or mad, my thoughts can distort and sometimes I will think some really crazy things. And this book has made me reevaluate that, made me step back and see my thoughts as an observer. It’s made me just more calm and more at peace with myself and I feel like with the combination of meditating, reading books like this, going to the gym, I just feel a huge improvement with my mental health. And I just highly recommend this book if you want to just see your thoughts in a different way and be more at peace with yourself. My next book favorite is called Rich Dad Poor Dad and this was actually recommended to me by my friend, Amy, aka VagabondYouth here on . If you do not know her blog please comment to her. She’s got a really fun spirit and a great perspective on life. So check her out, if you have not already. Anyway, so this book is about financial education. At school we really learned nothing about this. Like, we have econ class, but that’s about the government. And a lot of us learned to manage our money through our parents or our friends, and still I feel like that’s not enough. And I feel like this book has just really changed my whole perspective on my finances. Now whenever I purchase something I ask myself, is this an asset or is this a liability? And obviously there are things I want to purchase because I want to treat myself, so it is all about a balance. But in the grand scheme of things you want to have more assets than liabilities.

Once you are more conscious of saving your money, absolutely start investing. So whether that’s in a stock or a municipal bond, you gotta start a 401K, etc. It’s all in this book, so please check it out. I feel like if you want to start learning how to make your money work for you rather than the other way around, start reading this. A lot of you guys know this by now, but I launched my clothing line, Eggie in August and it is just been such an incredible experience. Thank you so much for the overwhelming amount of support. I had to put it in my favorites because this is such a huge milestone for me. And I also wanted to talk about my favorite piece in the line. It was very tough to narrow down but I gotta talk about the Truck Along Jacket. I feel like I have always been attracted to really shiny things and so that’s why this patent has just been catching my eye. Fall is just the time to be super bold with your layering. This is also a really insulating fabric because this material is so dense and unfortunately I have not been able to wear it in LA because it is just been so incredibly hot but once the temperature starts to drop I’m definitely going to be rocking this. I also can’t wait to show you guys the new styles that are going to be dropping at the end of September and also in November and then beyond. This is only the beginning, so be prepared for a lot more Eggie in the future. So my last favorite is going to be an app that I have been using the entire year. I have kind of become a gym rat the past year, I lost 15 pounds since 2018 and I’m gonna do a whole new post on how I lost that weight.

But one of the reasons why is because I have been using this app called Seconds. This is basically like, not like a personal trainer, but I have made it my personal trainer because I have created all these personal timers for me. So I go on the StairMaster for 20 minutes and I do not just go on it without having this timer, because this really breaks it down into sections for me. So I will used the advanced hit timer, so for five minutes I will just be walking on the StairMaster at like a good 11, and then for 30 seconds I will just be running on the StairMaster, and then for a minute and 30 seconds, I will just be walking and then running for 30 seconds. So I do this six times and by the end of it I’m literally drenched in sweat and after that, that’s when the real workout begins. I will do my strength training. So I will go on one of my workout playlists, and this one has like 13 different exercises, and I will do this three times. And so that’s why it is become my personal trainer because I will just put my headphones on and I will just let the timer run and then I will just listen to it. I’m gonna do a separate post where I go more in depth with my workout routine and also what I eat and just how I lost the weight. Because my past post on how I lost 10 pounds, things have changed, and I have definitely worked my butt off to lose the weight and I can’t wait to share those tips with you. Alright guys, that is a wrap on my favorites. As usual, please write down your favorites in the comments down below, also I’m looking for like a post favorite. I’m looking for like a good, psychological thriller, or like a Sci-fi fantasy adventure post. Write it in the comments down below, I would love to check it out. Lastly I just want to thank you guys for the love and the support. I feel like, I have been feeling it extra this month.

So I just want to be able to send that right back to you. Thank you so much. I hope you guys had a beautiful weekend and I will see you guys in the next one. Bye! (playful pop music).

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