EASY Workout Hairstyles Perfect for Long Medium Hair Lengths

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I thought they’d make your post for you guys on my three favorite working out hairstyle these are perfect if you are going to yoga going for a hike or just hanging out with your girlfriends. If you want know how to recreate them then please keep reading all right guys look number one this one’s my favorite because it adds an extra something to a traditional ponytail this is a Dutch braid. So, I’m gonna show you how to do it you are gonna want to grab your first section from the start of your part all the way down to the back of your ear like a square then you are gonna grab the first inch of that section and then we are gonna divide that into three pieces now we are gonna start the Dutch braid same as a normal braid except you are going underneath the hair. So, I’m putting the bottom section under the middle and the top then under the middle and your people is about three times to create the base of your braid then you want to grab sections and conjoin them and put it into the middle. So it is the same as a French braid you guys but underneath. So you are gonna repeat this all the way back to the end of our section that we create it and then you are gonna braid it all the way down to the end of your hair and secure it with a hair elastic next just throw all your hair behind you and gather up in a ponytail just like you usually would. I like to make mine kinda messy then secure it with a hair elastic and do a traditional braid you are incorporating this small braid we just made and it just looks really cool and working out with the braid is a lot better than just a ponytail it is it’s not flopping around.

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So there’s the final look you guys now for lip number two this one’s a little bit harder but definitely worth the arm work you guys. It’s so cute. So all we are doing is to Dutch braids down our head. So you want to part your hair down the middle, I’m keeping my bangs out but if you want to tuck your bangs back and start the part at the front of your head hit in the one section aside and you just want to do what we did on the last one grab the first inch of hair at the top of the section and do about three braids of the Dutch braid just to create the base. So you are going underneath the middle section as you go and pulling it nice and tight then we are going to start wrapping the sections and combining it into our braid. So, I’m gonna grab some hair and put it into the bottom section and then stay under the middle we will take your time with this you guys your arms gonna get really sore but it really pays off in the end. So just grabbing those sections and putting underneath grabbing about half inch sections and as, I’m going on just checking to make sure that.

I didn’t leave any pieces out. So you just do the back. So same as we did the top and then you are just going to braid all the way down to the end of your hair a normal braid. So this is what it will look like but you guys know me we got to make these braids of chunky. So just remove your hair last take at the bottom of the braid and start pulling from the top section working your way down just pull it lightly and then here you can see that, I’m tugging a little bit harder and then you are gonna get these nice chunky braids. I love this look super easy to achieve look number three this one is really easy to achieve and it looks really cool. So what you want to do is you are going to grab your first section of hair right above your ears and you are just going to secure it with a hair elastic right almost at the crown of your head now the next section is almost down to the needs but we are going to try and secure this as close to the top section as we can and then the bottom section is the rest of the hair and again secure it is close to the middle section at a time.

So you want to grab your top section and separate it into two pieces and make a hole. I didn’t see my thumbs are coming up through the hole that’s what you want because we are gonna flip the ponytail through it and it should flip through nice and smoothly just like that and just pin it out of the way and repeat the exact same thing on your second and third 22 now unclip your ponytail from the top and pull it through the middle flip section and they are gonna pull the middle one and the top one through the bottom to look like this you can leave it like that but. I like to secure another elastic and then flip it through to make a bubble and repeat this for the length of your hair. I got about two more in my hair and. So there’s the final look you guys all these looks are super easy to recreate and, I wear them.. So I know that they work let me know in the comments down below which look is your favorite and if you recreate them do not forget to let me know thanks.

So much for reading you guys and I will see you in my next post bye.

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